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Delicious, Scrumptious & Tasty Vegan Appetizers To Eat On Super Bowl Sunday

Vegan appetizers for Super Bowl Sunday? That’s right! Every year, America holds the annual championship football game of the NFL where the two best teams fight for their title. Friends and family come together on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the game, commercials, and halftime performance. What better way to bring together your loved ones than with great food and sports! Food is a very important part in Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone looks forward to stuffing themselves with mouthwatering food.

Veganism is on the rise but we feel there is a bad stereotype that makes people think plant-based food is not that great in taste. This is why we have put together a list of the yummiest vegan appetizers that taste so good you will not even remember they have no animal protein. Cruelty-free food is meant to heal and nourish the body, save the animals, and make you fall in love. In order for one to love vegan food, the food itself must taste amazing! As long as you can cook and get creative, it should be fairly easy to do so! Follow along with us to see the top vegan appetizers that will make your Super Bowl Sunday a great one!

vegan recipes

Vegan Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a major staple in any household and are very popular no matter your background. You can make quesadillas in so many different ways, and that is why they are at the top of the list! You can buy beyond meat, Daiya cheese, and load it with your favorite veggies. You can cook veggies on a gas range and make the most delicious quesadillas to serve with a side of vegan sour cream and guacamole on the side. Making vegan quesadillas is very simple!

Do not be afraid to look up vegan alternatives because there is a healthier option for everything. If you want cheese, sour cream, chicken, beef, or pulled pork, there is a plant-based alternative that resembles the texture and taste. Except instead of animal protein you are eating delicious live alkaline foods that are more nutrient dense and very good for your body!

Cauliflower Wings

You cannot have a successful Super Bowl Sunday without wings!!! Whether you like parmesan garlic, spicy barbeque, lemon pepper, or original buffalo, there is a healthier way to make them! My first time ever making cauliflower wings was only a few months ago and I was shocked by the amazing taste! I could not tell the difference between real wings and cauliflower wings! The secret is seriously in the way you season your food! You can make different dipping sauces as well if you’d like. Cauliflower wings are a staple in my home because they’re insanely delicious and very easy and fast to make! You can either grill them or make them using your gas wall oven.

Vegan Sliders

Sliders make great appetizers, they’re small enough to not fill you up but big enough to satisfy. Whether you like traditional beef sliders or the sloppy joe, there is a way to vegan-ize it and still blow your guest’s minds. If you are set and stone on having meat on in your sliders than check out the many beyond meat alternatives that taste exactly like the original. You can use a combination wall oven to make the yummiest vegan sliders that will make everyone at your house ask for the recipe!

Vegan Dips

Who doesn’t love a delicious dip on Super Bowl Sunday? You can make many different vegan dips in less than 5 minutes. I encourage you to not limit yourself on the different recipes out there and try something new. If you are craving a creamy or cheesy dip then check ou the vegan queso recipe below. You can also make delectable cruelty-free guacamole that you can eat with pita chips. Add the spices, herbs, vegetables, and seasoning of your choice! If your dip requires milk, make sure to consider almond, cashew, soy, or coconut milk. Plant-based milk has significantly more nutritional value than cow’s milk. You can also pick up some Daiya products if you are wanting cheese to create the perfect vegan dip for your guests.

Vegan Brownies

For those of us who have a major sweet tooth, dessert is usually the first thing we look for anywhere we go. Vegan brownies are an easy plant-based dessert that tastes amazing and will knock your socks off. For my brownie lovers out there, you know there are many ways to make the brownies. Some people like the dry thin brownies while others may prefer the thick chewy and moist chocolatey-ness to melt right in your mouth. You can get really creative anytime you are making vegan brownies. You can add walnuts, almonds, cashews or even candy in them. Make sure to read the ingredient labels to make sure that what you are going to use is plant-based. Remember, health is wealth, my friends. You can bake your delicious vegan brownies in a Construction Resources electric wall oven. When your brownies are done you can take this one step closer and make vegan banana ice cream to pour on top if you’d like. Ben and Jerry’s has a nice selection of vegan ice cream options.

For more related content be sure to visit our blog. If you would like to check out the different home appliances that would help you in making tasty vegan appetizers for Super Bowl Sunday then visit our site.

2019 Kitchen And Bath Design Trends

Planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation this new year? You may want to consider adding these kitchen and bath design trends to your project. Here are the top forecasted trends for kitchens and bathrooms in 2019!

Natural Elements

Adding elements of rich wood and natural stone can help transform your space by giving it a sense of luxury. Construction Resources’ family of business offers a vast collection of deluxe surfaces for your kitchen and bathroom. From marble to quartzite, granite and butcher block there is a surface for you! View our luxurious countertop selection.

kitchen design trends
kitchen cabinets
Design: Studio Entourage/Photo: Rustic White Photography

Cabinet Colors

Step aside white kitchens. Bold and brightly colored cabinetry is leaving their mark this year!

Mix things up and add a pop of color to your bathroom or kitchen to stay in with the trends this season. Simply add an accent color to your lower cabinets to give your space a little edge. Some trending colors this year are deep blues, earthy greens, bright corals, and muted grays!

Kitchen And Bath Wallpaper

Not like the wallpaper you ripped out of your first fixer-upper home, this trend is full of large prints and textures! This is one of our favorite kitchen and bath design trend because you can get crazy creative!

Bathroom 2019 trends
Design: Studio Entourage/Photo: Rustic White Photography
Mixed Metals design trend
Design: Studio Entourage/Photo: Rustic White Photography

Mixing Metal Finishes

Sticking to one finish? …Boring!

Mix things up by adding mixed metals to your space’s hardware! From your cabinet doors and drawer pulls, to your sink fixtures there are a lot of ways you can incorporate this trend in your kitchen or bathroom project.

Bright Color Design

From jewel tones to the PANTONE® color of the year, Living Coral, kitchens, and bathrooms are getting a makeover in these energetic shades! Add a burst of color and create a statement in your space with the help of a little paint.

Bright colors kitchen
geometric tile

Geometric Tile Pattern

You don’t have to be a math person to get with this trend! Have fun with tile and go geometric with the help of Construction Resources’ family of businesses! Click here to view our tile and flooring selection!

Ready to start your kitchen and bath design or renovation project?

Contact a Construction Resources’ business near you!

The Christmas and New Year holidays center around friend and family gatherings which typically means lots of food and drink. Here are three of our favorite recipes to get you through the season. Whether you need an easy potluck dish or are cooking for a group these are fun and tasty additions to any menu.

Quick Holiday Appetizer

caprese tortellini skewers

Tortellini Skewers

A spin on traditional caprese, red and green ingredients easily give this starter dish a festive feel. The addition of tortellini adds a little more substance to keep guests tied over for the main course. Serve these with red wine for the perfect pairing.

Simple Chicken Dish to Feed a Crowd

southern baked chicken casserole

Southern Baked Chicken Casserole

With a dash of hot sauce and a homemade substitution for the usual canned cream of chicken soup, this chicken casserole will certainly be a crowd pleaser. Its easy prep will leave you time to socialize while it bakes and the aroma fills the air.

Easy Christmas Dessert


No-Bake Christmas Wreath Treats

A different take on the classic Rice Krispie treats, this dessert is simple and adorable. The recipe can be made well ahead of time and makes for a great presentation at any holiday party.

Each year My Home Improvement magazine opens up voting for the best home maintenance, remodeling, building, design, and décor companies in the Atlanta area.

Construction Resources is honored to announce we took home FOUR “Best of 2018” awards this year!


Best Countertop Company

CR Home


Best Appliance Company

Sewell Appliances


Best Lighting Company: Interior

Colonial Lighting


Best Fireplace Company: Interior

Builder Specialties


Thank YOU for nominating us as the best place to shop in Atlanta for countertops, appliances, lighting, and fireplaces.

Building or renovating your home can be a stressful undertaking and there are lots of decisions to be made throughout the process. Each of our locations is dedicated to making the customer experience simple and enjoyable. Through our family of companies, we offer the right solutions for your kitchen, bath or any room in your home.

Come shop with us and let our team of experts help get “Your Project Done Right.”

Best Kitchen Appliances For The Holiday Season

The season of family gatherings around the table is upon us that is why making sure that you have the necessary kitchen appliances is so important for the holidays! As you prepare for your family meals you should also prepare your workspace. Make cooking your holiday feast a breeze this year with new smart appliances from Construction Resources’ family of businesses. Don’t know where to start? We are rounding up the most popular appliances for families that love to entertain.



dishwasher, kitchen appliances near me, kitchen appliances in atlanta
Dishwasher drawer, need I say more? Add a drawer that loves to do the dishes in your kitchen for those small loads that need to be tackled before your gathering. Not only is this drawer your handy helper for your most precious entertaining pieces, but it is also your beverage helper! Fully insulated in stainless steel this drawer can double as an ice bucket! Simply remove the culinary basket and dish rack, and you now have a place for all of your party beverages! Get the best of both worlds with this smart appliance and add a Dishwasher Drawer to your home! Click here to shop our collection of dishwasher drawers.



ovens, kitchen ovens, kitchen appliances near me, kitchen appliances in atlanta
Cook it all, all at once with this double wall oven featuring a commercial style rotisserie from Thermador. With 16 cooking modes and a built-in rotisserie, this wall oven sure is a double feature! Click here to browse double wall ovens from Thermador.



coffee machine, kitchen appliances near me, kitchen appliances in atlanta
Have coffee lovers in your family? Go beyond the standard cup of joe with the Bosch connected coffee machine! With smart capabilities, you can choose from a wide variety of customizable coffee and tea drinks, or take a tour around the world by trying exclusive Bosch CoffeeWorld beverages. With a touch of a button, you can have a crafted beverage in no time. Click here to add a Bosch connected coffee machine to your kitchen.

Visit Our Kitchen Appliances Showrooms in Atlanta, GA

For all of your home and kitchen appliances, visit us at one of our many showrooms this holiday season. Contact us today by calling (404) 378-3132.

Thanksgiving is coming up, is your kitchen decorated for fall? We are sharing five easy ways to decorate your kitchen space while keeping your counter space.

Wood Slices

Jackie @finding_lovely

Three-Tiered Stands

Karen @simpleinspirationsathome

Metal Tins

Lisa @asimplystylednest

Glass Cake Dome Lids

Gina @waleshandmadeco

Mini Pumpkins

Megan @theblushhome

Do your countertops need a little TLC before the holidays? Update them with our family of businesses! Click here to find countertops near you.

8 Steps to the Perfect Countertop Installation

To help you prepare for your countertop installation, we have developed this handy dandy installation guide to ensure our clients know what to do and expect in a countertop remodel.


1. Budget

One of the most important items to develop in any home project is to establish your budget. Knowing what you are able to spend, or even having an idea of what you would like to spend, will give you a realistic expectation of what you will be able to accomplish in any project.

2. Plan

Plan, plan, and plan some more. It is important to plan around your families schedule. Being without a kitchen or bathroom for any amount of time is stressful. Even though a countertop installation is a quick process, it is good to plan and be prepared for extra time and space.

3. Know Your Space

If you are changing the layout of your kitchen, it is a good idea to know the ends and outs of your existing space to ensure you know what you want and don’t want in your new space. Some things to take into account your home’s traffic patterns, plumbing, and electrical.

4. In-Home Measure

Before you head off to the showroom and slab house it is important you gather some measurements and dimensions of your current and future space. These don’t have to be exact, a team member will make a home visit to template once you have selected your countertop. 

5. Select Your Slab

Our vast countertop material selection includes beautiful natural stones such as exquisite marble and granite, durable quartz, adaptable solid surface and modern ultra-compact surfaces from top manufacturers. We pride ourselves in delivering quality materials that are cut in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility and installed by certified professionals. Our knowledgeable team is available to recommend the best countertops for your space.

6. Measure & Template

This is when things get real! It is time to plan and schedule a team member to visit your home to template your space and gather all of the necessary information about your installation. No one wants to be surprised with extra charges or unforeseen problems. 

7. Prepare Your Home

On the day of your installation, it is important to clear pathways and entryways and remove items from existing counters to ensure a smooth removal and installation.

8. Leave The Rest To The Pros

It’s time to sit back and relax. Your new countertops will be installed and ready for you to enjoy in no time. Once the work is complete, our installers will review the work with you and answer any questions you may have. 


5 Curb Appeal Updates For Fall

Fall is here and that means your home is going to be on display for the many trick-or-treaters that pass by on Halloween and the extra company visiting family for the holidays. Do you want to be the best looking house on the block? Here are five ideas to help spruce up your curb appeal.

1. Outdoor Lightingcurb appeal

Outdoor lighting is a must for trick-or-treaters and other visitors. Create a safe and well-lit path by updating your landscape and exterior lights.

Shop outdoor lighting for your home at CR Home Lighting or Colonial Lighting.


2. Garage Doors

curb appeal

A garage door makes up one-third of your home’s façade. Give a good first impression this fall with a new garage door.

Pick out the best garage door for your home’s style at Builder Specialties and CR Home Lighting. Need help figuring out which garage door best suits the style of your home? Check out our garage door design guide and visit with our highly trained staff.


3. Shutters

curb appeal

There is nothing like dressing your home with only the finest materials and our custom line of shutters does just that!

Add custom handcrafted shutters to your home with Atlanta Glass & Mirror and CR Home.


4. Entry Handles & Locks

curb appeal

Little updates such as locks and handles are a great way to refresh the appearance of your home if you are on a budget. There are many options for exterior door handles and locks. We offer a variety of options to complement your style and provide security to your home.

Shop for locks at CR Home and Atlanta Glass & Mirror.


5. Door Bells

curb appeal

Last but not least give your home a nice bell for trick-or-treaters and holiday guests to ring.

Shop door bells, and chimes at Colonial Lighting.

Editor’s Picks: Design Chicago 2018

This past week we searched high and low for design trends at this year’s Design Chicago event! As we walked the halls of The Merchandise Mart, we noticed that design inspiration was everywhere. From countertops, tile, appliances, rugs, and more, here are our top picks from the Midwest’s best in residential interior furnishings, architecture, and interior design.


Smart Appliances

The number one misconception customers have about smart appliances is that they are too complicated. At the Experience &  Design Center, we learned that Bosch, Thermador, and Gaggenau appliances are well aware of this claim and are changing the game in smart home appliances. The days of having to download multiple apps to manage your different branded appliances are over! The Home Connect app brings added value to your smart appliance experience by giving you the freedom to manage, discover new recipes, diagnosis/troubleshoot and store all of your appliance manuals in one place. Click here to shop our appliances.

Smart Appliance Trend
Bosch Coffee Machine with Home Connect


In the Ann Sacks showroom, we saw a glamorous array of prints, making it loud and clear that having fun with tile, and going bold with print is definitely in style. Click here to shop our flooring selection.

Tile trends
Ann Sacks-Catia

Carpet & Rugs

In the world of Stark Carpet Corporation, we learned two things, bold colors and animal print are a tried and true way to show some personality in your space. The options are nearly endless with carpets and rugs. They make great statement pieces and aren’t permanent so are easily changed out over time to introduce pattern or color to a room. Click here to shop our flooring selection.

Carpet and rug trends
Stark Carpet Corp.
Stark Carpet Corp.


Solid Surfaces & Compact Surfaces

At almost every panel we attended, solid surfaces and the newer category of compact surfaces were consistently a topic of discussion. They each offer their own specific benefits when it comes to countertops as well as a huge array of designs to catch any eye. Do quartz surfaces have a new competitor? Click here to shop our ultra compact surfaces.



We discovered a lot of beautifully designed fixtures from the event, but Brizo’s Charlotte collection has our heart. The design is infused with clean lines and elegance bridging the gap between traditional and modern design. Click here to shop out fixtures.

Faucet Trends
Brizo -Charlotte Collection


Hardware is the jewelry to the home and Belwith Keeler had several new collections that create the perfect accents to your cabinetry and furniture. Jewel-tones, mixed metals, and industrial details are all the rage when adding hardware to your space.

Hardware trends
Belwith Keeler – Chrysalis Collection


hardware trends
Belwith Keeler – Verge Collection


We can’t wait to see these trends make more of an appearance in residential and commercial design in 2019. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for design inspiration.


Original content curated by Marqet Group.

It’s October and it’s officially the start of the kitchen and bath season. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom now is the time! Just think how perfect it would be to have your newly remolded space ready for the upcoming holiday season.

Stay tuned because all month long we are celebrating with the season’s latest design trends, cleaning, and organizational tips, and exclusive promotions just for you.


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