There are many types of fireplaces to choose from including wood-burning, gas-burning, electric and outdoor. If you’re looking to upgrade an existing system or add some warmth to your space we carry a number of options for all types and our installation teams are factory-trained to ensure safe installation.









Add Luxury To Your Home With A Fireplace Remodel
Add Luxury To Your Home With A Fireplace Remodel

A fireplace remodel can drastically improve the aesthetic and resale value of your home! Fireplaces are great features to add because they provide a visual design element but are also functional. Fireplaces are now more than just a simple source of heat. They have become a focal point that adds ambiance when lit or provide a space for family photos and seasonal decor.

Older wood-burning fireplaces are typically less efficient, can be a cleaning or maintenance hassle and may be more difficult to use. Maybe your old fireplace is an eyesore, whether it’s an old unit or a dated mantle and surround. Completely removing your old fireplace may also seem appealing. A common solution for homeowners is to update the unit or redesign the facade of their fireplace. Take advantage of the character that a fireplace adds all while increasing the overall resale value of your residence. Update your fireplace and reap the many benefits that come along with doing so!

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Save Money With A Fireplace Remodel
Save Money With A Fireplace Remodel

Fireplaces that are much older may be drafty and are not quite the efficient heating source, compared to newer options. Ninety percent of the heat will escape through your chimney instead of entering your home anytime you are using a more traditional wood-burning fireplace. Additionally, each time you run the heat during the winter or colder months, some of that heat is more than likely escaping through your chimney tops. This is costing you as much as leaving a window open when your heat is on. You can resolve this easily with a fireplace “makeover”.

A gas set or wood-burning insert will fit perfectly in your preexisting fireplace opening and will eliminate the draft issue by sealing them with a door when not in use. These highly efficient units create less mess since they’re enclosed and will keep smoke from getting into the house. These styles of inserts can also heat a larger area than traditional fireplaces. Another cost-saving alternative is replacing the wood burning fireplace insert with an electric or gas fireplace. Doing so will allow you to keep the focal point in your space but seal off all drafts because electric and gas units are normally enclosed in glass. Gas and electric units will give off less amount of heat so if you are considering an additional or heating alternative, we suggest going with a burning insert.

You can visit or ask us about the different fireplace options for a better understanding of what would be best for you.

Improve The Resale Value Of Your Home By Upgrading Your Fireplace
Improve The Resale Value Of Your Home By Upgrading Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are surprisingly one of the top home features that are mentioned the most in ‘for sale’ listings. In fact, fireplaces beat out other popular must-have home features such as natural stone countertops, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances. Since fireplaces are such an incredibly desirable feature, it is almost essential to have one in your home. A fireplace is a perfect way to increase the resale value of a home and you will more than likely make the sale faster than if you did not have a fireplace at all.

According to the National Association of Realtors, approximately 40% of home-buyers are more than willing to pay a higher amount for a home with at least one fireplace. The National Center for Real Estate Research also found that having a fireplace in your home will help with the overall increase in the value of the property by 6 to 12%.

Electric and gas fireplace inserts are much more energy efficient & will create a smaller carbon footprint because they do not emit any smoke. Environmentally friendly fireplaces are important amongst green-conscious homebuyers and homeowners. Having a fireplace that you can list as energy efficient or eco-friendly when you are ready to resale your home, looks really good!

Improving Your Home's Aesthetic Appeal
Improving Your Home's Aesthetic Appeal

Many design trends inevitably come and go with time. However, fireplaces are certainly a timeless home feature. Many people absolutely love the idea of having a fireplace in their home but do not like the idea of having an ugly and outdated eye-sore in their home. Your fireplace should match the overall design of your home, if it does not, you may want to consider a fireplace remodel!

Even the simplest upgrades with mantel and surround updates can make a huge difference in the aesthetic appeal of your home. There are a plethora of options to choose from. From matching a modern or traditional home design, or anything in between, you can ask the fireplace remodel experts at CR.

Upgrading Helps With Fireplace Safety
Upgrading Helps With Fireplace Safety

Fireplaces are beautiful, yes. However, even though they look attractive, they can also hurt the ones you love if you are not careful and practice fireplace safety. If you have little ones or are concerned about safety issues, look into replacing wood-burning fireplaces with an electric or gas insert. They will eliminate the chance that screens can be pushed over and become hot to the touch because they are directly in front of the fire. Gas and electric fireplace inserts are fully enclosed which means that animals and children cannot get too close to the flames.

Fireplace safety regulations are focusing on front faces that keep your home, property, and family safe from potential fire damage. While we often pay attention to the hearth, the chimney, and the fuel source for our fireplaces, we don’t really give much thought to the importance of protective coverings that keep us safe from open flames.

Updating your fireplace is a great opportunity to improve home efficiency, safety & aesthetic, all while making you very happy you have this gorgeous design feature in your home.

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