Get A Glance Inside Former Governor Nathan Deal’s Home!

After almost a decade of hard work and responsibility, it was time for former Gov. Nathan Deal and his wife, Sandra, to retire and settle in their new home in northeast Georgia. They dreamed of a simpler one-story home, custom-built with handicap-accessible features. With several specifics in mind, they reached out to Reed Brothers Design & Build who commonly construct forever homes for empty-nesters and retirees.

We received the amazing opportunity to partner with Reed Brothers to create an aesthetically charming and elegantly beautiful kitchen design for the former governor’s new home. The room is dressed with white cabinets and Corian countertops that pair perfectly to portray a bright, light kitchen, per request. The countertops mimic a creamy, swirl design that is luscious and luxurious in design. The dainty pattern pairs perfectly with the white brick backsplash, and together, combine to create an airy and fresh atmosphere.

All White Kitchen Interior Design of Former Governor Nathan Deal's Georgia Home

Adding contrast throughout the home lies (literally) the hardwood floors. Living next to a river requires a floor that is low maintenance and easy to clean. Plus, the organic design of the natural wood adds an untouched and natural feeling to the homes overall atmosphere – it’s perfect for a waterfront home hideaway!

Home renovation near the river

Nathan’s favorite spot in the house is the outside deck, which is accessible through the dining room. The former governor enjoys the crisp cool breeze that the outdoors brings, as well as the relaxing sound of the roaring river just steps away from the home. When he is not outside, he reverts to the dining room where possibly his most prized possession lays. Both Nathan and Sandra have a special love for their dining room table. When browsing for kitchen countertops, the Deals ran into the strikingly beautiful Michelangelo Brazilian quartz. This quartz is truly one-of-a-kind. It is made up of various hues of greys, browns, and blues and contains unique veining that is far from ordinary. “Sandra said we built the house around my table,” Nathan stated. And Sandra confidently agreed, saying that they even changed a few decor pieces so that it wouldn’t take away from the table. We agree – the design is too marvelous to be overshadowed by clashing embellishments.

To read more about the Deal’s new home hideaway, check out the full article in the latest issue of Home: Living in North Georgia September 2019.

Interior Design Home Living in North Georgia Magazine with Former Governor Nathan Deal

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