The Post-Pandemic Dream Home

With all of our time spent at home we have been forced to find new ways to keep ourselves and our families entertained. For the majority of us, this time of balancing work/life at home has been challenging, but it has also brought a new light to the way we take pre-pandemic life for granted. Our previous lifestyles that we so wished to pause, have come to a halt. Let’s use this time to tackle the projects you’ve always wanted but never had the time to accomplish.

During COVID-19, we have been able to take a step back and look at the hottest trends in home design to boost our creativity and assist us in providing you with fresh and exciting ideas. We want to help you create your post-pandemic dream home!

What do you envision your house to look like once the world re-opens and things resume to normal? Do you picture the same interior design, or do you envision a new look in your home? If you’re like us, you’re picturing a few additions to give your home a special sparkle that was maybe missing before plus some smart features to help us live a safer, cleaner, and more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Use this time to finally create the post-pandemic dream home you’ve always wanted!

New, Unique, & Smart Lighting

If you’re working from home, we highly recommend installing LED lighting. LED lights are the best kind of lighting for your eyes and the perfect addition to your home office! Unlike most lights, LED lights do not emit UV rays, so all of those headaches you used to get in the office can be settled with this simple switch at your new and improved in-home office!


Brighten the place up with fun, new lighting! If you’re trying to renovate on a budget, adding new light fixtures is the perfect way to spruce things up at a lower cost. Choose big, bold fixtures to showcase your favorite style. CR offers numerous light fixtures for any home style you can imagine; from traditional, modern farmhouse, contemporary and more!

Upgrade Your Garage Doors

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when renovating your home, but changing the look of your garage doors is the perfect way to add more style to your home’s exterior. Plus, if you are trying to social distance and avoid in-home services or installations, this outdoor renovation project is ideal during coronavirus.

Update To Low Maintenance & Hygienic Countertops

The Coronavirus has made us realize how quickly germs and bacteria can spread. It is crucial that we change our old habits and continue to keep our surfaces clean for our health and safety!

Updating your countertops will not only give your home a fresh look but installing a hygienic surface will help you adapt to your new, clean lifestyle! For example, porcelain countertops are durable surfaces that are not only ultra-modern and timeless in design, but they offer fantastic benefits due to their non-porous nature. Because porcelain is a man-made surface, it is meticulously created to not absorb any unwanted germs or bacteria. It won’t absorb any liquids, including harsh chemicals or acids, and it’s resistant to scratching and high heat, making this a perfect countertop for any home!

Porcelain countertops are extremely low maintenance and easy to clean – just use soap and warm water and soap or your favorite countertop cleanser to wipe the surface.

Expand The Working Space

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Changing your countertop look completely? Now would be a perfect time to go a step further and create an elongated kitchen island or a dual kitchen island to add more working space! This extra area is a great addition for several reasons:

  1. A larger surface area means more area to prepare and cook meals
  2. Everyone has space to utilize the countertops without bumping elbows
  3. The kids can use this space for school work, or better yet, turn this area into an arts and crafts space that is easy and quick to clean!
  4. Use this renovated area as a refreshing new office to get a change of scenery

While we’re staying at home, it is crucial that we take advantage of all the space around us to create a practical and functional living space for the entire family. Work from home with ease and feel good knowing that the kids are happy, too!

Renovate Your Bathroom

While observing our new work from home lifestyle, interior design renovations may be a burden for your family. Despite the hassle, bathroom renovations can be a fun, smaller project, that doesn’t have to turn your entire home into a construction zone.

Upgrade the kid’s bathroom or the master bath with new countertops, shower doors, and mirrors! Adding new features to this space can truly transform a smaller area to appear more alive, bright and spacious.

Make A Dreamy Outdoor Living Area

COVID-19 may stop you from traveling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful outdoors! Have a fun staycation in your very own home by creating a dreamy backyard!

Design a new place to hang out at home by building an outdoor kitchen equipped with all of the best outdoor living accessories. The entire family will love this new space to utilize during the day for outdoor activities or to simply get a change of scenery. Add things like outdoor-friendly countertops that are UV resistant and can withstand both greasy barbecue and the children’s finger paint. Don’t forget the fireplace! Fall is right around the corner and it’s the best time to gather around on cold nights.

Consider upgrading your outdoor grill and other outdoor appliances to fully equip this new space! A grill is one of the most commonly used outdoor appliances and we are sure that you’ll get a lot of use out of it during the pandemic and beyond.

outdoor kitchen

Have questions about how to start creating your dream home? Contact us today! Looking for more inspiration for your home renovation? Visit our blog for more info!