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Holiday Gift Ideas For A Lover of Home Design & Decor

The holiday season is here! Where has the time gone?!

We know that the holidays can be the busiest time of the year. With completing last minute tasks, getting the house ready for the family to come into town, and having to do last minute gift shopping for the loved ones, we quickly lose sense of time – our days turn into a blurry blend that seem to go by way too fast!

That’s why we have thought ahead of time … just for you! Let us take a bit of stress off of your shoulders and check out our list of gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season!

1. Stunning Slabs

That’s right! Something as simple as a stunning slab is a wonderful present for someone who loves to re-design a home or spruce up decor in a unique way. Slab material can be used for several different design projects such as kitchen or bathroom countertops, laundry sinks, wall cladding, and more! We love how a simple change in countertops can make a huge difference within the home. You can either keep it simple with timeless and elegant marble counters, or you can change the entire aesthetic of your home by installing bold and modern quartz countertops!

If interested in purchasing slabs for an affordable price, then you’re in the right place! This year we are offering an Overstock SALE on select surfaces including Natural Stone (granite, marble and quartzite), Cambria, and Silestone quartz. Hurry up and take advantage of the deal this holiday season and tackle the home renovation project you have been dreaming of! Or just surprise that special someone with a unique present to remodel your home – a little change is always a breath of fresh air.

Get Affordable Prices & Deals On Your Favorite Countertops!

available on select Natural Stones, Cambria quartz, and Silestone quartz colors.

2. Pizza Oven

Who doesn’t love pizza?! Get a pizza oven this cold season to warm you up (and fill your belly!) This is a perfect way to host guests without spending an exorbitant amount of money on catering or snack trays! Plus, everyone appreciates a nice, cheesy pizza!

pizza oven

3. Fireplace

It may sound self-explanatory, but a fireplace is meant to keep you warm … anywhere you go! Get creative and consider installing a fireplace for your outdoor kitchen, your basement, or even updating the current unit in your living room! This is a wonderful and unique present to gift to that one friend that is “always cold!” We have several different types of fireplaces such as electric, wood, gas, inserts, and even specific outdoor units!

4. Outdoor Lighting

Highlight the landscaping that your loved one has worked so hard at maintaining! With Daylight Savings Time, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. By the time you get home from work, the sun has set and the dark has consumed the sky. It’s quite a shame to upkeep a front lawn when it is rarely seen!

Buy simple outdoor lighting to showcase your home’s exterior with wall mounts, gas lanterns, spot lights, and more!

5. Bar Cart

wine/bar carts

Holiday season means hosting, hosting, and more hosting! Make sure you are not only equipped with snacky foods, but get the bar fully stocked with your favorite festive beverages and aperitifs!

We have several stunning bar carts that are great for display during all times of the year! Find a stationary unit or a wine cart on wheels to serve your guests with style!

Need more inspiration on gift ideas or simple home decor tips and tricks? Visit our blog or contact us today to speak directly with a representative.

Decatur Based Construction Resources Expands Its Surfacing Distribution In The Southeast

Company expands its UMI division by acquiring Any Old Stone in Jacksonville, FL

On November 6, 2019, Construction Resources, otherwise known as CR, purchased Any Old Stone to expand its UMI distribution network into the Jacksonville market. Earlier this year CR acquired UMI with locations in Boynton Beach, Naples and Tampa. With the addition of this fourth UMI location, the company grows to be one of the largest surfacing distributors in the southeast, offering leading materials like Pompeii Quartz, Vetrazzo, Antolini, porcelain and exotic natural stone like quartzite, granite and marble.

“The addition of a Jacksonville facility is part of our strategic effort to grow and expand our surfacing division so we can better service both the residential and commercial segments in the Florida market,” Mitch Hires, CEO of Construction Resources stated. “We’ve grown sales year over year through our multiple locations, offering a wide range of products like countertops, appliances, glass and fireplaces, to name a few. Any Old Stone was a perfect fit to our UMI model, and with this acquisition we hope to see continued growth,” he concluded.

Any Old Stone’s 15,000-square-foot indoor stone gallery was designed with the customer in mind, an important factor to UMI’s vision for an exceptional in-store surface buying experience. “Any Old Stone and UMI have been doing business together for the past five years and our business models are vertically aligned,” said Don DiNorcia, president of UMI. “We believe that with the addition of this location and the market knowledge and relationships built through our partnership thus far, we will be able to exceed our customers’ service expectations,” he added.

Ennio Marcantuono opened Any Old Stone in 2014 with the goal to provide a state-of-the-art facility where customers could come in and visualize how the company’s exclusive selection of stone would integrate into their own project. Ennio and his team will oversee the day-to-day operations of the facility which will now operate under UMI – Jacksonville.

UMI jacksonville

“Our product assortment has been very beneficial to our customer base as it allows them to hand-select from natural stones and semi-precious, as well as high-performance materials like quartz and porcelain,” Marcantuono added. I am very happy to join the UMI team and to continue leading a group of dedicated individuals.”

For more information on product offerings, please visit UMIstone or ConstructionResourcesUSA. To gather further inspiration for your next residential or commercial project, check out our blog or contact us today! To find the nearest showroom, click here to view our showroom location finder.

CR CEO, Mitch Hires, Sits on Panel at 12th Annual Building and Infrastructure Conference

On Tuesday, October 29th, Construction Resources CEO, Mitch Hires, appeared as a panelist at the Lincoln International and L.E.K. Consulting’s 12th Annual Building and Infrastructure Conference in New York City.

The conference is hosted annually to introduce new and insightful information within the industry. This year’s conference offered a unique perspective on trends in construction activity, highlighting on strategic growth alternatives for investors, business owners and other industry leaders in the building products sector. The conference hosted noteworthy speakers such as John Burns (CEO of John Burns Real Estate Consulting), Todd Tomalak (SVP of John Burns Real Estate Consulting) and Lucas Pain (Managing Director and President of the Americas Region of L.E.K. Consulting). Hires sat alongside industry experts on the panel including Mark Ellenor (President of Bricksworks North America), Patrick Malarkey (Director of Strategy and Business Development for CertainTeed), and Margaret Whelan (Founder and CEO of Whelan Advisory).

The panel discussed hot topics and issues that are facing in the industry today, such as the slow down being experienced within construction activity and housing innovation trends on the forefront. Each professional dove deep into the given discussion with wonderful observations and a vision moving into the new year.

Mitch Hires CEO of Construction Resources

Mitch Hires – CEO of Construction Resources

Conference held at New York’s Time Square

How will our efforts pave the way for 2020? Stay tuned as we develop further into new trends and foreseen paths in the new year! If you’re in the industry, we encourage you to try to make an appearance at next year’s 13th Annual Building and Infrastructure Conference!

For more information on Construction Resources, or if you are interested in beginning a home renovation or commercial project, please contact us! You can also visit our blog for more inspiration and design trends!

Give Your Bathroom A Spa-Like Feel With These Tips And Tricks

It’s always nice to feel pampered, but why wait to enter a luxurious spa when you can be pampered right at home? Renovate your bathroom with these simple tips and tricks and make your bathroom your new favorite spot to unwind (without spending a fortune)!


modern farmhouse master bathroom

First things first, a spa isn’t complete without a bathtub. Tubs are essential for full relaxation! Imagine sitting in the suds, drinking your wine and listening to your favorite music. What more could you ask for? There are several bath tubs to choose from including corner tubs, drop-in tubs, freestanding tubs, and more!

New Towels

This is a simple (and might we add lighter on the wallet) option to make your bathroom feel luxurious. Soft towels can make a huge difference in making your space (and YOU) feel comfortable. It’s time to toss the old, rough towels for something lavish and lush!

Warm Colors

Have you considered changing the paint in your bathroom to replicate a warm and sensational hue? Tans and white are the most popular selections when creating a luxurious feel to a space. Grey has also become a trending color within fashionable rooms. Vary these shades of neutral colors to create a warm and welcoming space!


Marble’s design is luxurious in nature. Its unique veining exhibits an art within itself and requires little help to show off its shine. Marble is very versatile and can be used for several things – countertops, backsplash, art, and more! Add it to your bathroom to create a posh and expensive design (but without the loft price tag).


Brass Hardware Bathroom

What’s an elegant room without a statement chandelier? You can’t see your beautiful decor without a spotlight. Shop our extensive collection of lighting to get the style that you’re looking for!

For more inspiration, visit our blog! Contact us today to get started on your spa bathroom or visit a showroom near you to browse our extensive collection!

3 Simple Ways to Modernize Your Home

Looking for a way to spruce up your home? Have you seen the design craze that modern style has become within the design industry? If so, you’re in luck! It is so easy to “modernize” your home with these 3 simple tips!

1. Incorporate Fun Lighting

Modern homes tend to always have unique lighting fixtures. Although small, fun lighting fixtures make a big difference within a space and brings more personality to your room. Whether you’re wanting to cast light down over the kitchen or just create a stylish focal point, pendant lights are perfect for any room with high ceilings. Try these polished nickel One Light Pendants by Elk Lighting from our Chadwick collection to brighten the room!

pendant lighting

2. Add A Stunning Surface

natural stone atlanta kitchen countertops

A simple way to change the look of your home is to renovate your countertops! It’s interesting how a simple surface change can redefine a whole space! Kitchen countertops are often the focal point within the room, so make sure you select an elegant design that you will enjoy for years to come! Our natural stones are one of our hottest picks, as we carry an extensive amount of colors, styles, patterns and more!

3. Consider New Appliances

If you are re-furbishing your entire kitchen, why not spice it up with new kitchen appliances, as well? There are so many unique features out there and you won’t want to miss the cool, innovative technology that has derived from the 21st century! Plus, if you are in the midst of modernizing your home, there is no better way to stay with the times than to update your kitchens everyday tools! Check out a few of our brands, such as Wolf, Dacor, KitchenAid and more, who offer a ton of appliances that will assist you in making everyday life a little bit easier.

New and modern kitchen appliances

Looking for more inspiration? Visit our blog or contact us to get started on your home project today!

How to Budget for A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are exciting but are often highly anticipated. The weight of the total cost worries you just from the thought of beginning the month(s)-long project. Our customers often hesitate to begin creating their dream home due to the financial stress and not knowing where to begin. Well, ease your mind and let us do the planning for your home renovation! Follow these easy steps on how to budget for your next kitchen remodel to alleviate the stress.

1. Create the budget

The first step in creating a budget is … to simply do that! You need to set a foundation and structure of how much you, not only, would like to spend but how much you are eligible to spend. Here’s a few tips we suggest considering to reach your end goal of creating a well-planned budget:

  • Consider how you are going to shop for your remodel
    • Are you contracting your own remodel? In other words, will you have someone hired to do the labor, purchase materials and plan the design of your space?
  • Consider a contingency fund
    • If you plan to hire a respective party to assist in the remodel, we suggest you plan to spend an additional 20 percent on a contingency fund. This is a safe bet to take to secure your project and the actions taken during the process. Often times, many surprises arise during renovations and you will highly appreciate when you have this security under your belt!

2. Decide what takes priority

Is your kitchen in desperate need of a remodel? Are your renovations planned around the fact that your kitchen is worn out and is simply limited to functioning properly? If so, then functionality needs to precede over style! Visit our showroom to discuss with a highly experienced professional regarding what materials you should incorporate into your new home.

If your goal is to modernize your home and re-arrange the whole aesthetic and feel of your place, it is important to do your research! Find the colors, patterns and materials that speak to you and your design preference. Remember – sometimes the more expensive items resemble high quality upgrades that may be beneficial in the long run! Consider spending a few extra bucks on durable and valuable pieces.

3. Break it down

The next step is to break down the budget into categories. How much will be spent on what? We like to suggest following The National Kitchen & Bath Association‘s budget break down list. Here it is below:

  • 30 % for cabinets
  • 14% for appliances
  • 10% for countertops
  • 5% for lighting
  • 4% for plumbing fixtures
  • 2% for paint
  • 1-2% for tiles

The remainder of the budget will need to be allocated towards contractors and disposal costs.

Atlanta Kitchen remodel

4. Find the best supplies

This is our favorite part! We love browsing through the collections of sinks, countertops, mirrors and flooring to find unique styles that speak to us. It is important when re-designing a home that you find pieces that you will like for years to come. If you are overwhelmed by the various options provided, speak to a showroom representative to better assist and organize your thoughts. Our trained professionals are eligible to narrow down your options that best fit in line with your budget, priorities and design style.

5. Don’t forget hidden costs

Last but not least, don’t forget about the hidden costs! These costs include things such as removing the food, appliances, furniture, and other items within your household prior to the renovation process. Most people like to be assisted with this to get the ball moving on the exciting remodel.

We hope this list helps better prepare you for your long-awaited kitchen remodel! If you are looking for more inspiration, visit our blog or contact us today to get started on the beginning of your renovation project.

Get A Glance Inside Former Governor Nathan Deal’s Home!

After almost a decade of hard work and responsibility, it was time for former Gov. Nathan Deal and his wife, Sandra, to retire and settle in their new home in northeast Georgia. They dreamed of a simpler one-story home, custom-built with handicap-accessible features. With several specifics in mind, they reached out to Reed Brothers Design & Build who commonly construct forever homes for empty-nesters and retirees.

We received the amazing opportunity to partner with Reed Brothers to create an aesthetically charming and elegantly beautiful kitchen design for the former governor’s new home. The room is dressed with white cabinets and Corian countertops that pair perfectly to portray a bright, light kitchen, per request. The countertops mimic a creamy, swirl design that is luscious and luxurious in design. The dainty pattern pairs perfectly with the white brick backsplash, and together, combine to create an airy and fresh atmosphere.

All White Kitchen Interior Design of Former Governor Nathan Deal's Georgia Home

Adding contrast throughout the home lies (literally) the hardwood floors. Living next to a river requires a floor that is low maintenance and easy to clean. Plus, the organic design of the natural wood adds an untouched and natural feeling to the homes overall atmosphere – it’s perfect for a waterfront home hideaway!

Home renovation near the river

Nathan’s favorite spot in the house is the outside deck, which is accessible through the dining room. The former governor enjoys the crisp cool breeze that the outdoors brings, as well as the relaxing sound of the roaring river just steps away from the home. When he is not outside, he reverts to the dining room where possibly his most prized possession lays. Both Nathan and Sandra have a special love for their dining room table. When browsing for kitchen countertops, the Deals ran into the strikingly beautiful Michelangelo Brazilian quartz. This quartz is truly one-of-a-kind. It is made up of various hues of greys, browns, and blues and contains unique veining that is far from ordinary. “Sandra said we built the house around my table,” Nathan stated. And Sandra confidently agreed, saying that they even changed a few decor pieces so that it wouldn’t take away from the table. We agree – the design is too marvelous to be overshadowed by clashing embellishments.

To read more about the Deal’s new home hideaway, check out the full article in the latest issue of Home: Living in North Georgia September 2019.

Interior Design Home Living in North Georgia Magazine with Former Governor Nathan Deal

For more inspiration on how to design your new kitchen, visit our blog or get in contact with one of our experienced staff members at a showroom near you!

Add Personality to Your Kitchen with Customizable Café Appliances

Your personality runs throughout your home – so why not showcase it proudly in the true heart of the home? It’s time your kitchen received acknowledgement for its exceptional and fun design!

Café appliances have become a popular choice within new, modernized homes. They are extremely versatile and are offered in various styles and colors. The best part? These appliances are ALL customizable, allowing you to create the unique design that you and your kitchen deserve! Mix and match colors to highlight your style preference and create a one-of-a-kind kitchen that your guests will fawn over!

Cafe Appliances
Customizable Cafe Kitchen Appliances

What Appliances Are Available in the Café Collection?

Every kitchen appliance, from large to small, that you’ll need to outfit your space is available in the Café selection. Choose from their extensive collection of ranges, ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves and vent hoods.

What Part of the Appliances Can Be Customized?

This collection doesn’t just come in traditional stainless steel or black stainless like many other appliance options on the market. Knobs, handles, and finishes can be curated to seamlessly resemble your personal style. The line includes brushed bronze, brushed copper, brushed stainless and brushed black hardware to complement a matte white, matte black or stainless steel finish. Fashion and design truly come together with personalized Café appliances! Whether you prefer muted matching or dramatic contrast, these kitchen appliances offer distinct style!

Interested in Café Appliances for your home?

Shop the colorful collection.

Find the inspiration for your next home design project on our blog or contact us to speak with a representative to help you find the best products to suit your budget, style and needs.

What’s the Best Kitchen Layout for Your Home?

There are a lot of different house layouts out there, but when it comes to a kitchen, there is only so many ways to arrange your appliances, sink, countertops, kitchen island, etc. to make the most functional use of the space. If you’re struggling with ways to set up your newly designed kitchen, check out our tips and ideas on the different ways to layout a kitchen for the best aesthetic and flow!

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A U-shaped layout is exactly what it sounds (or looks) like – it is a kitchen made up of three sides that resemble a U (or as us southerners like to say, a horseshoe) with one end as an opening to the remainder of the house. U-shaped kitchen designs work great in a large space. If you can afford to have three areas for countertops, this will give you extra cooking space, cleaning space, eating space, and more! We recommend that each wall incorporates a large and functional appliance, as well as plenty of cabinet storage. For example, have wall #1 feature the fridge, wall #2 include the oven and microwave, and wall #3 involve the kitchen sink. When you have several people over for gatherings and the kitchen is full, you will highly appreciate the spaced-out appliances and walking room in your kitchen! This kitchen layout is also perfect for having a central island for storage and food prep.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

An L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular layouts found within American homes. It is characterized by two adjoining walls and countertops that create a right angle in the nook of your home. L-shaped kitchen designs are very dynamic and can be incorporated into both small and large homes! With a space like this, it is nice to have a peninsula area to create a more open feeling. Kitchen islands are also a great way to add more countertop space, as well as seating, for this type of kitchen so multiple people can cook and converse!

Galley Kitchen Layout

A galley layout is most common in smaller homes, apartments or more confined living spaces. They are typically composed of two walls parallel to each other, creating a closed in, but still comforting space. Another more modernized version of this kitchen layout is a main kitchen wall and an island that sits directly across for a more open concept. These types of kitchens are best for what we call a “seamless work triangle.” In other words, have your appliances displayed in a triangular array, so that the flow from the oven to the sink to the cabinets are one continuous movement. This will relieve any feeling of clutter and allow you to easily cook in your space! What’s the “seamless work triangle?” Click here.

Looking for kitchen appliances?

Shop ovens, cooktops, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, & more.

One Wall Kitchen Layout

While a single wall kitchen layout may not sound ideal, you can still make great use of the space! Having everything laid out on one wall will make your kitchen feel open and welcoming. Its blueprint is perfect for creating an open concept layout by alleviating space to incorporate a mobile island or dining room table into the room. One wall layouts are the utmost easiest way to incorporate a larger walking space, but beware, as these kitchens often have limited storage and countertop space!

G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A G-shaped layout is not as common, but this design is a great concept to incorporate into a large home. G-shaped kitchens give you the opportunity to max out countertop space, providing you with three solid walls for storage and an extra extending piece for prep or serving! It is great to define the mark between your kitchen and the rest of the home while maintaining the open feel, as it is not a complete room divider. This layout is also nice for homes that are narrow and do not necessarily have the space to install a kitchen island. With this layout you can incorporate extra seating or an area where guests can stand around while remaining out of the chef’s way.

Shopping kitchen countertops?

Browse our selection of granite, marble, quartzite, quartz, ultra-compact surfaces & more.

We hope this helps your kitchen planning by providing you ideas for the best way to make use of your space! To compare all of the layouts, click here. For more inspiration on how to design your new kitchen, visit our blog or get in contact with one of our experienced staff members at a showroom near you!

Design Guide: The Different Types of Fireplaces

Kitchens are often said to be the heart of the home but we can definitely make an argument for fireplaces too. A focal point to a space and a great area to gather, fireplaces enhance ambiance and add value to your home.

Cooler weather is approaching and there’s just something so cozy about sitting near a warm fire, chatting with family and friends. Making s’mores is also a fireside activity both adults and kids alike enjoy! There are many fireplace options you could incorporate into your home or outdoor space but there are three main types you shoud consider. Understanding which style is best for you can be overwhelming so we’ve laid out a quick guide on all the types of fireplaces available as well as some additional options. Take a look below!

Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace is simply an electric heater that mimics a fireplace burning coal or wood. When renovating a home, people often opt to replace their old, conventional fireplace with an electric one because of the various benefits they have to offer. Electric fireplaces are powered by a plug in your wall, so no fumes are being released into your home. Because it is not actually burning wood to produce heat, it is low maintenance and easy to clean. Using an electric fireplace is extremely simple, and its appearance can be designed in a wide range of unique ways! They are a great, stylish and safe choice for your home.

electric fireplace atlanta destin

Gas Fireplaces

gas fireplace decatur santa rosa

Gas fireplaces look like real wood fires and act alike, too! They produce a small amount of smoke that requires venting, but the fire is produced by (…you guessed it…) gas! A gas-burning fire is more manageable than a wood-burning fire because you can control the amount of gas being used to ignite the flame. If you want more heat, all it takes is a simple adjustment. The second you would like to cease the fire; you can turn off the gas and the fire will quickly dissipate.

There are two options within this fireplace category to consider: gas logs or gas inserts.

Gas Log Fireplaces

gas log fireplace atlanta panama city

Gas logs offer all of the ambiance and warmth of a real, wood-burning fire but without the mess! Gas logs are typically made up of ceramic but can be fashioned to look like any type of wood from oak to driftwood or more. Gas logs are a great option for several reasons:

  • They are less effort than wood-burning fires because you won’t have to lug around heavy bundles of wood.
  • There is no dust or soot produced, so it is a much easier clean up (if you need clean-up at all) and lower maintenance.
  • No wood needs to be chopped!

Gas Fireplace Inserts

gas fireplace inserts atlanta destin

Gas inserts are extremely popular but often mistaken for a regular fireplace. Gas inserts are exactly what they sound like – an insert that is installed into an already-existing fireplace. It requires very little, if any, construction because it is made to fit into any opening. Inserts are designed to replace wood fireplaces for a cleaner alternative.

Wood Fireplace

The classic of all fireplaces is the wood-burning fireplace. It is hard to replicate the beautiful ambiance that a wood fire creates. The atmosphere, the warmth, the sound and the smell are all things that people love about natural wood fires. Although new alternatives have become increasingly popular, wood fireplaces are still a beneficial and one-of-a-kind choice to have in a home. The cost is unbeatable, as you only have to pay for the logs when you want to use it. Or you can buy chopped fireplace wood in bulk and store it in the garage for a long-lasting supply. You also do not need to depend on electricity for its use. Use a wood fireplace when the power goes out for lighting, to keep warm, and maybe even cooking!

wood fireplace dekton showroom decatur miramar beach

Fireplace Mantels

A mantel, also known as a chimneypiece, was traditionally designed as a hood to catch the smoke of a fire. With the innovative fireplaces that the current day market offers, mantels are becoming more evolved and changing into elaborate designs for style purposes rather than sole functionality. It represents a decorative frameworkmfor the focal point of your home. The option for mantel renovations are limitless!

Francois & Co. Fireplace Mantels

Francois & Co. is a distinct collection that is created by skilled artisans and stylists for a one-of-a-kind fireplace mantel. These mantels are designed to provide luxury and authenticity in your home. Each product is different from the next with “sealed” details down to the tiniest blemish. The collection styles vary from modern, gothic, formal, countryside, and antique to suit your space.

Fireplace Surrounds

The surround of a fireplace is the outer part of the wall that surrounds the opening of the fire. This is typically made up of brick or durable stone, such as limestone, granite, marble, etc. Nowadays, surrounds can be made from various materials and are most popularly chosen by personal design preference and overall room aesthetic!

fireplace surround atlanta florida

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces come in all different styles from wood to electric, gas and more. Although very similar, outdoor fireplaces differ from indoor fireplaces for a variety of reasons:

  • Outdoor fireplaces are generally less expensive than indoor ones
  • They are typically larger in size and contain a voluminous firebox in comparison to indoor counterparts
  • Because they are located outside, outdoor fireplaces may require a chimney cap to prevent the spreading of sparks on a windy day
  • Durability is a top priority when building an outdoor fireplace because they need to withstand weather related elements and climate change exposure
outdoor fireplace showroom buckhead atlanta florida bath and surfaces

Decorative Chimney Tops

There are two types of fireplaces that result in different chimneys: masonry fireplaces and prefabricated fireplaces. Masonry fireplaces are the traditional fireplace that you may envision made up of bricks, blocks or stone. Prefabricated, or factory built, fireplaces are the “newcomers” to the fireplace scene, made mostly from metal. Depending on the type of fireplace you have installed in your home, there is an extensive array of chimney top options for you to change the outer look of your fireplace. From tall ribbed shroud, masonry shroud, king chimney top and more, your home will appear different and more unique than the neighbor next door.

Drastically improve the aesthetic and resale value of your home with a fireplace!

If you’re looking to upgrade an existing system or add some warmth to your space we carry a number of options for all types and our installation teams are factory-trained to ensure safe installation.

Fireplaces can be an essential element to a home and its overall function and appearance. Fireplaces aren’t as commonly placed in modern day home builds as they were in older homes. For this reason, it’s ok to be picky about the type of fireplace you install in your home to ensure you get the best use and value from it!

Talk with a professional team member at one of our many fireplace showrooms, in Atlanta/Buckhead, Decatur, Norcross, Destin, Santa Rosa/Miramar Beach, to find the best style to suit your needs and to browse our extensive collection in person.

You can also view more of our blog for other useful information for your home renovation.


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