Emerging Kitchen Trends of 2020

We’ve been on the lookout for the hottest trends that will emerge in 2020. With the new year comes a lot of fresh new ideas, designs, and styles and we want YOU to be in the know in order to keep your home up to date! Here’s what we found … Check out the scoop below!

1. Three-Toned Kitchens

Three-toned kitchens can vary by design, but you will typically find it composed of the upper cabinets as one color, the lower cabinets as another color, and the kitchen island cabinets as the third color. Sounds like a lot? Depending on the color variations that you opt for, this design can look extremely nice and versatile! The wavering tones actually help the eye move seamlessly across the room, making you browse the entire room almost uncontrollably!

2. Light Wood Flooring and Decor

It used to be that dark wood was the highly sought-after material in traditional homes, however, light wood is quickly taking its place as it becomes one of the most popular accents we see in homes today. Light wood is the perfect addition to make your space look airy and open. It pairs perfectly with an all-white interior and can be used in any design style such as traditional, modern or contemporary.

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3. Soft-Colored Kitchens

White, white, and more white! Okay, maybe not only white, but light colors such as a soft grey or tainted blue are finding their way to the top of the paint list. These colors make a room immediately feel airy, vibrant and clean. Soft-colored designs, like marble countertops, are also categorized in this trend. We find that individuals often love a look that is classic, timeless and elegant while remaining subtle – and marble is the premier surface for just that! Marble surfaces can be used for years to come, even if your design style changes!

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4. Full-Height Stone Backsplash

We love this design technique and we are so happy to see it become popular in today’s homes. Full-height stone backsplashes offer a one-of-a-kind look to your kitchen that is almost guaranteed to be unparalleled to any other home! Make it drastic or keep it simple – all designs look fantastic when showcased like a piece of art!

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5. Custom-Colored Appliances

This creative touch to a home may be our favorite one yet! Customizing appliances creates a uniquely YOU piece and addition to your home that is fun, vibrant, and playful. Unsure about where to find customizable options? Several appliance brands offer exclusive or specialty items throughout the year that replicate the tone of the season! Visit an appliance showroom near you to learn about availability in your region.

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