Sealing? Not With Silestone Quartz Countertops!

Upgrading your countertops can seem like a daunting task, but we can assure you the benefits are endless especially when it comes to Silestone. One of the many exciting aspects of Silestone Quartz is that this type of countertop does not need sealing, and what home buyer or owner doesn’t want to hear that? The convenience of not having to seal your countertops when you choose Silestone Quartz knocks other surfaces right out of the competition. Though we must admit natural stones are beautiful they are porous and can potentially develop cracks that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Due to the pores in natural stone, it easily allows unwanted stains to form and bacteria to grow. Not to say Granite isn’t a great option, but to keep your countertops looking brand new, you would need to seal them once a year to avoid potential damages. But, Quartz is an engineered stone that will not demand as much maintenance and its composition makes this problem a non-factor.

No Unwanted Bacteria Found Here

As we said, the porous composition of natural stones can lead to cracks and allow bacteria to grow if not properly maintained. This is not a problem though when you choose Silestone Quartz. Silestone Quartz surfaces are non-porous allowing these countertops to be bacteria resistant and will keep those germs at bay. Bacteria that starts to form and goes unchecked on porous countertops can multiply rapidly in just a few hours. But with Silestone Quartz you can have the peace of mind that bacteria from uncooked meat, spills, and food crumbs are not thriving on your countertops. We know for many that the kitchen is the heart of your home so, this non-porous composition of Silestone Quartz is great if you are always on the go or spend a lot of your time with friends and family in the kitchen.

Spills Happen But Don’t Stay With Silestone

As much as we try to keep our countertops squeaky clean as the day they were installed, life happens. When you are in the kitchen from sun up till sun down preparing those big holiday feast, spills and splatters are inevitable. Don’t fear though if you can’t get to cleaning those surfaces immediately, this is where Silestone Quartz will have your back! When you have Silestone countertops, you gain the leisure of letting the spill remain for a little while before tidying up. In the end, not only are you going to save time but money on repairs from staining as well. You can sleep soundly knowing your Silestone countertops are ready to take on any spill or splatter the kitchen throws at them. This confidence in the durability of quartz countertops can appeal to any current or potential homeowner.

Add Value To Your Home With Silestone

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of Silestone Quartz’ non-porous composition, let’s get to the good stuff, how mesmerizing these countertops look! If you are looking for chic and elegant kitchen design, this line of beautiful Quartz countertops will help you achieve it. When looking to resell a home, certain upgrades and renovations can potentially increase your chances of getting offers faster, countertops being one of them. There are three things home buyers are constantly looking for when finding a new place to plant their roots; value, location, and cost. This is due to the real estate market steadily increasing so more people are investing in the market. Research suggests that home buyers highly consider details when searching for a home now more than ever before. When you invest more money into your remodeling project, you will be able to up the price on the home. To learn more about how Silestone Quartz will help you maximize the value of your home, follow along with CR for all the tips and tricks.

What Do Home Buyers Want? Upgrades!

If you are in the home buying or selling market, you know that details play a heavy roll in any home design, whether that be interior or exterior. The kitchen is often thought of the heart of the home where a lot of time can be spent and home buyers want that space upgraded. Potential buyers must take into consideration the major and minor changes that will be needed to be made to the home. And more often than not, they would rather have the home already include these upgrades rather than tending to them after purchase. Quartz countertops are a great choice when looking to add those upgrades and value to a home. As we have discussed, Silestone is practical, low maintenance and elegant, something any home buyer can enjoy. Not only does it benefit the home buyer but seller as well, because the more money put into upgrades, the more money you can make off your property.

Now, renovating the kitchen will not always guarantee you a higher home selling price. You must do the renovations in a smart way and do research to better understand that adding certain brands and materials can either hurt or help you.

Looking to Modernize Your Kitchen? Two Words, Silestone Quartz

Let’s take a step back and really look at that kitchen, just take it all in. Envision the floor, appliances, cabinets and of course countertops. Is the kitchen outdated and in need of a little modernization, but you’re not ready to take the dive yet? Well, research shows that you can get up to 59% of the money invested in a kitchen remodel, and modernizing your kitchen is a great way to do that. Don’t be discouraged though, modernizing your kitchen may sound like it will cost you an arm and a leg but it doesn’t have to! Starting with the countertops is always a great way to begin the process. But how? We suggest dressing your kitchen with Silestone Quartz countertops. You already know that there are numerous advantages that come along with this countertop brand and material. It will give you that modern look you are trying to achieve and every owner new or old would enjoy learning that they look great without demanding a ton of maintenance. If you are wanting a modern kitchen, then Silestone is the way to go!

If you are in the process of renovating your home or thinking about making changes that will increase the value of your property, contact a professional at CR today! For more related content keep be sure to keep up with our blog!