Eliminate the Guesswork: A Must Have Kitchen Appliance Package

Are you moving into a new home and want the latest trends and technology in your kitchen appliances? Do you plan on renovating your current kitchen for the best dinners and parties? If so, then it’s time to organize your must-have kitchen appliance package. The right appliances can really make or break your kitchen and it’s important to consider your family, lifestyle, technology, design and budget when making your selections. In order to eliminate the guesswork of your kitchen organization, consider this must-have kitchen appliance package.

1. Refrigerators

Among the most popular modern appliances to add to your upgrade list is a new refrigerator. Refrigerators have evolved over the years to offer unique and innovative technology such as smart screens, photo capturing abilities, expiration date reminders, and so on! The list for new features in today’s refrigerators goes on and on – the question now is, what can a fridge NOT do?!

Aside from the mesmerizing and fancy features that come with new kitchens, it’s important that its interior design and layout accommodates your lifestyle and living arrangements. For example, if you live in a smaller-sized apartment and only have compact space for a fridge, CR offers compact refrigerators that can squeeze in any given space. These fridges are also perfect to include in a basement, outdoor kitchen, or wet bar!

The most popular fridges found in American homes today are French-Door Refrigerators. They offer counter depth, allowing you to fit more items on the shelf, and a freezer that is wide enough to store several left over meals, popsicles, and gallons of ice cream tubs. (Don’t worry – we’re all guilty of this!)

The best thing about today’s refrigerators are the endless options for customization. You can opt to customize columns, the door’s interior, add wine racks, and more, as well as configurate the exterior look and design by choosing the color, finish, and hardware! GE Café offers a variety of door colors, hardware, and finishes that allow you to create any look you can imagine! Subzero also offers numerous styles of fridges to suit your style preference.

Explore Endless Possibilities

2. Ovens

Now, we move to top-of-the-line appliances for cooking up meals: ovens.

Ovens, nowadays, offer extraordinary features that help the cooking process become a little bit easier (and may we argue, tastier). Some of our favorite ovens come with self-clean modes to make the user experience easier and make everyone feel like a chef! Another important feature is airflow, which can help you cook on multiple levels, providing different techniques for your various proteins, veggies, and other meals.

The most sought-after oven during this time is KitchenAid’s Smart Oven which offers a combination of features including a grill, baking stone, and steamer attachments to help you tap into your full culinary potential!

KitchenAid Smart Oven

KitchenAid's SmartOven

A World of Possibilities in One Oven

3. Dishwashers

Next in our list of high-end appliances is the dishwasher. Dishwashers are extremely beneficial for both your home and your lifestyle, as they save time by providing an efficient and quick clean up, they save money through water efficiency, and they effectively sanitize your dishes with an extended hot-water rinse to kill germs and bacteria.

CR offers several styles of dishwashers that vary in size, shape, and color. The most popular request we tend to hear is a dishwasher that is customized to replicate the same face as the kitchen cabinets. To learn more about this feature, click here.

high end kitchen appliances atlanta

Bosch Offers New Dishwashers With Innovative Technology

Includes custom panels, additional racks, a "quiet" feature, & more!

4. Range Hoods

Kitchen hood vents are more important than you think! This is often considered last when renovating a home, but don’t neglect this simple feature! Range hoods provide a safe environment for you to cook in. They aim to keep smoke, steam, and heat under control that often arise from cooking a meal.

Many modern homes and unique kitchen designs have used stylish kitchen hood vents to take their interior design to the next level! If you speak with one of our representatives, mention to them your specific taste and style. We can work with you to provide a range hood that exhibits the exact style you are looking for!


Organizing Your Must-Have Kitchen Appliance Package

The best must-have kitchen appliance package will make preparing meals just as easy as cleaning up after them! With new, efficient, and highly effective technology built into today’s appliances, you will notice an exceptionally different experience when you cook and clean.

Our design center aims to make the shopping experience nice and convenient compared to your average local home improvement shop. With our complementary products, design expertise, and project management services, your kitchen will become your favorite room in your house!

For more of our kitchen expertise, check out our guides today to bring your dream kitchen to life. You can also view our blog to gather inspiration, or our various galleries to gain better persepctive! Contact us today if you would like to start your design project with CR!