Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Summertime is here! (Well, it’s still Spring but with the temperatures rising to above 90 degrees, it’s safe to say summer has begun!)

Although the heat always seems to be at an all-time high, there is something about backyard hangs that feels so right in the summertime! Whether you have your friends over for a football watching party, or the family over for a kid’s birthday celebration, hosting your party outdoors is always a splendid option; it keeps your home untouched, it involves an easy clean up, and it is most certainly a stress-free zone for people of all ages!

Maybe we are a little biased, but outdoor kitchens seem crucial in today’s society! We enjoy getting outdoors and cracking open a beer, but more importantly, we like when home projects are useful, beneficial, and help with our longevity. For instance, including an outdoor kitchen in your backyard not only provides you with a fun place to “hangout,” but it adds value to your home by offering an additional piece of luxury! Thus, this simple upgrade you make for your home now will increase your home’s worth for the future in the case that you decide to sell your house down the road.

So, have we tempted you yet? Now is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor living space or even start from scratch with planning the build out! We promise you; you will be so happy with the extra space!

Here’s a few trends we found in outdoor kitchens this year that you will surely want to add in your design.

1. Porcelain/ Ultra Compact Surfaces

First thing is first, you need to think smart when building your outdoor kitchen area because it will endure harsher environments than your typical indoor kitchen.

We are sure you will be grilling outside with your friends and family, so we suggest investing in countertops that are durable and can withstand not only the typical worries of scratching or staining, but the direct sunlight, too!

Porcelain countertops are the perfect surface to be placed outdoors! They are manufactured to be extremely strong and withstand etching, staining, and chipping, and they are resistant to UV rays, meaning that these can stay outside under the sun without wilting or damaging!

Furthermore, because the material of porcelain is so durable, you can apply it beyond the countertop! Use porcelain for your outdoor fireplace, flooring, side table, or more to bring a modern aesthetic and unique vibe to your space!

2. Outdoor Appliances

When we say outdoor appliances, we encourage you to not only have your grill on-hand but consider adding other unique appliances that will make you the perfect host for any occasion!

Construction Resources offers several specialty items such as pizza ovens, wine carts, and more that both you and the kids will love!

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3. Lighting

Outdoor Lighting is crucial, yet unfortunately, it is often forgotten. We are here to tell you – get several light fixtures to illuminate your entertainment area at night! Trust us, it will do you wonders! If not, you will find yourself trying to entertain and host a gathering in the dark, and that can definitely bring an end quickly to your fun night!

4. Storage

Underneath your kitchen countertops, the stove top, and the grill, needs to be a place to host all of your kitchen utensils. Add a few cabinets to replicate your interior kitchen design!

We’ve noticed that many designers like to bring the interior design style to the outdoor kitchen to create a cohesive vibe that is aesthetically pleasing. Most homeowners will appreciate this as well, since this will be the design style that reflects their personality the most.

Incorporate your spin on things by customizing appliances or cabinets and add a unique paint color! Blue/green kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular as it offers color to a space that is otherwise found very neutral-toned. These colors also look great next to a pool where the colors complement each other to bring a visually appealing space to the eye!

5. Fire pits and Fireplaces

outdoor fireplace

Have you ever tried to make s’mores on the stove top because you didn’t have a fire pit growing up? Well, fire pits and fireplaces have come a long way! You can purchase simple fire pits that are mobile to roll in and out of the garage when you please. However, similar to your living room, incorporating a nice fireplace as the focal point of your outdoor entertainment area is found increasingly popular in today’s homes. In fact, adding this feature to your outdoor space inevitably enhances the value a significant amount!

CR offers several outdoor fireplaces to suit your style! We recommend talking with one of our design experts to discuss ways to customize the design to reflect your personal liking!

6. Special Order

Don’t be afraid to fight for what you want! Most brands offer special or custom orders to tweak the style to your preference. This will be the icing on the cake to help transform your space from average to extraordinary, making the area 100% YOU!

Some of the hottest custom orders we see today are colored refrigerators and ovens!

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We hope this helps you spark creativity when designing your outdoor entertainment area! If you are looking for more inspiration or ideas, check out our blog! If you would like to get started on your dream design project today, simple contact us to speak with a representative!