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Tips & Tricks: How Lighting Can Affect Your Bedtime

Have you ever wondered, “Does lighting actually affect my bedtime?” or “Does leaving the light on during the night ruin my sleep routine and REM cycle?”

So many times a light is left on during the night and you wake up feeling groggy no matter how many hours you slept! It’s time we find out about lighting’s effect on people’s sleep schedules and how you can improve your nightly routine to ensure a good night’s sleep, every night!

How Your Body Prepares for Sleep

Have you ever woken up in a panic thinking that you missed your alarm? Or maybe you woke up just a few minutes before your alarm set off (and wished you could’ve slept those extra few minutes)?

This happens because our bodies have natural, internal alarm clocks that mirror nature’s cycle of day and night and regulate feelings of sleepiness and wakefulness 24 hours a day!

The cells within the retina of your eye detect light exposure and send signals to your brain to wake up. Your brain then triggers several different chemicals that cause your body to change behavior and awaken from a deep sleep.

When the sun begins to rise and your eyelids sense the sunlight coming in, the level of melatonin in your body decreases and your body temperature begins to rise, activating your body and making you feel alert and ready to start your day. Alternatively, in the evening when the sun starts to set, your melatonin rises and your body temperature drops, making you feel cozy, snug, and ready for bed.

Why Light Affects Your Sleep

So, how does light affect your sleep? As we just discussed, the biological clock that your body naturally depends on could be disrupted from extended light exposure. Too much light before bed may cause you from getting a good night’s sleep, as the nerve pathway from your eyes to your brain may continue to send signals in an effort to keep yourself awake.

More specifically, blue light that is emitted from the tv or your phone actually delays the release of melatonin in your body, signaling your brain to stay awake for a longer period of time. This is why it’s important to reduce screen time for yourself and the kids before bed. Instead, try reading a book or practice mind-body exercises like meditation or yoga!

The Best Kind of Lighting for Nighttime Use

Sleep specialists recommend utilizing red, amber, or orange light before bed to preserve your body’s natural melatonin levels. These lights do not have the same effects as blue and white lights and help our body’s circadian rhythms stay in check.

Tips And Tricks For A Good Night Sleep

So, what’s the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep AND a day feeling rested and “ready-to-go”? Here’s our best tips:

  • Regularly expose yourself to sunlight throughout the day to keep your circadian rhythms in check
  • During the night, keep your sleep environment dark by utilizing black-out curtains, drapes, or an eye mask
  • Before bedtime, limit your screen time. Put away your phone and computer, and turn off the television.
  • Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time each day (even on the weekends!)
  • Avoid heavy or large meals before bed
  • Limit daytime naps
  • Incorporate physical activity in your daily routine

Looking for A Lighting Showroom in the Greater Atlanta Area?

We've got you covered!

CR Home Lighting is located on Rio Circle, adjacent to Laredo Drive. Our lighting showroom is one building over from our Design Center and slab gallery. We offer a large variety of lighting from chandeliers, lamps, fans, outdoor lighting, and more!

The Post-Pandemic Dream Home

With all of our time spent at home we have been forced to find new ways to keep ourselves and our families entertained. For the majority of us, this time of balancing work/life at home has been challenging, but it has also brought a new light to the way we take pre-pandemic life for granted. Our previous lifestyles that we so wished to pause, have come to a halt. Let’s use this time to tackle the projects you’ve always wanted but never had the time to accomplish.

During COVID-19, we have been able to take a step back and look at the hottest trends in home design to boost our creativity and assist us in providing you with fresh and exciting ideas. We want to help you create your post-pandemic dream home!

What do you envision your house to look like once the world re-opens and things resume to normal? Do you picture the same interior design, or do you envision a new look in your home? If you’re like us, you’re picturing a few additions to give your home a special sparkle that was maybe missing before plus some smart features to help us live a safer, cleaner, and more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Use this time to finally create the post-pandemic dream home you’ve always wanted!

New, Unique, & Smart Lighting

If you’re working from home, we highly recommend installing LED lighting. LED lights are the best kind of lighting for your eyes and the perfect addition to your home office! Unlike most lights, LED lights do not emit UV rays, so all of those headaches you used to get in the office can be settled with this simple switch at your new and improved in-home office!


Brighten the place up with fun, new lighting! If you’re trying to renovate on a budget, adding new light fixtures is the perfect way to spruce things up at a lower cost. Choose big, bold fixtures to showcase your favorite style. CR offers numerous light fixtures for any home style you can imagine; from traditional, modern farmhouse, contemporary and more!

Upgrade Your Garage Doors

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when renovating your home, but changing the look of your garage doors is the perfect way to add more style to your home’s exterior. Plus, if you are trying to social distance and avoid in-home services or installations, this outdoor renovation project is ideal during coronavirus.

Update To Low Maintenance & Hygienic Countertops

The Coronavirus has made us realize how quickly germs and bacteria can spread. It is crucial that we change our old habits and continue to keep our surfaces clean for our health and safety!

Updating your countertops will not only give your home a fresh look but installing a hygienic surface will help you adapt to your new, clean lifestyle! For example, porcelain countertops are durable surfaces that are not only ultra-modern and timeless in design, but they offer fantastic benefits due to their non-porous nature. Because porcelain is a man-made surface, it is meticulously created to not absorb any unwanted germs or bacteria. It won’t absorb any liquids, including harsh chemicals or acids, and it’s resistant to scratching and high heat, making this a perfect countertop for any home!

Porcelain countertops are extremely low maintenance and easy to clean – just use soap and warm water and soap or your favorite countertop cleanser to wipe the surface.

Expand The Working Space

1797 Murray Hill Rd-10

Changing your countertop look completely? Now would be a perfect time to go a step further and create an elongated kitchen island or a dual kitchen island to add more working space! This extra area is a great addition for several reasons:

  1. A larger surface area means more area to prepare and cook meals
  2. Everyone has space to utilize the countertops without bumping elbows
  3. The kids can use this space for school work, or better yet, turn this area into an arts and crafts space that is easy and quick to clean!
  4. Use this renovated area as a refreshing new office to get a change of scenery

While we’re staying at home, it is crucial that we take advantage of all the space around us to create a practical and functional living space for the entire family. Work from home with ease and feel good knowing that the kids are happy, too!

Renovate Your Bathroom

While observing our new work from home lifestyle, interior design renovations may be a burden for your family. Despite the hassle, bathroom renovations can be a fun, smaller project, that doesn’t have to turn your entire home into a construction zone.

Upgrade the kid’s bathroom or the master bath with new countertops, shower doors, and mirrors! Adding new features to this space can truly transform a smaller area to appear more alive, bright and spacious.

Make A Dreamy Outdoor Living Area

COVID-19 may stop you from traveling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful outdoors! Have a fun staycation in your very own home by creating a dreamy backyard!

Design a new place to hang out at home by building an outdoor kitchen equipped with all of the best outdoor living accessories. The entire family will love this new space to utilize during the day for outdoor activities or to simply get a change of scenery. Add things like outdoor-friendly countertops that are UV resistant and can withstand both greasy barbecue and the children’s finger paint. Don’t forget the fireplace! Fall is right around the corner and it’s the best time to gather around on cold nights.

Consider upgrading your outdoor grill and other outdoor appliances to fully equip this new space! A grill is one of the most commonly used outdoor appliances and we are sure that you’ll get a lot of use out of it during the pandemic and beyond.

outdoor kitchen

Have questions about how to start creating your dream home? Contact us today! Looking for more inspiration for your home renovation? Visit our blog for more info!

The Ideal Carpet For Your Home: Carpet With Built-In Microban

Let’s cut to the chase … We are here to tell you that carpet has evolved! The old outdated carpet that you once believed was a hassle and hard-to-clean mess has now transformed into an innovative and lower maintenance flooring option that will add comfort into your home.

Construction Resources now offers top-of-the-line carpet with built-in Microban! Microban is equipped with antimicrobial technology that offers a new level of cleanliness. Its built-in protection lasts for a lifetime and, in fact, flooring options that have microban technology are known to remain 99% cleaner from bacteria and odors than flooring that goes untreated.

Benefits of Carpet with Microban:

  • Protects 24/7 against the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains and odors

  • Microban technology is infused into the base and backing of the carpet fiber, and will not wash or wear away

  • When germs/ bacteria reach the Microban carpet, they die immediately in the sterile environment

              Fun fact: In non-microban carpets, germs and bacteria multiply in the carpet every 20 minutes!

How It Works:

carpet with microban, how it works, microban technology
carpet with microban, how it works, microban technology
carpet with microban, how it works, microban technology
carpet with microban, how it works, microban technology

Different Types of Carpet with Microban:

Phenix Flooring carpet SureSoftSDN

SureSoftSDN™ is a type of Phenix Flooring that is often described as “livable luxury.” This state-of-the-art carpet is made up of 100% solution died nylon fiber that provides stain and soil resistance which helps maintain superior protection to your home.

Phenix Flooring carpet SureSoftSD

SureSoftSD™ is another collection within Phenix Flooring’s line. This carpet is ideal for your home; it is made up of the softest P.E.T fibers which allows ultra-comfort for your feet while easing your mind by guarantee a clean and germ-free space.

Phenix Flooring carpet ColorSense Technology

ColorSense Technology™ is a unique carpet offering that is comprised of various individually colored yarns that are carefully blended together to achieve an overall balance of tone while creating a dynamic color palette of multi-colored carpets. This flooring will bring an irreplaceable aesthetic and style to your home while providing color flexibility to develop your newly, renovated space.

Phenix Flooring pet friendly carpet StainMaster

Meet your favorite pet-friendly carpet! The STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ carpet resists difficult stains, reduces pet odors, and easily releases pet hair, for an easy-to-clean and ideal space for any homeowner who owns pets and wants to maintain a homey atmosphere!

Construction Resources offers various carpets in the Atlanta area. Make sure to browse our product offerings online or check out our blog for more information/inspiration! If you have any questions about carpet with built-in microban, contact us today!

Add A Minimalist Look To Your Space With Floating Shelves

Minimalism is a concept most of us are familiar with. Put simply, less is more. When it comes to design, the goal is to declutter and consolidate as much as possible to achieve the bare minimum.

It’s easy to see it’s a popular design concept. It’s almost synonymous with clean, clear, and organized. It focuses only on what is essential.

On the flip side, no matter how minimalist a person is, they’re going to need a place to put their stuff. From hoarders to monks, storage space is a necessity for everyone, so how can you maintain a minimalist lifestyle while keeping your stuff organized accessible?

When it comes to storage, consider the three overall categories:

  1. Traditional cabinets, which use hinged doors to protect and/or hide their contents.
  2. Open shelves, which have no doors, but are closed off on the sides and connected.
  3. Floating shelves, which are open on all sides and rely on individual supports.

Each type has its advantages. You’ll want to keep valuable belongings protected in a cabinet, but you shouldn’t have a cabinet door keeping you from anything you need to grab quickly. Open shelves are great for desks, offices, and studies because they allow for organization and fast access. Finally, floating shelves offer complete exposure and creative freedom but need adequate support.

We love the creative solutions floating shelves provide. We want to share a few tips for using floating shelves in your home or office.

1. Mindful and minimal

Floating shelves are completely exposed. Some people might consider this a disadvantage because clutter might be revealed or shelves might get dusty.

We see this as an opportunity to stay clean, organized, and mindful. You might have to be more deliberate with what you place on your shelves but trust us. With no place to hide, you will notice the contents of your shelves tend to be more tidy and intentional. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to really show off your favorite decor.

Exposed Floating Shelves

2. Think outside the box

Floating shelves can be used in practically any application. We see floating shelves in kitchens the most, usually flanking the sink or stovetop, but we’re noticing a lot more in bathrooms and living rooms. Where a traditional fireplace might be flanked by upper cabinets or open shelving, people opt for floating shelves instead. In bathrooms, we notice a preference for floating shelves near the tub or vanity.

When it comes to layout, consider alignment and spacing. Three shelves in a perfect row will create a sense of order but offset them and you could have something more inventive and playful. The rule of thumb for spacing is 12 inches between each shelf but bump that up to 15 or 18 inches and you enhance that sense of exposure and accessibility. Length is where you’ll see the most variation.

Bathroom open floating shelves
floating shelves


The longest shelf The Olde Mill ever produced was 11 feet long, but the longest they are able to produce is 25 feet long.

3. Don’t cut any corners

When designing a space, efficiency is everything. We want to ensure every inch of a room serves a purpose, so when we look at an exposed corner, we immediately think, “Is there any reason I can’t put a shelf here?” Corners can go overlooked sometimes, but we find they are a great opportunity to incorporate more storage space where you might not expect it. For display purposes, place something on the outside corner of a shelf to have it stand out from its surroundings.

4. Function and form

Floating shelves can be used for more than just storage and showcasing. Run some lights through them and you can create a spectacular display. Downlighting is a practical choice for shelves placed above countertops, workspaces, and paths of travel. Uplighting can create a dramatic effect for those looking to make a statement, or just illuminate more empty space.

kitchen light floating shelves

5. Everyone needs support sometimes

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your floating shelves are sturdy, rigid, and well-secured. Develop a plan for your floating shelves and set up blocking behind your drywall to give the shelf something solid to mount upon. Don’t skimp on your mounting brackets, either. Account for what you’ll be using your shelves for, and how much weight they will have to support, as well as any unexpected weight. In other words, play it safe. The last thing you want is all your favorite cups crashing down around you just because you added one to the collection.

If you couldn’t tell by now, we simply love floating shelves and the endless options they bring to the home. The Olde Mill crafts hollow floating shelves out of reclaimed pine because they believe floating shelves should have the unbeatable look of antique wood as well as the modern advantages of an engineered product. Check them out at!

Looking for more design inspiration? Check out our blog. Interested in starting your design project today? You can shop CR’s full line of home product offerings online here or contact us today to speak with one of our design professionals.

Working from your home office can be overwhelming. Today, due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of employees are learning firsthand that working from a home office comes with a slew of challenges, especially when it comes to remaining productive and keeping efficiency high. 

However, working from home can also be rewarding. It’s all about finding a balance between the new freedom and figuring out how to increase efficiency. The good news is that there is no shortage of ways to combat the productivity challenges. 

Whether working from your home office is new to you or whether you’ve been doing it a while, there are several things you can do to increase your efficiency. If you think proactively, you can use your home office’s design to make sure you stay focused and get tasks completed. 

These three ideas are fantastic places to start.

Reduce Distractions 

The distractions are the most difficult part of working from your home office. If you have children, pets, or a spouse who’s also working from home, this can be especially true. Even if you’re home alone, there’s Netflix, noisy neighbors, and more. Getting in the flow of work can be quite the task. 

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to eliminate and minimize those distractions. 

  • Declutter and Minimize: Get rid of any standing clutter or trash. If something doesn’t need to be in your office, take it out. A clean office leads to a clear mind.
  • Invest in Soundproofing: If you have a lot of outside noise, consider soundproofing your walls with soundproofing panels. While it might seem extreme, sometimes a little quiet is all you need to increase efficiency. 
  • Create a Closed Space: If your office is in a common area, or if you have to share your office, consider architectural screen panels, which are sort of like decorative walls. You can block yourself off and create a cubicle or space that’s shut off from distractions. 

Reducing distractions is an essential first step to increasing efficiency in your home office. 

Decorate Thoughtfully

When it comes to decorating, you want your office to be a place you feel comfortable and relaxed. However, there are many ways to decorate that can improve your productivity and workflow. 

  • Add Plants: Plants not only look fantastic; they can actually make you a better worker. One study found that when employees had exposure to plants during the workday, they had higher job satisfaction and were more organized. They also had lower levels of anxiety and depression. 
  • Go with Hues of Blue: Colors can impact moods. Recent studies show that blue is the perfect color for increasing focus, promoting relaxation, and boosting productivity. So, consider painting your office blue, or decorating with blue accents. 
  • Add Exercise Equipment: While not technically a decoration, a dedicated exercise corner in your home office can do wonders for your efficiency. Light exercise during the workday can increase productivity by up to 72%. A simple yoga mat, hand weights, an exercise ball, or resistance bands are great examples of things to include in an exercise corner. 

Thoughtfully decorating can go a long way towards boosting your efficiency while working in your home office. 

home office desk lamp

Focus on the Lighting

Bad lighting is terrible news for productivity. If it’s too dim and difficult to see, you’ll struggle to get tasks done. Plus, you’ll likely feel pretty sleepy. Conversely, if the lights are too harsh and bright, it’s easy to feel agitated and get headaches. So, it’s essential to think about your lighting design

  • Go with Blue-Enriched Lights: Blue-enriched lights increase mental acuity and alertness. They reduce fatigue and improve work performance. Studies show that employees who work under blue-enriched lights reported higher levels of happiness and alertness and had lower levels of eyestrain.
  • Let in the Natural Light: If you have the option, use natural light during the day. Natural light is known to reduce rates of anxiety and depression while increasing focus. 
  • Add Accent or Focus Lights: If overhead lights are too bright, they can actually cause our eyes to strain and struggle to see clearly. So, rather than increasing the wattage on your overhead light, consider adding focus lights, like a desk lamp, or other fixtures. These allow you to illuminate the areas you need to see without washing the whole room out. 

There are some other things to keep in mind with lighting. Blue lighting, the kind that comes from computer screens, can be rough on your eyes. So, be sure to take plenty of eye breaks from your screen. 

Also, while we’re talking about working efficiency here, let’s take a moment to talk about energy efficiency. 

Be sure to use LED or energy-efficient bulbs when possible. This can save you money on your electric bill each month. If you’re newly working from home, your energy bill will likely increase a little bit, since you aren’t usually home all day using up the electricity. Making the switch to energy-efficient bulbs can help mitigate those rising electricity costs. 

Increase Your Efficiency by Improving Your Home Office

These three ideas for your home office can help you boost your efficiency. With a little thought and planning, you can turn working from home into a rewarding experience rather than a challenging one. 

Eliminate distractions, decorate thoughtfully, and focus on your lighting, and you’ll be well on your way to improved productivity in no time. 


Mandy Lee is a contributor to Innovative Construction Materials. She is a blogger and content writer for the building materials industry. Mandy is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes. 

CR Celebrates 5 Years With Sunshine On A Ranney Day

This year marks the 5 year anniversary that Construction Resources has been a proud sponsor of Sunshine On A Ranney Day (SOARD)! SOARD is a wonderful nonprofit organization that coordinates home renovation projects for children with special needs and their families. For each remodel project, CR works with some of the best brands in the industry to complete the fabrication and installation of new bathroom countertops to provide a large, wheel-chair accessible space making it easier for the children to get ready every day. It is truly a humbling experience to witness the gratitude that these families express due to SOARD’s generous work.

Check out a few of CR’s contributions to the community with the latest projects by Sunshine On A Ranney Day!

Meet Harrison

Sunshine On A Ranney Day

Harrison is a 17-year-old blonde hair, blue-eyed ball of energy. Growing up, he experienced a difficult childhood with significant health concerns, seizures, and hospitalizations, until he was officially diagnosed with PURA Syndrome at the age of 14. PURA Syndrome is a neurodevelopmental diagnosis that prohibits children to grow and mature at a normal pace. It leaves children nonverbal, non-ambulatory, and with delayed mental and physical characteristics, yet every child with PURA contains a sweet and happy demeanor.

Bathroom renovation
quartz countertops

We were honored to partner with Cambria and install quartz countertops to Harrison’s new, wheel-chair accessible bathroom. The new quartz material was the perfect choice for Harrison’s new space, as it is extremely durable and can withstand heavy handling without etching, chipping, or staining.

Watch Harrison’s Reveal Day Video:

Read Harrison’s full story here.

Meet Christian

Sunshine On A Ranney Day

Christian is a 16-year-old boy, filled with smiles, laughter, and personality! Christian was born prematurely and, after failing to meet developmental milestones, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Despite his disability, Christian has a big heart and is full of humor and wit. He continues to live a normal life by going to school and attending extracurricular activities while inspiring others to be their best self.

Skye Cambria countertop

Once we heard about Christian’s story, we were thrilled to be a part of this experience! We gladly donated the fabrication and installation of the bright and beautiful Cambria Skye quartz countertops to shine in his new, wheel-chair accessible bathroom.

Watch Christian’s Reveal Day Video:

Read Christian’s full story here.

Meet Noah

Sunshine On A Ranney Day

Noah is one of the strongest teenagers we have ever met! Noah is a handsome and adventurous young man who loves spending his time outdoors. More specifically, he loves to bike through trails and in mountains, flip off boulders into lakes, or visit skate parks and trampoline parks to perfect his skilled tricks. One day at the trampoline park, Noah endured a life-threatening accident when he landed on his neck and instantaneously paralyzed all parts of his body from the neck down. Fortunately, he immediately underwent a life-saving surgery to re-align his spinal cord. After lots of hard work and determination with rehab and physical therapy, Noah became stronger and regained strength to help navigate towards a normal life.

bathroom renovation

As Noah continues to work hard down the road of recovery, we were happy to be a part of his bathroom transformation project. This new bathroom allowed Noah the ability to take care of himself in a wheel-chair accessible space. CR installed sturdy countertops that now offer more surface space and to help ease the transition to a new, independent life.

Sunshine On A Ranney Day

CR sends a special thank you to our lovely partners at Sunshine On A Ranney Day. We will be forever grateful to work alongside such an incredible team and look forward to the many years to come!

To learn more about Sunshine On A Ranney Day, check them out here!

For more home inspiration, visit our blog. If you would like to get started on your own renovation project, contact us today!

Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Summertime is here! (Well, it’s still Spring but with the temperatures rising to above 90 degrees, it’s safe to say summer has begun!)

Although the heat always seems to be at an all-time high, there is something about backyard hangs that feels so right in the summertime! Whether you have your friends over for a football watching party, or the family over for a kid’s birthday celebration, hosting your party outdoors is always a splendid option; it keeps your home untouched, it involves an easy clean up, and it is most certainly a stress-free zone for people of all ages!

Maybe we are a little biased, but outdoor kitchens seem crucial in today’s society! We enjoy getting outdoors and cracking open a beer, but more importantly, we like when home projects are useful, beneficial, and help with our longevity. For instance, including an outdoor kitchen in your backyard not only provides you with a fun place to “hangout,” but it adds value to your home by offering an additional piece of luxury! Thus, this simple upgrade you make for your home now will increase your home’s worth for the future in the case that you decide to sell your house down the road.

So, have we tempted you yet? Now is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor living space or even start from scratch with planning the build out! We promise you; you will be so happy with the extra space!

Here’s a few trends we found in outdoor kitchens this year that you will surely want to add in your design.

1. Porcelain/ Ultra Compact Surfaces

First thing is first, you need to think smart when building your outdoor kitchen area because it will endure harsher environments than your typical indoor kitchen.

We are sure you will be grilling outside with your friends and family, so we suggest investing in countertops that are durable and can withstand not only the typical worries of scratching or staining, but the direct sunlight, too!

Porcelain countertops are the perfect surface to be placed outdoors! They are manufactured to be extremely strong and withstand etching, staining, and chipping, and they are resistant to UV rays, meaning that these can stay outside under the sun without wilting or damaging!

Furthermore, because the material of porcelain is so durable, you can apply it beyond the countertop! Use porcelain for your outdoor fireplace, flooring, side table, or more to bring a modern aesthetic and unique vibe to your space!

2. Outdoor Appliances

When we say outdoor appliances, we encourage you to not only have your grill on-hand but consider adding other unique appliances that will make you the perfect host for any occasion!

Construction Resources offers several specialty items such as pizza ovens, wine carts, and more that both you and the kids will love!

Check Out CR's Unique Offerings & Specialty Items!

3. Lighting

Outdoor Lighting is crucial, yet unfortunately, it is often forgotten. We are here to tell you – get several light fixtures to illuminate your entertainment area at night! Trust us, it will do you wonders! If not, you will find yourself trying to entertain and host a gathering in the dark, and that can definitely bring an end quickly to your fun night!

4. Storage

Underneath your kitchen countertops, the stove top, and the grill, needs to be a place to host all of your kitchen utensils. Add a few cabinets to replicate your interior kitchen design!

We’ve noticed that many designers like to bring the interior design style to the outdoor kitchen to create a cohesive vibe that is aesthetically pleasing. Most homeowners will appreciate this as well, since this will be the design style that reflects their personality the most.

Incorporate your spin on things by customizing appliances or cabinets and add a unique paint color! Blue/green kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular as it offers color to a space that is otherwise found very neutral-toned. These colors also look great next to a pool where the colors complement each other to bring a visually appealing space to the eye!

5. Fire pits and Fireplaces

outdoor fireplace

Have you ever tried to make s’mores on the stove top because you didn’t have a fire pit growing up? Well, fire pits and fireplaces have come a long way! You can purchase simple fire pits that are mobile to roll in and out of the garage when you please. However, similar to your living room, incorporating a nice fireplace as the focal point of your outdoor entertainment area is found increasingly popular in today’s homes. In fact, adding this feature to your outdoor space inevitably enhances the value a significant amount!

CR offers several outdoor fireplaces to suit your style! We recommend talking with one of our design experts to discuss ways to customize the design to reflect your personal liking!

6. Special Order

Don’t be afraid to fight for what you want! Most brands offer special or custom orders to tweak the style to your preference. This will be the icing on the cake to help transform your space from average to extraordinary, making the area 100% YOU!

Some of the hottest custom orders we see today are colored refrigerators and ovens!

Personalize Your Favorite Products

View our full line of products offerings and customize any item you please!

We hope this helps you spark creativity when designing your outdoor entertainment area! If you are looking for more inspiration or ideas, check out our blog! If you would like to get started on your dream design project today, simple contact us to speak with a representative!

Eliminate the Guesswork: A Must Have Kitchen Appliance Package

Are you moving into a new home and want the latest trends and technology in your kitchen appliances? Do you plan on renovating your current kitchen for the best dinners and parties? If so, then it’s time to organize your must-have kitchen appliance package. The right appliances can really make or break your kitchen and it’s important to consider your family, lifestyle, technology, design and budget when making your selections. In order to eliminate the guesswork of your kitchen organization, consider this must-have kitchen appliance package.

1. Refrigerators

Among the most popular modern appliances to add to your upgrade list is a new refrigerator. Refrigerators have evolved over the years to offer unique and innovative technology such as smart screens, photo capturing abilities, expiration date reminders, and so on! The list for new features in today’s refrigerators goes on and on – the question now is, what can a fridge NOT do?!

Aside from the mesmerizing and fancy features that come with new kitchens, it’s important that its interior design and layout accommodates your lifestyle and living arrangements. For example, if you live in a smaller-sized apartment and only have compact space for a fridge, CR offers compact refrigerators that can squeeze in any given space. These fridges are also perfect to include in a basement, outdoor kitchen, or wet bar!

The most popular fridges found in American homes today are French-Door Refrigerators. They offer counter depth, allowing you to fit more items on the shelf, and a freezer that is wide enough to store several left over meals, popsicles, and gallons of ice cream tubs. (Don’t worry – we’re all guilty of this!)

The best thing about today’s refrigerators are the endless options for customization. You can opt to customize columns, the door’s interior, add wine racks, and more, as well as configurate the exterior look and design by choosing the color, finish, and hardware! GE Café offers a variety of door colors, hardware, and finishes that allow you to create any look you can imagine! Subzero also offers numerous styles of fridges to suit your style preference.

Explore Endless Possibilities

2. Ovens

Now, we move to top-of-the-line appliances for cooking up meals: ovens.

Ovens, nowadays, offer extraordinary features that help the cooking process become a little bit easier (and may we argue, tastier). Some of our favorite ovens come with self-clean modes to make the user experience easier and make everyone feel like a chef! Another important feature is airflow, which can help you cook on multiple levels, providing different techniques for your various proteins, veggies, and other meals.

The most sought-after oven during this time is KitchenAid’s Smart Oven which offers a combination of features including a grill, baking stone, and steamer attachments to help you tap into your full culinary potential!

KitchenAid Smart Oven

KitchenAid's SmartOven

A World of Possibilities in One Oven

3. Dishwashers

Next in our list of high-end appliances is the dishwasher. Dishwashers are extremely beneficial for both your home and your lifestyle, as they save time by providing an efficient and quick clean up, they save money through water efficiency, and they effectively sanitize your dishes with an extended hot-water rinse to kill germs and bacteria.

CR offers several styles of dishwashers that vary in size, shape, and color. The most popular request we tend to hear is a dishwasher that is customized to replicate the same face as the kitchen cabinets. To learn more about this feature, click here.

Bosch Offers New Dishwashers With Innovative Technology

Includes custom panels, additional racks, a "quiet" feature, & more!

4. Range Hoods

Kitchen hood vents are more important than you think! This is often considered last when renovating a home, but don’t neglect this simple feature! Range hoods provide a safe environment for you to cook in. They aim to keep smoke, steam, and heat under control that often arise from cooking a meal.

Many modern homes and unique kitchen designs have used stylish kitchen hood vents to take their interior design to the next level! If you speak with one of our representatives, mention to them your specific taste and style. We can work with you to provide a range hood that exhibits the exact style you are looking for!


Organizing Your Must-Have Kitchen Appliance Package

The best must-have kitchen appliance package will make preparing meals just as easy as cleaning up after them! With new, efficient, and highly effective technology built into today’s appliances, you will notice an exceptionally different experience when you cook and clean.

Our design center aims to make the shopping experience nice and convenient compared to your average local home improvement shop. With our complementary products, design expertise, and project management services, your kitchen will become your favorite room in your house!

For more of our kitchen expertise, check out our guides today to bring your dream kitchen to life. You can also view our blog to gather inspiration, or our various galleries to gain better persepctive! Contact us today if you would like to start your design project with CR!

Finish Out Your Basement With These Trendy Ideas!

Have you ever walked into a house and was instantly stunned by the beautiful décor in the home? Everything from the countertops to flooring, the wall colors and décor all play a huge part in making a home stand out from the rest. However, have you ever walked into a home and thought the opposite? That it looked unfinished?

It’s true. Most of us are guilty of this because we begin to design our homes starting with the rooms we use the most. After a while we get tired of the planning and execution and we set the other rooms to the wayside. A few years pass and you realize that you never got around to finishing your dream home because you just got caught up in the busy routine of your day-to-day life.

Well, now that we all have a little more time on our hands, it is the perfect opportunity to finish those design projects you have been procrastinating about! Maybe you can argue that your kitchen looks nice, the living room is perfect and the bedrooms, well, no one will see. But what about your basement? The guest room? Don’t you want to spruce these spaces up so your guests can come over and feel at ease?

We’ve laid out our favorite essentials from kitchen and bathroom countertops to flooring and lighting, that you can incorporate into your basement (or other space in your home) to fully-finish and furnish that empty space!

Add A Wet bar

Does your basement have excess space that you’re unsure how to fill? Adding a wet bar is a great addition to have for hosting friends and everyone will enjoy gathering around to watch football, enjoy game night or a girls night in!

Incorporate Quartz

Whether it’s the wet bar that you have decided to add into your space, or the guest bathroom countertops, it’s important to have a surface that is durable and can withstand the activity that will be happening nearby.

Quartz is a well-rounded material that is perfect for all occasions! We recommend installing quartz surfaces into your space, as they are extremely durable and can withstand chipping, scratching, staining, high temperatures and more!

Cambria recently launched 20 new beautiful designs for 2020, each one being exclusive and unique in their own way. Check out all of their stunning designs!

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Haven’t decided on which flooring you will incorporate into the “hang out” room? We strongly suggest installing Luxury Vinyl Tile for your basement floors! Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are created by using 3D printing technology to create a realistic, durable, and high-performance flooring product. It resembles the look of tile, natural stone, or hardwoods with realistic textures and patterns that offer unique design to suit your personal style!

You can view these flooring options in several of CR’s showrooms including Builders Floor Covering & Tile, CR Home, and Florida Bath & Surfaces. We also have more tile and flooring options available to browse at these locations and one of our showroom specialists will be able assist you with any questions you may have in order to find what floors will fit best in your home and lifestyle.

Let There Be Light

One of the most important features in a basement is simple: it’s lighting! Basements typically do not have any natural light coming in, so it is crucial to add a few light fixtures in order spruce up the space.

Although small, light fixtures can really enhance a room and reflect your personal style! There are many different options and styles to choose from such as simple ceiling lights or lamps, or more complex pieces such as modern farmhouse fixtures or LED lights.

When it comes to an entertainment space (like your new and improved basement), it’s always safe to go with something that gives a lot of light. CR offers large chandeliers and “game table” lighting that are perfect for the focal point of the room! If your space already has a ceiling light and fan, another favorite go-to of ours would be to incorporate pendant lighting near the bar area or bathroom.

Brass Hardware Bathroom

Construction Resources offers an extensive array of products for your home. To see our full product offering, visit our main website here. For more inspiration, check out our blog! If you are looking to begin your dream design project today, contact us to speak directly with a CR representative.

It’s Like Marble … But Better! It’s Cambria.

Countertops have come a long way due to its old, fragile contingencies. Marble is a stunning surface, don’t get us wrong, however it unfortunately is not recommended for a kitchen countertop that will be used day after day and wear down.

Marble is a rather soft stone that is prone to scratching, cracking, staining and chipping. Thus, making it a very unpractical surface for your kitchen or bathroom countertop. If you live a lavish life and often find that these damages will not occur, we root you on and say go after that beautiful marble stone you’ve always dreamt of! However, we definitely recommend to our customers who love the look of marble to opt for something more durable – marble-looking quartz!

Quartz is a manufactured stone that is extremely durable (more so than granite) and is resistant to heat damage, scratching, chipping, staining, etc. Therefore, it is a fantastic alternative for your kitchen countertops AND with the trend of time, quartz has now replicated the beautiful look of marble that we all love so you can now receive both beauty and practicality all in one!

This year, Cambria released 20 new designs for 2020 that each resemble a stunning and unique composition, a lot of which appears like the features you would find in marble materials. Here’s a few of our favorites:



What do you think of when you think of marble countertops? Let us guess … a white backdrop of high gloss and shine, with dainty and elegant marbling designs that vary from light grey to dark? Mhm, us too! And Cambria’s Colton is exactly that!

The Colton countertop offers that perfect marble surface you’ve always dreamt of. It can match with just about anything, so we’re sure it won’t disappoint!




The Clovelly is a breathtaking piece that portrays elegance and luxury with its gold shimmer and shine! This material reflects a perfect pattern of rich veining that captivates your attention. The gold embellishments add flare and personality with a luxurious feel that will instantly transform your kitchen into an elegant space in no time!



The Portrush is a unique material that reminds us of the East coast with its deep blue veining and white background. It also contains gold flakes throughout the piece, making it a perfect accent for not only your countertops, but your kitchen backsplash as well!

Pair this stone with metallic hardware to bring out the beautiful composition of this design!


These quartz countertops are a great option to incorporate into your next home renovation project to ensure a great surface that will withhold for years to come.

In addition to the marble-look, Cambria’s new product line also features unique designs such as the Brittanicca Block and Buxton that offer a different look and feel than the rest of the product offerings within this collection.

Brittanicca Block

Brittanicca Block

The Brittanicca Block is a rugged surface that appears both elegant and worn. Its light hue makes it sleek and classy, but the intriguing mosaic design adds spunk and diversity. The horizontal blocks provide a modern farmhouse vibe and feel, as it resembles a lot like a natural, man-made wooden table or countertop.




Buxton is a very creamy surface that entails faint design and speckles that resemble a concrete-like material. This surface is perfect for a contemporary style home that incorporates natural lighting, greenery, and brass accessories.

Love These Designs?

Take a look at Cambria’s Full Collection!

Want to start your home renovation project today? Contact us to get started! Looking for more inspiration? Check out our blog for informational and inspiring content!


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