Safety is paramount at Construction Resources. Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment isn’t just an idea; it’s our top priority. We believe it is a culture that spreads throughout the entire organization. This type of culture must start at the top and become part of everyday behavior. Our executive team is committed to providing the resources and support that our team members need to feel confident that they have the best work conditions possible in a construction environment. This is not only a commitment, but is also an investment in the future of our company and the livelihood of our employees.

As a growing company, we are focused on increasing our footprint in the Southeast by opening locations and hiring skilled personnel. Our growth and success depend greatly on the safety of each employee within our offices and facilities. For this reason, we have developed a health & safety program, focusing on a detailed plan to minimize workplace injuries and accidents. This program is followed at each and every one of our business locations. Implementing and adhering to these procedures protects and safeguards the well-being of our employees and company resources.

Our goal is to achieve zero accidents, zero injuries and zero incidents. Each day, every reasonable effort will be made to reach this objective.

Construction Resources partners with Pike Consulting Group to maintain a comprehensive safety management solution. For more information on specific safety policies and procedures, please contact

Construction Resources safety procedures

“There is no job so important nor any service so urgent that we cannot take time to work safely. Safety is as critical to CR’s operations as sales, scheduling, or billing, and is considered an integral part of our routine culture. It is imperative that we practice safety within our daily work responsibilities. I consider the safety of our personnel to be of prime importance, and it is up to each one of us individually, and as a team, to cooperate in making our safety program effective.”

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OSHA Compliance & Safety Standards

  • Company and jobsite specific safety training manual and program
  • Ongoing training to reinforce safety on jobsite hazards
  • Jobsite hazard evaluations and abatement
  • Full background checks on all employees including immigration status
  • Drug Free Workplace
  • Natural Stone Institute Accreditation
  • Weekly inspections by Pike Consulting and daily walk-throught by internal management
  • A wet shop with advanced automated machinery and retractable ventilhated enclosure for dry cutting/grinding
  • Fulfillment of OSHA requirements and participation in voluntary facility inspections
  • Annual air quality checks by the Georgia Environmental Protection Divisions
  • Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment
Construction Resources safety compliance


When you join Construction Resources you don’t just become a part of a company, you become a part of a family! Our employees take every assignment with great joy in solving obstacles with attention to detail. Our employees are passionate about construction and design, as well as building relationships with our array of clients. When you love what you do, and everyone at work does too, is it really called working? If these are qualities that interest you, apply for a position with us today.

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