Get Creative with Shower Doors & Mirrors Applications!

Interior design is more than a preference of style, it’s an expression of ideas, creativity and personality that should combine effortlessly to create a one-of-a-kind space that inevitably represents YOU.

In modern homes, minimalistic design is becoming increasingly popular with limited art pieces and home additions that are simple, functional and not too boisterous.

Incorporating glass shower doors and mirrors is a perfect way to emphasize the minimalistic look that many love and aspire to create. Not only does it fashion a cool, unpretentious design to your space, glass shower doors and mirrors can also help to expand a room, making it feel larger and not as closed off.

We’ve done some brainstorming and found several cool ideas of how designers are incorporating glass and mirror into their design projects.

At-Home Wine Cellar

For all of you wine-lovers out there, we think a wine cellar NEEDS to be included in your next home renovation plan! A wine cellar is a great way for those neglected nooks and crannies to become functional (because who wouldn’t use this every day?)!

The beautiful glass walls showcasing your wine display will transcend your home into a posh and luxurious place to be.

Open Shower Walls

Bathroom space is precious and most of the time there’s not a lot of wiggle room … literally! One of our favorite and practical design trends are master and secondary shower renovations.

Tear down the extra wall space in your bathroom (you don’t need it!) and open it up by utilizing glass walls and shower doors. This will help make the room feel larger and it will show off your chic design and newfound bathroom space and sanctuary.

Mirror Wall Décor

Mirrors are commonly used in a simplistic way, in the hallway of a home, or draped over the powder room’s vanity. When decorating a new space many people don’t think of using mirrors as a piece of art! Sometimes, with too many designs, colors and art pieces, your home or commercial space can start to look crowded and busy. Adding mirrors is a great way to cover up a bland wall while avoiding a clash in design.

Construction Resources offers an extensive array of mirror options from classic mirror styles to specialty or backlit mirrors! Pictured on the right is a type of plate mirror that is commonly used in bathrooms to add a unique touch to a space. We offer variations of styles from clear, bronze, grey or antique styles.

Decorative Cabinet Glass

Differentiate the heart of the home by bringing something diverse to the table, like decorative cabinet glass! Cabinet glass is a great way to add depth in your kitchen, making the overall room feel more spacious and breathable. Adding decoration to the cabinets will give your kitchen that extra oomph.

Have a kitchen style in mind but it isn’t coming together as flawlessly as you hoped? Picking the right colors, designs and patterns can help further emphasize the design style you’re going for. Check out CR’s decorative cabinet glass offerings and add a decoration that accentuates your kitchen’s style.

Express your innovative imagination with these unique glass and mirror style ideas! We hope you feel inspired to break boundaries on your next design project by incorporating a new twist to your usual style. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our blog for other creative ideas! Want to start incorporating glass and mirrors to your design project now?! Contact us to get started!

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