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Quartz is the most popular choice of countertops in Atlanta households and businesses today. Known for their stunning beauty, easy maintenance and unparalleled durability, their popularity comes as no surprise. From top brands like Forum Quartz, Silestone, Cambria and Caesarstone, quartz countertops give the appearance of natural stone but are engineered to withstand wear and tear. 

In this Ultimate Quartz Guide, we will go through all things quartz to help you make your decision on whether this is the right countertop material for you. We know this isn’t an easy choice and many factors can go into making this decision. At Construction Resources, we’re dedicated to aiding you and delivering top-notch support, whether that involves using this guide or meeting you in person at our Atlanta showroom.

What are Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are one of the most popular countertops and this is a well-deserved title for many reasons. Quartz is known to be low maintenance and stain resistant. It is classified as a man-made slab as natural quartz crystals are extracted from mines and subsequently crushed into a fine powder or combined with other materials to create an aggregate. This mixture is then heated and compressed under extreme conditions, along with resin binders, resulting in the formation of a durable slab. The addition of pigments during this procedure gives the countertop its desired color and patterns.

Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops


  • Durability 
  • Stain resistance 
  • Scratch resistance 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Doesn’t need to be sealed regularly 
  • Non-absorbent 
  • Variety of colors and patterns to choose from


  • Not susceptible to heat 
  • Indoor use only 
  • Premium colors can get pricey

Are Quartz Countertops Man Made?

Quartz countertops are a man-made engineered stone. They are created by mixing natural quartz with resins and pigments to form a highly durable surface. Because this is an engineered surface, the slabs can be created with consistency in colors and patterns for the perfect slab every time. 

Do Quartz Countertops Need to be Sealed?

Quartz countertops don’t need sealing because they’re naturally resistant to liquids and spills. So, you can enjoy them without worrying about extra maintenance! Just remember to clean up spills promptly to keep them looking great.

How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost?

While the performance and aesthetics of quartz countertops may give the impression of a higher cost, they are comparable to granite and other natural stone countertops. There are certain factors that will add to the cost like edge profiles and finishes. But, it’s an investment that will add value in the long run.

Most Popular Edge for Quartz Countertops

Picking your edge profile is an important step. It’s essential to carefully consider the overall aesthetics of your kitchen and the desired look when choosing the right edge profile. In our resource center, we have listed all the different edge profiles we offer. You can go with simple edges like the eased edge profile, the most popular, or the bevel edge profile that is more suitable for contemporary kitchens. On the other hand, if you want to make a big statement, countertop edges with intricate designs like the ogee edge profile complement traditional-style kitchens. For more assistance, contact us or visit our showroom.

Different Uses

Quartz countertops can be used in residential and commercial areas. Although they are not heat resistant so we don’t recommend putting them in your backyard, they are great to use for bathrooms, kitchens, bars, vanities, laundry rooms…etc. 

Bianco Oro Forum Quartz

How Do You Clean Quartz Countertops?

Make sure to clean any accidental spills on your quartz countertop immediately. Be careful with oily and acidic foods like wine, coffee, fruit juice, tomato sauce, and soda, and promptly wipe them away from your kitchen counters. Avoid delaying stain removal while cooking, as neglecting spills can cause damage to the countertop surface. For stubborn stains, consider using degreasing products specifically labeled as safe for quartz. For deep-seated stains, you can try using a glass cleaner that is approved for quartz surfaces. To ensure safety, it’s best to consult your countertop manufacturer about the use of glass cleaners, as some may advise against them. Alternatively, you can use isopropyl rubbing alcohol to tackle tough stains. Simply dampen a paper towel or clean cloth with rubbing alcohol, gently rub the stain, and then wipe the counter with warm water.

Best Cleaner for Quartz Countertops

Opt for specialized quartz cleaners or mild dish soap for regular cleaning. In the absence of specific cleaners, mild dish soap can be used. Take care as dish soap may leave a residue that diminishes the countertop’s shine. When using dish soap, employ a soft rag or sponge along with warm water to prevent scratches on the countertop. Avoid using abrasive sponges. To maintain cleanliness, wipe down the quartz kitchen countertops as required, preferably daily or every few days. Be prompt in cleaning up food and beverage spills and refrain from utilizing harsh chemicals such as bleach sprays or disinfecting wipes on your countertops as they can cause damage to quartz. 

Quartz and granite countertops are two of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops, each offering distinct advantages. Quartz countertops are engineered using a combination of natural quartz crystals and resins, resulting in a wide array of colors and patterns to suit various design preferences. One of the main benefits of quartz is its non-porous nature, making it highly resistant to stains and easy to clean. Unlike granite, quartz countertops do not require regular sealing, reducing the overall maintenance needed. On the other hand, granite countertops are natural stone surfaces, prized for their unique beauty and striking patterns. Though granite is porous and requires periodic sealing, it possesses exceptional durability and heat resistance, making it a preferred option for high-traffic areas and outdoor applications. Ultimately, the choice between quartz and granite comes down to individual preferences, budget considerations, and the desired level of maintenance for a stunning and functional countertop in any kitchen.

Porcelain vs. Quartz

Porcelain countertops, or ultra compact countertops, are crafted through a high-temperature fusion of stone and white clay, resulting in a durable and resilient material that maintains its form while gaining strength from mineral impurities. Their resistance to fading, scratches, and stains, along with effortless cleaning, underscores their practicality. If you are looking for outdoor countertops, ultra compact is recommended. On the other hand, quartz countertops, also man-made, harness natural quartz crystals combined with resins and pigments, resulting in a low-maintenance, stain-resistant surface. Both choices live up to the aesthetics and strength, allowing for personalized kitchen or bathroom designs that stand the test of time. 

Quartzite vs. Quartz

Calcutta Mist Forum Quartz

Quartz and quartzite are distinct options, each with its own unique qualities. Quartz is engineered, offering a wide range of colors and designs, low maintenance, and budget-friendliness, though it has lower heat resistance. Conversely, quartzite, a natural stone from fused sandstone and quartz, provides a more limited color range but a natural marble-like look. While it demands more upkeep and is susceptible to stains, it excels in scratch resistance. Although slightly pricier, quartzite is perfect for those seeking a natural aesthetic.

Popular Quartz Countertop Colors

White Quartz Countertops 

  1. Eternal Calacatta Gold – Silestone 
  2. Miami White – Silestone 
  3. Sutherland – Cambria
  4. Carrara Supreme – Forum Quartz 

Check out our blog on White Quartz Countertops Will Enhance The Aesthetic of Your Modern Kitchen. 

Black Quartz Countertops 

  1. Trieste Harbor – Forum Quartz 

Grey Quartz Countertops 

  1. Casata – Forum Quartz 
  2. Desert Silver – Silestone
  3. Parma – Forum Quartz 
  4. Quicksilver – Forum Quartz 

Cream Quartz Countertops 

  1. Clear Skies – Caesarstone 
  2. Colton – Cambria 
  3. Miami Vena -Silestone 

Check out our blog on the top trending colors for 2023. If you like the white minimal look this is how you can improve the appeal of your modern kitchen design with white quartz countertops.


For beautiful countertops that can weather the wear and tear of any household or business, you can’t go wrong with quartz countertops. At Construction Resources we have a widest variety of quartz colors and patterns to choose from. Let us help you with your next kitchen or bathroom remodel Atlanta! We have a team of workers that can help you step by step with your countertops, lighting, appliances, fireplaces, garage doors, and more. Whether you’re renovating, building from scratch, or simply looking to upgrade your living spaces, this guide has equipped you with all the necessary knowledge to confidently select quartz countertops Atlanta. Embrace the beauty, durability, and ease of quartz, and enjoy the countless benefits it brings to your living spaces for generations ahead.

International Designs Group acquires Trajus Surfaces and adds an additional ten locations.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (August 21,2023) – International Designs Group (IDG), an affiliate of Mill Point Capital, is excited to announce the acquisition of Trajus Surfaces. This strategic move reflects IDG’s commitment to expanding its presence in the eastern United States and reaching a wider customer base. Trajus Surfaces, comprised of two legacy brands, European Granite & Marble, and MARVA Marble, will join IDG’s portfolio, which includes United Materials, LLC. (UMI), Construction Resources (CR), and Cancos Tile & Stone. This addition will further strengthen IDG’s ability to cater to the surfacing, kitchen and bath, and home products industries.

With European Granite & Marble and MARVA Marble on board, IDG will streamline its efforts to bring high-quality products to the market, solidifying its position as a trusted provider for the design and construction industry.

Mitch Hires, CEO of International Designs Group, expressed his vision for the company to partner with leading material manufacturers and strategically align their operations to meet the needs of the construction and design community. By optimizing their product offering and operational efficiencies, IDG aims to become the preferred supplier for both existing and new customers in the residential, commercial, and multi-family sectors.

Post-acquisition, with the addition of European Granite & Marble and MARVA Marble, International Designs Group will now operate over fifty locations in the eastern United States. This expansion makes IDG the predominant cumulative service provider for the kitchen, bath, and construction industry on the eastern seaboard. With an extensive range of offerings, including tile and slab distribution, custom countertops, glass and mirror solutions, appliances, flooring, garage doors, fireplaces, and lighting fixtures, IDG is poised to be the premier supplier of materials, services, and solutions in the eastern United States.

Mario Persico, President of Trajus Surfaces, expressed enthusiasm for joining the IDG family, citing the company’s vision and decades of industry experience. Becoming a part of IDG will enable both European Granite & Marble and MARVA Marble to expand its product offering and enter new markets while maintaining the highest level of service for its loyal customers.

While the financial details of the transaction remain confidential, Trajus Surfaces’ leadership and legacy brands will remain intact as they integrate into IDG’s family of companies. This integration will provide additional product lines to support their existing and expanding customer base.

About International Designs Group
International Designs Group (IDG), a division of Mill Point Capital, is a leading supplier of top-quality slab and tile materials for the kitchen and bath industry. With a focus on new construction and remodeling markets, we are proud to offer exclusive brands like Pompeii Quartz and Forum Quartz, as well as our own tile label, CTC (Cancos). In addition to distribution, we have showrooms in several eastern US states, including Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, and New York. These showrooms not only highlight and sell our unique slab and tile products, but also provide a range of complementary specialty products for the kitchen and bath. Our goal is to provide an efficient and enjoyable experience for our trade partners and homeowners. With our extensive product range and expert service, we strive for an elevated and seamless customer experience. For more information, please visit

About Mill Point Capital
Mill Point Capital LLC is a private equity firm focused on control investments in middle market companies in North America across the business services, IT services, and industrial sectors. Mill Point’s experienced team of investors and Executive Partners seek portfolio company value enhancement through rigorous implementation of transformative strategic initiatives and operational improvements. Mill Point is based in New York, NY. For more information, please visit

About Trajus Surfaces
Trajus Surfaces is a group of esteemed natural stone companies committed to providing the finest products and exceptional customer service. With extensive global supply chain knowledge, strong partnerships with renowned quarries, and a comprehensive, seamless approach to service, these companies bring the highest quality stone to customers along the east coast and beyond. Included within Trajus Surfaces are industry leaders Marva Marble and European Granite & Marble. For more information, please visit or

Nothing compares to entertaining and dining with family and friends outdoors. Backyard cookouts and s’mores by the fire are just some of the things you can do with a new outdoor kitchen and patio. There are many ways to make your outdoor kitchen and patio area look and function the best possible. Whether you enjoy hosting or not, an outdoor kitchen area provides a fun and relaxing place to hang out and unwind. If you’re looking to add some more living space,  outdoor kitchens become an extension of your home while adding value to your home’s worth. From built-in grills and refrigerators to outdoor fireplaces and lighting, the possibilities are endless, and Construction Resources has you covered on all of the above! 

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Fireplaces

Fireplaces are a great way to get yourself and your family together outside no matter the weather. From cozy cool mornings and evenings to cold winter months, outdoor fireplaces make the patio space more useful and enjoyable. Make your fireplace the focal point of the backyard, just as you would indoors, by adding some seating around the hearth. Let the space help you create lasting, heartfelt memories with your family and friends. At Construction Resources we have a wide range of fireplace options available, such as wood-burning, gas-burning, electric, and outdoor variants. Come see the Atlanta fireplace specialists, and let them help you mold the space to your family’s needs. Next to your gorgeous fireplace, you’ll need a complimenting countertop.

Best Countertop for Outdoor Kitchen

When building an outdoor kitchen, you need to be smart about what countertop materials you use considering the possible harsh environments. Your countertops will have to endure the heat, cold, rain and snow, as well as, resist scratching and fading. Additionally, you want something that is beautiful and makes a statement, just like your indoor kitchen. Infinity Porcelain countertops are the perfect choice when considering stone for the outdoors. This man-made surface will give you the look of natural stone but is engineered to withstand harsh wear and tear. Porcelain serves as the best choice for an outdoor kitchen backsplash as well. For additional information on porcelain countertops and other surface options, check out our blog or visit our website.


Grills serve as another must-have addition to unite family and friends in an outdoor space. It is a great gathering point during social events and transforming mealtime into a communal affair.  It can help promote relaxed and interactive dining, for the host and the guests, leading to lively conversations, and bringing a personal touch to the cooking process. Grilling outside helps the smoke and smell remain outdoors instead of invading your home, and it’s easy to clean.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Outdoor appliances are a long-term investment, and you’ll want something that’ll last you years to come. Whether it’s a cozy backyard barbecue, a lively poolside party, or a serene patio retreat, outdoor appliances play a crucial role in making outdoor spaces more comfortable, entertaining, and functional. These appliances extend the usability of your outdoor space well into the evening, making it a versatile entertainment hub. Our appliances are specialized, durable and designed to function effectively in various outdoor environments, catering to the diverse needs of outdoor living and activities. Engineered to withstand the challenges posed by weather elements such as rain, snow, heat, and humidity. From efficient outdoor refrigerators and freezers, these appliances bring convenience and functionality to our outdoor spaces. 

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

In Atlanta, lighting can enhance the ambiance and revive the vibes of your backyard

. Outdoor lighting has the incredible ability to accentuate the beauty of your home. It serves as a captivating tool to highlight charming architectural features, guide your way along pathways, and $establish an enchanting atmosphere. Embrace the transformative power of well-placed lights and create a truly mesmerizing outdoor experience.

Some ways lighting can be functional and aesthetic:

  • Step lights
  • Path lights
  • Post lights
  • Lantern Lighting 
  • Ceiling lights
  • Hanging lights

If you’re in Atlanta, visit our nearby showrooms to discover our diverse collection. Reach out to our team now, and schedule an appointment to explore our locations. You’ll find the finest selection of countertops, lighting, flooring, fireplaces, garage doors and appliances in Atlanta. If you’re unable to reach our showrooms, don’t hesitate to shop the Construction Resources website where you can browse all of our products and offerings. Near or far, let us assist you in your outdoor renovation projects.

The ultra compact surface is a great long-lasting material for making your home unique. It can be installed seamlessly without any cuts or joints, giving you endless options. You can use it for countertops, floors and even cabinet door facings. It looks like natural stone countertops but is easier to take care of. Ultra compact surfaces differ from quartz and natural stone because they are created by combining raw materials found in glass, porcelain, and quartz. This unique composition makes them highly durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Here’s all you need to know about compact surfaces and the newest colors that are in style to keep your home looking trendy!


  • Being an artificial product, compact surfaces offer numerous advantages such as resistance to scratches and bacteria. Because it is resistant to heat and UV rays, ultra-compact surfaces are a perfect choice for outdoor kitchens.
  • Compact surfaces can be customizable with different finishes. These finishes can transform the look of your countertop. Finish options include high gloss, matte, leather, suede, concrete, and more.
  • The low porosity makes the care quite simple for compact surfaces. Simply clean everyday spills with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water. To prevent stains, spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. For stubborn stains, you can use a nonabrasive brush. Darker colors require more frequent cleaning as dust is more visible. Always remember to use hot pads, trivets, cutting boards, and coasters for additional protection.

Color Options:

You can easily match the color and design of compact surface countertops to your current kitchen style. These countertops are made of engineered stone and come in various earthy, metallic, and neutral designs. You can find options with solid colors, washed or grainy patterns, and even ones that resemble wood or white marble with beautiful veins.

With the flexibility of many colors, designs, and customization in compact surfaces in 2023 we will be seeing a lot of classic and muted colors. Countertop color preferences have been trending towards neutral and classic options recently. Shades like white, gray, beige, and black have become more popular. White and light-colored countertops are appealing for their ability to create a fresh and bright atmosphere in kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, gray and black countertops are favorable for their modern and sophisticated appearance.

You can shop Construction Resources where you can browse all the colors available in compact surfaces but also quartz and many natural stones along with the best appliance brands. For additional information on other surface options, visit our resource tab.

If you’re in Atlanta and looking for compact surface countertops, visit our nearby showrooms to discover our diverse collection. Reach out to our team now and schedule an appointment to explore our locations, where you’ll also find the finest selection of appliances in Atlanta. Let us assist you in your kitchen or bathroom renovation project.

Lighting can essentially make or break the space we live in. Picking the perfect lighting seems solely based on preference, but depending on what we choose, it can affect our daily mood. If a cozy and calming atmosphere is the goal, dim and indirect lighting can help promote relaxation. In contrast, white and direct lighting can activate the brain and enhance the visibility of finer details. No matter what your preference is, Construction Resource Lighting has it all! We realize the importance of lighting and we are here to help. We offer a wide variety of high-quality light fixtures, garage doors, and fireplaces to suit your needs and preferences.

We understand the complexity of lighting and know it may seem overwhelming, but whether you are an expert or a beginner, we have a knowledgeable staff that can assist you through the whole process. If you are remodeling your home or just updating stuff around the house, CR also has amazing deals with countertops, flooring, outdoor living, and appliances.

decatur atlanta lighting showroom garage doors fireplaces

Although lighting can vary from space to space, commercial lighting will differ from home and restaurant. But if you visit our lighting showroom location at 252 Rio Circle in Decatur, GA, you’ll find an extensive range of lighting options on display, featuring top brands like Capital Lighting, Hinkley, and Kichler. Whether you’re looking for trending, traditional, or modern fixtures for your indoor or outdoor space, we have a variety of options for you to explore.

Because we eat, sleep, and breathe lighting, take it from us to give you some trend updates. This year in lighting, designers are going for statement lighting which will help ​​illuminate your space with light that stands out as a focal point instead of blending in with the background. On the other hand, many are also going for a simpler, more minimal look that has been on the rise since the pandemic. As we can see, it’s here to stay and will be a classic. We can see this translated in colorway as well with the simpler natural and warm tones.

If you’re searching for a lighting store that can cater to your specific tastes, look no further than CR Lighting! Our extensive selection of light fixtures comes in a wide variety of styles, ensuring that you’ll find one that illuminates your home beautifully. Come visit us today in Atlanta to discover the perfect lighting solutions for your dream home.

4 Home Upgrade Ideas for Your 2023 Home Improvement Plan

Did you know that around 50% of US homes were built before 1980?

At over 40 years old, many of these homes are ready for a home upgrade and renovation. If you live in one of these homes, you likely understand what we’re talking about.

But it can be hard to know where to start when putting together a home improvement plan. From deciding between the many options for flooring, putting together a home improvement budget, and deciding on what interior and exterior renovations should take priority, it can be overwhelming.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the key things you should consider for your home improvement plan.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Build an Addition

As your family grows and changes, sometimes your home needs to adjust with you. The small cottage you bought three years ago may not be big enough for your family anymore.

But with the cost of homes so high, it can feel like you’re stuck. Instead of trying to find a new home, consider expanding your current home.

Additions give you the opportunity to add in the spaces you want most while fixing the existing ones that just aren’t working for you anymore.

2. Paint

It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into a home. If you’re feeling tired of the same old look in your house painting even one wall, a new, fun color can give the space a different feel.

This is also a good time to repaint the exterior of your home as well. Give your house a new start with this upgrade.

3. Additional Storage

A lot of the time, as the years go by, you’ll wind up with more and more stuff but nowhere to put it all. When planning your upgrades be sure to include additional storage space in the plans.

Storage space is a surprisingly easy upgrade to fit into the smaller or weirdly shaped nooks and crannies of your home, like under the stairs.

4. Update your Countertops

Countertops are frequently noticed and commented on when buying a home. But after moving in, they can sometimes fade into the background and just become a part of your kitchen or bathroom.

However, even when you don’t notice them, they still play a big part in the overall look of a room. Updating them can have a large impact on the feel of that room.

The type of material you choose for your new countertops can help you to set a particular tone for the room. From elegant and clean to warm and homey, it’s up to you.

As you put together your home upgrade plan, be sure to consider these ideas. They can help you improve both the beauty and functionality of your home.

If you’re in Georgia and want help putting together a comprehensive home improvement plan, Construction Resources can help. Find one of our showrooms near you.

Kitchen and Bath Upgrades You Need to Do in 2023

Make a splash! Americans spent nearly $200 billion on kitchen and bath remodeling this year. It’s becoming easier and more affordable to make kitchen and bath upgrades. 

However, you have many different options for bath and kitchen upgrades. You should narrow your options down and select projects that will make your life more comfortable and save you the most money. 

What devices should you install in your kitchen and bathroom? How can you increase storage space? What are your options for a cheap kitchen upgrade or bath upgrade?

Answer these questions and you can make incredible improvements to your home in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances can help you save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills. They can also make your home seem eco-friendly, encouraging someone to buy your home. 

You can place a new dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator in your kitchen. In your bathroom, you can switch out your incandescent bulbs for LEDs, which use 75% less energy than incandescent products.


Cabinets provide storage solutions that don’t take up space on your floor. Stainless steel cabinets can make your kitchen seem sleek and spotless. They are also very durable, making them good if you use your kitchen often.

Many people also opt for wood cabinets in their bathrooms. It’s okay to get a new wooden cabinet, and proper care will ensure these don’t retain water over time. 

Kitchen Islands

If you’re looking for a bold kitchen upgrade, you should consider adding an island to your kitchen. A kitchen island gives you extra room to prepare dishes, and it can double as a serving area. 

Take a look at your kitchen and see how big your island can be. Even a small island in the center of your kitchen can help. Leave a few feet of space around it so you can move around without difficulty. 

Find a good material for your island like granite and quartz. There are many types of stone, so read about the differences between material before making your decision.

Shower Doors

Shower doors prevent water from your shower and bathtub from spilling into the rest of your bathroom. They can also act as privacy barriers. If you’re looking for a low-budget bath upgrade, you should consider installing a shower door.

Try to install a heavy glass door that is one-half an inch thick. If you really like your door, you can turn your shower into a steam shower, creating a spa in your home.

The right kitchen and bath upgrades will take your home to the next level. To save on energy bills, you should install eco-friendly appliances and lights. Put at least one cabinet in each room so you have enough storage space for your family.

A kitchen island with a granite countertop can look bold and act as a serving and dining area. Shower doors are also bold, and they can prevent slips on your wet floor. 

If you’re still not sure how to spruce up your space in 2023, visit our Design Center and talk to one of our specialists to get started on your project. Contact us today to learn more about what Construction Resources can do for you!

The Best Kitchen and Bath Upgrades in 2023

Joseph's Bedroom Reveal

Last month, we had the privilege and opportunity to work with Sunshine on a Ranney Day to remodel an accessible bathroom and bedroom for Joseph. We had an incredible turnout from family members and partners on September 16th  for this reveal – and Joseph made it such a special time! 

Joseph was born with spina bifida in 2017. After 77 days in the NICU and 24-hour oxygen and feeding tubes for the first year of his life, Joseph today has proven a few health obstacles can’t stop him. A charming, funny, and social little Superman, five-year-old Joseph today loves showing off his wheelchair “tricks,” meeting new people and learning their names. 

After meeting Joseph and his family, our CEO Mitch Hires said “One of the things we loved about Joseph is his ability to remember everything! When we met Danielle and Malori from Crosby Design Group for the initial design meeting, he learned all of our names and never forgot them. He wanted to meet everyone that visited to work on the space and always asked ‘are you making my new room?’ We learned about historical figures (he knows more about these people than I do) each time we visited. All around this was a great project for an amazing family.

We love being able to work with Sunshine on a Ranney Day, and have the opportunity to give Joseph a space for him to feel confident and independent. This special project is only possible thanks to the support of our team, and the people from Beaver Homes. It was thanks to their majority sponsorship that we were able to create Joseph’s dream room makeover and accessible bathroom. This is a new relationship and the eagerness that they have adopted us is humbling. Thank you to Dave Goldberg, Allison Pallestrini and the entire team from Beazer!

Learn more about Joseph’s story with SOARD and see the full video reveal below!

How Countertops can Help Modernize Your Home

Out of all the areas of a house, did you know that countertops are the most popular feature for remodeling? 90% of homeowners say that they put replacing countertops at the top of their priority list. 

However, endless countertop options are available on the market, and not all of them fit in with every home. 

First, you must understand countertop materials and their differences. Then, you need to research new home design trends so your overall theme will be coherent and sleek. 

Let’s look at how countertops can modernize any home.

Upgrade your Countertops

Sometimes the easiest solution to a remodeling project is to upgrade your existing vanity and countertop. Especially if you want to give your bathroom a makeover.

Instead of investing in a whole new slab, you can utilize countertop remnants for a new bathroom countertop to bring a new design to the space. 

CR Overstock Gallery offers a variety of countertop remnant pieces to help you design your bathroom vanity. We provide everything from Cambria, Silestone, and more so you can have the best bathroom countertop in your home!

Modern bathrooms look great with polar white, vanilla sky, pearl, or wheat-colored countertops that will make your bathroom feel like a paradise the moment you step inside. 

Bathroom countertops are a fantastic way to upgrade your home without having a complete remodel. And, you can get some interior design inspo for the rest of the house. 

You can match the living room with pearl white furniture. Or, you can add some wheat pillows to your bed. 

The possibilities are endless!

Make your Kitchen Countertop Efficient

Unlike bathroom countertops mainly used for makeup and putting on your daily skincare products, the kitchen and other rooms also need a countertop. However, the kitchen countertop options are slightly different from the bathroom. In this space, you’ll most likely be cooking all your meals or baking with your family. So, you must ensure that the material will withstand various activities and substances it might encounter. 

That means you must think carefully about scratches and water damage from the occasional spilled glass of water or tea.  If you have children, picking a slightly darker color is a good idea, as pure white countertops could show more stains, spills, or wear and tear. Even so, a solid surface is perfect for this kind of household. 

Although if you want something stylish and modern, then a quartz countertop is the best choice. It looks beautiful, and the small details will catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Plus, quartz is a solid and scratch-resistant material so you don’t need to worry about it being ruined in the first few months. It’s durable and lovely to look at! 

When selecting your kitchen countertops, you should also think about the sink. Do you want a farmhouse sink? Or, do you prefer a hidden design that has an undermount sink? When upgrading your countertops, you must consider the practical side of washing the dishes and improving the functionality within your home. Don’t sacrifice design for functionality when you can easily have both!

Think About the Surrounding Area

If you want your new countertop to shine, you need to pick a suitable wallpaper or paint the wall boldly. Otherwise, your new countertop upgrade will fade into the background. 

You must think carefully about the surrounding area if you want your new home to come to life. To begin with, you should brainstorm the home’s overall color scheme. For modern homes, you want to keep things simple and sophisticated. You can choose a subtle, neutral wallpaper or a statement monotone paint color. 

Modernist designers created the minimal look that has become one of the most popular interior design styles. But, it’s essential to set the right tone with the color before you can move on to the details. 

Another element that plays a part in modern homes is the focus on lines. Your countertops are great for adding depth and texture to the space, so you don’t need to flood the room with hundreds of decorations. 

You can use the countertops as a focal point to draw attention to the linear structure and layout of the room. And, if you feel like adding a colorful touch, you always hang a piece of abstract art on the wall. 

Ultimately, the best way to show off your new countertops is to keep the space open and have lots of natural light. Ideally, you can leave the windows open and have the sunlight streaming in throughout the day.

Look After Your New Countertops

With new countertops comes the responsibility of maintaining it! Luckily, slabs like granite, quartz or porcelain are lower maintenance options that will require less overall upkeep compared and stay shiny with less elbow grease involved. 

Therefore, to clean your countertops, you should create a daily wiping routine that allows you to remove any dirt before it builds up and creates permanent damage. 

Remember that you need to use the right product on the material, depending on whether it’s quartz, granite, or natural stone. That way, you won’t accidentally make a stain on the countertop. 

So, when you’re upgrading your countertops to make them more modern, you should think about the following:

  • Where the countertops are located
  • What material is best for the area
  • Buy from a professional business to upgrade the countertops

Thankfully, our team at Construction Resources is ready to help you take your home design to the next level. We offer the best countertop materials at affordable prices; plus, our Decatur Design Campus offers other home building products such as lighting, appliances, tile and flooring, and more to provide you a one-stop-shop to assist out in building out a cohesive look for your dream home.

We believe that every home deserves to be beautiful. You can visit the store and order your new countertops when you’ve decided.

Countertop Options Made for a Modern Home

You can read all the interior design tips you like, but without the right countertop, you can’t achieve that stylish look in your home. After discovering these countertop options, you know where to start. 

As long as you consider the room, and use the countertops and surrounding elements to decorate the space, you’ll be able to transform your home completely. 

Buying your countertop is the first step to making your dream home possible. So, order from Construction Resources and start your new renovating project today.

If you have any questions, let us know, and we’d be happy to help.

The Top 3 Products to Include in Your Next Home Renovation

Home renovation can be an extremely stressful process. This is especially true if you’re doing it on your own and have to withstand the stress of a looming house closing date. If you are planning to do some home renovation, you may want to consider including these three things in your home as you begin new renovation plans.

1. Smart Home Appliances

We have noticed that smart home appliances are becoming increasingly popular and we don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon! Homebuyers are interested in smart, new features to make living easier and to accommodate with other technological advancements they obtain such as personal cell phones, computers, etc.

Construction Resources has several smart kitchen appliances to provide a smoother cooking process. Check them out to bring ease and efficiency into your lifestyle!

Upgrade Your Kitchen With Smart Appliances

2. Electronic Deadbolts

Continuing the trend of smart appliances in your home, electronic deadbolts have become the newest craze as they provide extra security and safety precautions to ensure that you keep your home, belongings, and other special items in safe hands.

What are electronic deadbolts?

Electronic deadbolts are simply that – a deadbolt lock for your home that functions electronically, allowing you to navigate the lock via your smart device.

Why upgrade my lock to an electronic deadbolt?

Electronic deadbolts are considerably safer in terms of functionality and convenience. Don’t worry about forgetting your keys, getting locked out, or letting a family member into the home when you’re away – you can manage who enters your home all through your smart phone with just one simple click!

Ensure Your Safety!

Shop all of our locks today.

3. Porcelain Surfaces

Like anything else, home design has evolved over time and has moved away from the darker, granite options to sleek and clean porcelain surfaces. Porcelain is a fantastic material for your kitchen and bathroom designs as it is extremely durable (more so than granite), resistant to heat, scratching, staining, and chipping, and can even withstand extreme temperatures and UV rays making it an indoor AND outdoor surface!

Infinity specializes in the production of high quality large-size porcelain slabs for architecture, interiors and tailor-made solutions. The wide range of Infinity collections offers a variety of surfaces that combine high technology with innovation, supporting the creativity of architects and designers all over the world.

Because of all the benefits that porcelain has to offer, porcelain countertops thrive in the kitchen for its easy-to-clean advantage and its worry-free composition. It has also been popularly seen to install vertical porcelain tiles in your shower to reflect a luxurious bathroom design that requires little to no additional décor.

Modernize Your Home With Antolini Tech

These three products will help increase home security, create a more updated look and feel, and reduce the time you spend cleaning. Pick one or pick them all! We are confident that they’ll make a difference in your home.  Check out all of our home product offerings at Feel free to contact us today to learn more about how Construction Resources can help make your dream home a reality! Make sure to check out our blog for more design and creative inspiration!


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