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Top Five Natural Stone Countertop Colors

Are you ready for a change in your kitchen countertops, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up our top five selling natural stone countertop colors to help guide you through the process. 

Our top sellers range from granite and marble to quartzite and soapstone, so we’re sure this list will help you find the perfect material that meets your lifestyle and design preferences.

Granite is a premium natural stone that is known for its unique beauty. Mined from the Earth in large blocks and cut into slabs, the material is polished and popularly used for kitchen and bath countertops. Granite is very durable against scratching and etching, as well as heat. 

This White Fantasy countertop is timeless, beautiful and can fit into any design style imaginable!


2. Alabama White

Marble is one of the most sought after and versatile natural stones available. Well known for its timeless style and air of luxury, marble displays gorgeous dramatic veining that is unmatched by any other material. 

Alabama White’s unique veining makes for stunning statement pieces in any sophisticated home. It’s no wonder this color has been a staple for so long!


3. Black Soapstone Honed

Soapstone has a soft color that starts out as light gray but oxidizes over time to appear as a dark charcoal/green shade. The occasional coat of mineral oil aids in this oxidation process and helps the stone achieve its rich color. Soapstone is a low maintenance choice for many applications, from countertops to replacements. It is resistant to stains and heat but can be prone to scratches and dings with use. 

As 2022 starts seeing a trend towards dark accent countertops, Black Soapstone has seen an incredible increase in popularity. This beautiful color creates a bold space for anyone looking to modernize their home.

black soapstone honed

Marble can come in a beautiful, matte finish often referred to as “honed.” This finish is a result of stopping short of the last stage of polishing, leaving the stone with a non-shiny, matte look and velvet-like touch.

Avenza’s swirls of grey and lavender pair beautifully with a matte finish- it’s no wonder this color is one of our most popular! We are finding that many homeowners are leaning towards grey surfaces so this has become one of our biggest top sellers in 2022. 


5. Mont Blanc Nuova

Through a process of high heat and pressure, sandstone is transformed into an extremely hard natural stone called quartzite. Generally found in neutral white, grey and brown tones, quartzite has the appearance of marble but is closer to granite in terms of durability against scratching and etching. Finishes for natural stone vary by availability. 

The Mont Blanc Nuova stone is a beautiful alternative for anyone looking to incorporate a durable, but natural element to their home!


Ready to Start your next Countertops Project?

We find that these five colors catch our customers’ eyes the most! Hopefully, perusing through our best sellers will inspire your shopping cart, or help you on your way to deciding how to incorporate CR countertops into your home.  Shop our trending countertop colors along with many others in our Live Inventory on our website or schedule an appointment at one of our Construction Resources showrooms. Our experienced team will lend their knowledge and guide you on both the current trends and timeless classics to ensure you are confident in your choice. 

Add A Minimalist Look To Your Space With Floating Shelves

Marie Kondo has said it a million times over: keeping your space clean and clutter free will elicit the most joy. Marie Kondo has revolutionized the way we think about minimalism. As we have come to know, like second nature, less is more. Homeowners have repeatedly shown us how important it is to keep a minimalist space, and floating shelves have been a top trending way to achieve this minimalist look in 2022. Floating shelves remove the bulky nature of cabinets, while also pushing homeowners to consolidate their shelving needs.

The nature of floating shelves means that things stored on them will be on display. But they also create easy access to everyday necessities. Floating shelves make for great space makers around desks, offices and studies because they allow for easy organization and quick access.

Finally, floating shelves offer complete exposure and creative freedom but need adequate support.
We love the creative solutions floating shelves provide. We want to share a few tips for using floating shelves in your home or office.

1. Mindful and minimal

Floating shelves are completely exposed. Some people might consider this a disadvantage because clutter might be revealed or shelves might get dusty.

We see this as an opportunity to stay clean, organized, and mindful. You might have to be more deliberate with what you place on your shelves but trust us. With no place to hide, you will notice the contents of your shelves tend to be more tidy and intentional. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to really show off your favorite decor.

Exposed Floating Shelves

2. Think outside the box

Floating shelves can be used in practically any application. We see floating shelves in kitchens the most, usually flanking the sink or stovetop, but we’re noticing a lot more in bathrooms and living rooms. Where a traditional fireplace might be flanked by upper cabinets or open shelving, people opt for floating shelves instead. In bathrooms, we notice a preference for floating shelves near the tub or vanity.

When it comes to layout, consider alignment and spacing. Three shelves in a perfect row will create a sense of order but offset them and you could have something more inventive and playful. The rule of thumb for spacing is 12 inches between each shelf but bump that up to 15 or 18 inches and you enhance that sense of exposure and accessibility. Length is where you’ll see the most variation.

Bathroom open floating shelves
floating shelves


The longest shelf The Olde Mill ever produced was 11 feet long, but the longest they are able to produce is 25 feet long.

3. Don’t cut any corners

When designing a space, efficiency is everything. We want to ensure every inch of a room serves a purpose, so when we look at an exposed corner, we immediately think, “Is there any reason I can’t put a shelf here?” Corners can go overlooked sometimes, but we find they are a great opportunity to incorporate more storage space where you might not expect it. For display purposes, place something on the outside corner of a shelf to have it stand out from its surroundings.

4. Function and form

Floating shelves can be used for more than just storage and showcasing. Run some lights through them and you can create a spectacular display. Downlighting is a practical choice for shelves placed above countertops, workspaces, and paths of travel. Uplighting can create a dramatic effect for those looking to make a statement, or just illuminate more empty space.

kitchen light floating shelves

5. Everyone needs support sometimes

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your floating shelves are sturdy, rigid, and well-secured. Develop a plan for your floating shelves and set up blocking behind your drywall to give the shelf something solid to mount upon. Don’t skimp on your mounting brackets, either. Account for what you’ll be using your shelves for, and how much weight they will have to support, as well as any unexpected weight. In other words, play it safe. The last thing you want is all your favorite cups crashing down around you just because you added one to the collection.

If you couldn’t tell by now, we simply love floating shelves and the endless options they bring to the home. The Olde Mill crafts hollow floating shelves out of reclaimed pine because they believe floating shelves should have the unbeatable look of antique wood as well as the modern advantages of an engineered product. Check them out at!

Looking for more design inspiration? Check out our blog. Interested in starting your design project today? You can shop CR’s full line of home product offerings online here or contact us today to speak with one of our design professionals.

Must Have Kitchen Appliances in 2022

The kitchen remodeling industry is worth $134 billion . Remodeling your kitchen requires a lot of decision-making like cabinetry, countertops, paint, and new appliances.

Kitchen appliances are one of the most important factors in your new kitchen. But what must-have kitchen appliances should you choose? Should you go with stainless steel appliances, and what features do you need?

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, try these kitchen appliance ideas from the best place to buy appliances in Atlanta.

Smart Fridge

One of the best must-have appliances you’ll want is a smart fridge. The smart fridge uses smart technologies like WiFi, temperature control, a family hub, keeping specific foods fresh, and a window to see inside without opening the door. You can control most of these features from your smartphone.

Not only do smart fridges allow you to take advantage of sophisticated technology, but they also look incredible in your kitchen and offer ample space for food storage.

jenn air fridge appliances

Wall Ovens

If you’re looking to save space in your kitchen, wall ovens might be the perfect fit for you. A wall oven installs into your wall for convenience and allows you to keep your oven and your cooktop separate if you wish. You can purchase a double or single wall oven.

Wall ovens come with a variety of features like rotisserie, self-cleaning, and WiFi. You can purchase these ovens at Sewell appliance.

Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops use electricity to heat your food evenly via magnetic induction. It also provides ample space if you’re doing a lot of cooking, and heats dishes quickly. The glass top provides a luxurious look and makes for easy clean-up.

You can find a variety of induction cooktops in one of the best appliance stores in Atlanta.

Dishwashers With Drawers

A dishwasher is another must-have appliance in your kitchen because it saves you money on your water bill. Dishwashers with drawers may save you money as well.

Choosing a dishwasher with drawers gives you more space, and it blends in nicely with your cabinetry. They also take up less space because the doors pull out instead of down. Not only that, but you can load dirty dishes from two separate meals because of the drawer feature.


One must-have small appliance is a multi-cooker. Multi-cookers, like crock pots, allow you to cook one meal in one appliance instead of separate appliances. They’re energy-savers and they fit nicely on your countertop or under the cabinet.

Multi-cookers are incredibly advanced. They have a variety of features like WiFi and Bluetooth, and other functions that make cooking easy. For example, if you want to cook a specific dish, like rice, simply choose the rice button on the multi-cooker after adding your ingredients.

Shop at The Best Place to Buy Appliances in Atlanta

These kitchen appliances are must-haves if you’re remodeling your kitchen and want a luxurious look and feel. Implementing these kitchen appliances in to your kitchen will give you the cooking experience you’re looking for.

Are you ready to shop at the best place to buy appliances in Atlanta? Contact us today to visit us and see some of the best kitchen appliances in Atlanta.

How to Clean a Quartz Countertop

How well do you care for your quartz countertop?

It’s durable, beautiful, and a great investment, but if you don’t keep your quartz countertop clean, it won’t last as long as it should. Ignoring regular upkeep can result in stains and a dingy-looking kitchen.

One of the benefits of quartz is that it’s low maintenance, meaning a little bit of care goes a long way! If you put in the work, your countertops will last for years.

Whether you’re facing tough stains or light spills, here’s what you need to know about keeping your quartz countertop clean and well-maintained.

Don’t Let Spills Sit

If you accidentally spill something on your quartz countertop, make sure to clean it immediately. Be extra careful with oily and acidic foods, such as wine, coffee, fruit juice, tomato sauce, and soda. If you spill any of these on your kitchen counters, wipe it up straight away.

It might be tempting to ignore stains as you’re cooking and clean up later, but it’s easy to forget about them, and letting spills sit around means they might damage the countertop’s surface.

Use Specialty Cleaners or Mild Dish Soap

We recommend using cleaners designed for quartz for everyday cleaning. If you don’t have any, you can use mild dish soap to wipe down your countertops. Keep in mind that dish soap may cause a residue that can reduce your countertop’s shine.

Use a soft rag or sponge and warm water if you’re using dish soap. Make sure to use a non-abrasive sponge to avoid scratching the countertop.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

The best way to keep quartz kitchen countertops clean is to wipe them down as needed, but at least every day or two. Use your best judgment, but be sure to clean up food and beverage spills as soon as possible.

Never use harsh chemicals, such as bleach sprays or disinfecting wipes, on your countertops. Bleach can cause damage to quartz.

Removing Tough Stains

When cleaning counters, you may discover hidden grease stains or find spots you didn’t reach in time. Degreasing products can help, as long as they state they are safe for use on quartz.

For set-in stains, try using a glass cleaner. Again, make sure it’s safe for quartz surfaces. You might want to contact your countertop manufacturer to make sure glass cleaners are safe to use, as some companies advise avoiding them.

Another solution for tough stains is to use isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Wet a paper towel or a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol, rub the stain, and wipe the counter with warm water.

Keep Your Quartz Countertop Clean

Use these tips to keep your quartz countertop clean and sanitized. Regular upkeep will ensure you extend the lifespan of your counters for years to come. When in doubt, contact your manufacturer to ask about the best way to care for your countertops.

If you have questions about quartz countertops or are interested in installation, contact us to learn more or find a showroom in your area.

Update Your Kitchen With The 2022 Color Of The Year

Big news- Pantone has announced this year’s color of the year! Pantone describes color PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri as “the fusion of modern life and how color trends in the digital world are being manifested in the physical world and vice versa”. Very Peri is a blend of blues, with violet-red undertones, a symbol of the global zeitgeist of the moment and the transition we are going through.

Design With The Color Of The Year

We’ve rounded up fabulous inspiration for incorporating Very Peri into your kitchen update. While a periwinkle tone might be intimidating to include in your kitchen, Pantone’s color palette using Very Peri as the “Star of the Show” makes the perspective easier. Imagine your cool, neutral kitchen with pops of color that accentuate the elegance of your dream kitchen.

Combine Quartz With Pantone’s Color of The Year

Using a quartz stone like Big Sur Mist by Cambria effortlessly incorporates the neutrals pictured by Pantone, and any details you want to incorporate using Very Peri would seamlessly pop in a bathroom. Even a skyline with the perfect sunset looks meant to be with this color palette.

Add Lighting To Accentuate Your Design

Among our favorite ways to make Very Peri pop in a kitchen renovation is through lighting! A neutral toned kitchen with pops of purple to accentuate the mood makes for a fun, modern spring twist on LED backlighting.

Small Additions To Add Color In A Home

If you aren’t feeling adventurous enough to go full spring and incorporate a Very Peri colored sink into your bathroom or kitchen, worry not. Pops of purple in a bathroom or kitchen, like as handtowels, artwork or even soaps stand out beautifully next to our classic silver faucets. Look for more inspiration on our website here!

Shop at Construction Resources (CR) for more inspiration on how to remodel your kitchen using Pantone’s color of the year. Or just for more inspiration in general! CR offers several home renovation products such as appliances, countertops, lighting, fireplace, garage doors, outdoor living, shower doors & mirrors, tile & flooring, and more! Visit a showroom nearest you to shop our extensive collection today.

Our Atlanta lighting showrooms have condensed into one to provide you with a true one-stop-shopping experience for all your home lighting needs. Visit CR Lighting, located conveniently off of Rio Circle in Decatur for the best selection of light fixtures, garage doors, and fireplaces in town!

Interior lighting is an important part of your home and as lighting design evolves, the variety of options continues to grow. That’s why, at CR Lighting showroom in Atlanta, we offer the best light fixtures equipped with fun and unique styles to provide you with various looks that are certain to appeal to your specific taste and preference. We keep a variety of interior and exterior lighting options such as modern, contemporary, and traditional on display in Decatur. Stop by our consolidated Decatur Lighting showroom to see for yourself!

Our Showroom

CR Lighting Intown

Located only two doors down from our Design Center, you can find our state-of-the-art lighting showroom at 252 Rio Circle in Decatur, GA. With endless options from top lighting brands such as Capital Lighting, Hinkley and Kichler on display, you can browse a variety of trending, traditional and modern fixtures, for both your indoor and outdoor needs. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in the decision-making process so that you can shop with confidence knowing you’re getting the perfect lights for your home. If your project is more than a lighting update, you can also browse our variety of garage doors, fireplaces and home decor, making this a one-stop shop for many of your home improvement needs.

sample rm_0431

Looking For Colonial Lighting in Sugar Hill?

Don’t worry – You’re in the right place! Although Colonial Lighting is officially closed, all inventory from our lighting showroom in Sugar Hill has made its way to CR Lighting. Please visit us at 252 Rio Circle for all of your lighting, garage door and fireplace needs.

Visit Our Atlanta Lighting Store to Shop

At our CR lighting showroom, you can find:


  • Chandeliers
  • Wall Mounted
  • Lamps
  • Fans
  • Exterior


  • Wood, Gas, Electric & Outdoor
  • Insert and Gas Logs
  • Mantels and Surroundings
  • Decorative Chimneys

Garage Doors

  • Traditional, Modern and Carriage
  • Openers
  • Commercial Garage Doors
showrooms near me

Top Trending Light Fixtures

We strive to keep the latest designs on display for you. When visiting our lighting showroom in Atlanta, you can easily imagine some of the top trending light fixtures in your home.

Modern farmhouse lighting is here to stay, so we have the perfect lanterns with open sides and exposed bulbs to shine out across any space. Or if you want to make a statement, we have charming iron chandeliers that give off a warm, even light with its multiple bulbs to complete your design.

Pendant lighting is also a popular choice that has found its way to often being the focal point of a room. Similar to chandeliers, these fixtures are perfect for the dining room or over a kitchen island. Due to the popularity of pendant lighting, we carry a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

Vintage Edison Bulbs have won the hearts of many with the nostalgic design this style of lighting offers. With its original shape and classic touch, these light bulbs are sure to make a. statement in any room.

Tip: Vintage Edison Bulbs are a great asset to any industrial style home. Add it to your bathroom vanity for an antiquated design.

No matter what current trend has caught your eye, CR Lighting is the lighting store for you! With our large inventory and plethora of styles, we are confident that you will find a light fixture that will shine throughout your home. Get ready for the home of your dreams and visit us today to shop the best lighting in Atlanta.

Looking for more information on home lighting? Check out our Kitchen Design Guide: Lighting 101 blog!

Caesarstone, one of the leading brands in quartz surfacing, has introduced new colors to its extensive selection! The following new designs: Riverlet, Wyndigo, Raindream, Stoneburst and Agger Grey were unveiled in February at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando as part of their Pebble Collection.

Keep reading below to learn more about the collection’s five pebble-inspired designs offered through Construction Resources, your local Atlanta Countertop Company.


A gentle off-white touched by honied amber capillaries flow softly across this surface. The Riverlet contains a Honed finish for a tinge of freshness that reflects more light in the kitchen.


The Wyndigo contains warm earthy gradients that wash over a soft greige surface veined with foamy greys, capturing a pebble’s two-toned mottled patina.


With two layers of slate greys accentuated by soft dark grey strokes, the Raindream quartz countertop showcases a wet river stone look with its unique contoured highlights.


Stoneburst consists of two shades of sage grey with soft mineral undertones and subtle grey veining. This calm complexion portrays a relaxing and natural ambiance and aesthetic.

Agger Grey

Agger-Grey exhibits a rich two-toned base of warm smoky greys with delicate clay undertones and white veins that create a two-toned surface.

How to Buy Caesarstone Quartz Countertops in Atlanta

CR Design Center provides residential and commercial builders, remodelers, and homeowners with a one-stop shop home resource center. With an extensive line of home products including kitchen countertops, appliances, lighting, and more, our design showroom in Decatur has everything you are looking for to get your project done right.

At our CR Design Center, our design consultations are available to offer key insights and design tips for each home. To buy Caesarstone Quartz and see these new countertop designs in person, visit our Atlanta showroom today!

Lighting Trends To Glow Up Your Space

For something that plays such an important role in our homes, lighting is often not thought about with the same emphasis as other design elements. The truth is, lighting can really make or break your overall decor and design style.

If you’re looking to update your Atlanta home with new lighting, we’ve compiled a list of the top lighting trends for 2022. Find something that inspires you on this list? Contact CR Lighting, and we can help your space shine with a few on-trend lighting updates!

Black Finish Lighting

Black continues to hold 1st place as one of the top choices for lighting finishes. Matte black has been trending in lighting for a few years (and isn’t going anywhere for 2022) but now black is available in a few new slightly different iterations: black stainless steel, satin black, flat black, oil-rubbed bronze, and black iron to name a few.

Linear Lighting

Long lines and simple silhouettes will be replacing more intricate and complicated designs this year. Linear pendants and linear chandeliers spread out to create a statement over kitchen islands, dining tables, entryways, and more.

Hanging pendants on the bedside have also become a popular way to illuminate the bedroom space. We also love how this unique lighting trend provides a seamless, elongated look and feel to the room.

Lighting as a Design Focal Point

Ceilings have long been ignored and under-decorated. This year, they’ll finally be seen as the blank canvasses that they are! High ceilings and open floor plans have driven the lighting trend toward larger ceiling fixtures, and chandeliers are no exception. The perfect eye-catching detail for a ceiling is a bold, designer chandelier. Oversized lighting will become the center of attention in any room!

Sustainable Lighting With Natural Materials

At The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this year, sustainable and natural materials have emerged as a huge trend for 2022, and lighting is no exception.

In 2022, we’ll see even more use of wood, rope, burlap, and wood beads. Picture chandeliers made of beading and pendants formed of rope and natural stone.

Get More Lighting Ideas

Your lighting is essential to the design of your home. No matter how beautiful everything else is, it needs to be well-lit! And it can be.

Contact us to get more great lighting ideas!

4 Best Flooring Options for the Bedroom

Your bedroom’s flooring is a very personal surface. It’s the first thing your naked feet contact in the morning and the last thing your bare feet touch before climbing into bed at night. The impact of bedroom flooring on a person is both physical and psychological, so choosing suitable materials is a crucial design decision.

Because bedrooms see relatively little usage, durability isn’t the most critical factor to consider. The two most important factors to consider when choosing bedroom flooring are barefoot comfort and design. Because the flooring you choose for your bedroom sets the tone for the room’s decor, it’s critical to think about your design style preferences and the types of space you want to create.

The bedroom is a private sanctuary where we go to rest and unwind. When it comes to bedroom flooring, you have a lot of alternatives and few limitations. Carpet, hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl, laminate, and even cork flooring are all viable possibilities for your bedroom décor ideas.


Carpet is the hands-down favorite flooring choice for the bedroom since it is warm and comfortable to the feet, available in a virtually unlimited number of colors and even patterns, budget-friendly, and helpful in dampening sound and adjusting room temperature. Carpet is divided into two types: cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile carpeting has the tips of the fiber loops cut off, whereas loop pile carpets have them left uncut and looped. The most popular form of carpeting for bedrooms is textured cut-pile carpeting. It’s soft, has a laid-back vibe, and holds up well to dirt.

Wooden Floor

The natural beauty of real wood flooring is difficult to match—it has a depth and warmth that complements any decor. At the same time, hundreds of hardwood species used for flooring, ash, walnut, oak, and maple, are among the most popular. Solid and engineered wood are the two most common forms of wood flooring. Engineered wood floors are made up of three to nine layers of different wood veneers, whereas solid wood floors are made up of a single piece of wood from top to bottom. Strip, plank, and parquet are the three most prevalent types of wood flooring. Strip and plank flooring are by far the most common in bedrooms. Both are linear pieces of wood that look traditional, but the plank is larger than the strip, giving it a more casual feel.

Stone and Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile and stone are rarely used in bedrooms because, while they are highly durable and attractive in other house sections, they are too chilly, complex, and noisy in the bedroom. With certain decorating styles, such as Mediterranean, Tuscan, tropical, Spanish, or Moroccan themes, tile or stone is still an option.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring resembles natural wood, but it is a printed photo of wood with a protective plastic layer on top. Laminate flooring is available in a variety of wood-tone hues and styles to complement any decor. Laminate flooring is less expensive than hardwood, and you may save even more money by installing it yourself; it’s a relatively simple weekend DIY job. Laminate is resistant to everyday wear and tear, but it is scratch-able and can buckle if water or other liquids puddle.

Which Flooring Option Has A More Modern And Contemporary Feel About It?

Laminate and vinyl designs can be a terrific choice for modern bedroom interiors because they go with most furniture and decor types. Furthermore, because bedrooms are frequently used, the flooring must be durable. Thus laminate and vinyl may be better options for a bedroom. Consider adding a rug to provide a warm surface to walk on and to give the space a cozier vibe if you’re worried about it looking too cold.

What Is The Best Option For A Master Bedroom?

Take some time to ponder what design you want for your master bedroom’s decor. Your unique taste and budget will determine which option is best for your master bedroom. It might be tough to agree on what flooring should be used in a master bedroom with a partner; one may want a carpet while the other prefers laminate; if this is the case, choose laminate and add a large rug. The best of both worlds can be had with a carpet on laminate floors. Laminate floors are becoming increasingly popular for master bedrooms, as the wood provides a great modern style that goes with practically any furniture.

Neutral carpet colors are trendy because they offer a fresh, contemporary look and make a room feel larger and brighter.

Remodel Your Home

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of any remodel. It sets the tone for the room and ties all the other pieces together. Paying attention to current flooring trends is a way to make sure your house stays up to date.

Whether you have a preference for carpet, hardwood, or tile, there are modern ways to incorporate your style.

Contact us to find a showroom near you and get your remodel started.

CR Cares

Working Alongside HomeAid, North Georgia Angel House, And More

When the dust of construction finally settles here at Construction Resources, we believe in more than just having top-notch quality materials and leading customer service. Our hearts here at CR believe in giving back to the community around us.

Over the course of 50 years, we have been honored to be involved with many great organizations that have given back to the community through acts of service. These organizations include HomeAid, Sandy Springs Police Benevolent Fund, Rachel’s Gift, and Sunshine on a Ranney Day

Building A Home

At the end of 2021, Construction Resources and HomeAid worked alongside one another for the North Georgia Angel House (NGAH), an organization that provides shelter, food, tutoring, transportation, life skills, conflict management, family visits, and many other services to young women in, and aging out of foster care.

The Start of North Georgia Angel House

October 1st marked the ribbon cutting and official opening of the North Georgia Angel House (NGAH) at Gilgal. With the help of HomeAid Atlanta and Construction Resources, an old metal storage facility underwent a major facelift and is now a small aparment complex and home to young ladies who are looking for support and supervision before independent living. This new way of living helps Atlanta’s youth transition from foster care into life post-foster care and assists these girls to save money and gradually learn to become self-sufficient outside of the foster care system.

Providing Stability and Quality

As a multi-faceted home building resource company, we (CR) were thrilled when we received the honor to work on the incredible project that HomeAid and NGAH had to offer. Construction Resources donated and installed the countertops in the new NGAH apartments in Gilgal and couldn’t be more excited to see how this wonderful organization will continue to help the lives within the Atlanta community.

To be part of a larger organization than yourself is an honor and we are humbled to be a part of such a monumental moment for these organizations and these youth’s lives.

About Construction Resources

Construction Resources provides residential and commercial builders, remodelers and homeowners with a one-stop-shop home resource center. With an extensive line of home products including kitchen countertops, glass and mirror, appliances, lighting, and more, our design showroom in Decatur has everything you are looking for to get your project done right.

Stop by the best design showroom in Atlanta to experience an unmatched line of products and industry expertise, along with best-in-class installation and aftermarket services!


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