The Outdoor Pizza Oven that is so much More

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Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Outdoor Pizza Ovens create memories. When people gather around food, social bridges form. We create a meal suited to our individual tastes while creating a conversation about one another’s choices.

One of the reasons we love the product designers at Alfresco Outdoor Products is the design with a full culinary experience in mind. Those folks think a pizza oven should be a culinary oven engineered to a commercial performance caliber. They expect the same in a pizza prep station.


Innovative Technology

1. Fireplace-like gas log absorbs and radically accelerates preheat time as it distributes heat up to the ceramic ceiling slab for intense top down heat.
2. 3/4 thick high-quality ceramic slab heart and ceiling for even intense radiating heat. Alfresco’s exclusive natural air-cooling plenum keeps control panel cool to the touch.
3. Exhaust.
4. All 304 18-8 heli-arc welded stainless steel.
5. Full 8.5″ high opening.
6. 20,000 btu tube log burner.
7. High-tech 20,000 btu high heat ceramic infrared hearth burner.
8. Removable hinges/doors.
9. Double-walled removable top.
10. 456 sq. in. of cooking space.
11. Halogen oven light.
12. Alfresco’s exclusive natural air-cooling plenum keeps control panel cool to the touch.


We love pizza. It’s the perfect solution whether cooking for a group or for one, working with fresh ingredients or making the most of your leftovers. But don’t limit your thinking with this oven to pizza. A 15 minute preheat gets you a piping hot oven for:

Game Hens

Shepard’s Pie

Breakfast pizza



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