Reasons Kitchen Renovations & Remodels Are Better In The Summer

Thinking about kitchen renovations? Then, you are in the right place! The spring and fall are usually heavy seasons for contractors and designers with projects, but that may not be the best time to remodel. It’s finally summer and we’re giving you four reasons to renovate your kitchen this season! Although the interior design, home renovations, and remodeling projects take place all year round, we are going to shed light on why it’s better to do it during the summer. Summer is one of the busiest seasons for many. Most families are out on vacation, lovers are getting married, and the kids are in summer school. But, with so much happening, why is this the best time of the year to move forward with a kitchen remodel? It sounds a little bit strange, right? How can we proceed with a kitchen design and remodel endeavor when everybody is caught up with other tasks? Follow along with Construction Resources to learn why summer is the time to move forward with your remodeling!

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Enjoy the Outdoors

Remodeling a kitchen can be hard on your family mealtime routine. Being without a sink and appliances can be challenging, and eating out costs money. The good news is, summertime is grilling season! Spend some time outdoors and try some simple grilled meals. The busy summertime is also the best time of the year to sit outside and relax. Similarly, it is the perfect season to invite family and friends to your home for a lovely gathering. You can enjoy delicious warm meals outside in nature and enjoy the fresh breeze mother nature has blessed us with.

See where I am going with this? Kitchen renovations are perfect! You can hire the best team of remodelers at Construction Resources and let them do the hard labor! The best part about all of this is that you don’t have to give up family dinners, you can still cook and grill outside. In fact, we are the top outdoor kitchen and home appliance company in the nation. You can count on us to take your kitchen design to the next level.

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Open Schedules & Vacation

Kids are out of school and are free from most extra-curricular activities, which can greatly open up your schedule. Now you can meet with contractors and designers without having to juggle around PTO meetings, baseball practice and the many other activities your children are involved in. Vacation and summer camps can also create ease during a remodeling period. If you are worried about the kids and who can babysit them, think about this. They are most likely going to be out at summer camp, at summer school, or on vacation with other family members.

As a result, summer is the ideal season for kitchen renovations, home improvements, and remodeling projects. If none of these pertain to you, maybe you could even let the kids hand out with the neighbor’s kids and enjoy a movie night while the remodel takes place. They could even hand out in their own rooms at home if you would like. The remodeling does not take too long. In the end, summer is still better than other seasons because people have more time to schedule tasks like these. How nice would it be to return home from vacation with a beautiful new kitchen? Pretty nice, right?

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Indoor Kitchen Lighting

Picking out your countertops, cabinetry, and paint in natural light is key during any renovation. Summer is full of bright days to ensure you are making the right choice. Open the blinds and draw in curtains to fill your kitchen with natural light. Also, days are longer in the summer, allowing more daylight for work to take place. This is my favorite of the four. With so much light during the summer time and the sun being at its highest, choosing the perfect products is easy!

Once you open up your home and allow the beautiful sunlight to enter, you can start to visualize what home improvement items you want and don’t. We encourage you to stop by our showroom and take a look around. We have beautiful displays all around our showroom that perfect for a little inspiration boost! Additionally, as we said before, the days are longer during the summer which means you can count on the remodeling to get done in fewer days.

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While a renovation is taking place, ventilation of dust and odors are important. During the summer, you can be worry-free and open windows and doors for ventilation without the cold and moisture of the other seasons playing effect. For instance, say you chose to do your kitchen renovations in the winter. This means you would have to deal with the harsh weather which depending on where you live could involve hail, snow, and storms. This makes it very hard for contractors to do the job because they now have to work against the elements.

Do you have to open the windows? Not necessarily, but it can make things easier for the remodelers and installers. This is because they would not have to breathe in all of the bad stuff from the remodel like paint etc. In our experiences, remodeling during the summer is ideal. Although sometimes life happens and people don’t have another choice so they may have to choose another season. But, no matter what, we can get it done. So no need to worry.

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All in all, summer is a great season for many things. Add a kitchen renovation to your summer plans with Construction Resources. From small upgrades to full updates, we can assist with your project needs!