The ultra compact surface is a great long-lasting material for making your home unique. It can be installed seamlessly without any cuts or joints, giving you endless options. You can use it for countertops, floors and even cabinet door facings. It looks like natural stone countertops but is easier to take care of. Ultra compact surfaces differ from quartz and natural stone because they are created by combining raw materials found in glass, porcelain, and quartz. This unique composition makes them highly durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Here’s all you need to know about compact surfaces and the newest colors that are in style to keep your home looking trendy!


  • Being an artificial product, compact surfaces offer numerous advantages such as resistance to scratches and bacteria. Because it is resistant to heat and UV rays, ultra-compact surfaces are a perfect choice for outdoor kitchens.
  • Compact surfaces can be customizable with different finishes. These finishes can transform the look of your countertop. Finish options include high gloss, matte, leather, suede, concrete, and more.
  • The low porosity makes the care quite simple for compact surfaces. Simply clean everyday spills with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water. To prevent stains, spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. For stubborn stains, you can use a nonabrasive brush. Darker colors require more frequent cleaning as dust is more visible. Always remember to use hot pads, trivets, cutting boards, and coasters for additional protection.

Color Options:

You can easily match the color and design of compact surface countertops to your current kitchen style. These countertops are made of engineered stone and come in various earthy, metallic, and neutral designs. You can find options with solid colors, washed or grainy patterns, and even ones that resemble wood or white marble with beautiful veins.

With the flexibility of many colors, designs, and customization in compact surfaces in 2023 we will be seeing a lot of classic and muted colors. Countertop color preferences have been trending towards neutral and classic options recently. Shades like white, gray, beige, and black have become more popular. White and light-colored countertops are appealing for their ability to create a fresh and bright atmosphere in kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, gray and black countertops are favorable for their modern and sophisticated appearance.

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