Design Guide: Smart Home

Remember watching the Jetsons and wishing for the day to have a home as smart as the cartoon? Well, it’s 2019 and the age of the smart home is finally here! At Construction Resources we want to make it easy for you to reach your goal of living in a Jetsons’ world, which is why we offer a variety of wi-fi connected appliances to make your home the smartest home on the block. Experience the innovation of technology and luxurious designs from some of the nations top appliance brands like GE, Whirpool, BOSCH, Lynx and more when you shop with Construction Resources’ family of businesses.

Need help finding the right smart appliance for your home? You’re in luck because today we’re rounding up some of our favorites.

Kitchen Smart Appliances

smart appliances Atlanta
Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Smart Kitchen Appliances.

Beauty and brains, Whirlpool takes smart appliances to a whole new level with their Sunset Bronze lineup. With a brushed, satin finish and rose gold undertones, the fingerprint resistant sunset bronze will bring subtle warmth to any kitchen. Enjoy ovens, and microwaves that make multi-step meals simpler. Use your smartphone or tablet to send multiple cooking instructions to the oven or microwave all at once. The temperature automatically adjusts based on the recipe you enter for great results without having to monitor your meal. Get the right settings every time with the scan to cook feature. Simply scan a frozen food barcode with your smartphone or tablet and send recommended or customized cooking instructions straight to your oven and microwave for dinner done the way your family wants it.

Experience the power of Whirlpool + Alexa with the contemporary styled smart dishwasher. Automatically order dishwashing supplies when you’re running low by syncing your Whirlpool® app with your Amazon account. This feature estimates the number of supplies remaining and targets the right time to order necessities like detergent so your family always has what they need.

Don’t be intimidated by smart appliances! You don’t have to be a tech expert to connect them. Simply open the Whirlpool® app, add your new appliance and follow the guided experience to get up and running quickly.  You can also control your kitchen with simple voice commands with a Google Home or Amazon Alexa smart voice assistant.

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Laundry Room Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances Washer and Dryer Laundry
LG Smart Wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer and Dryer

Hate doing laundry? Well, now you’re going to love it. Laundry day is upgraded to a day of ease thanks to state-of-the-art LG SmartThinQTM laundry appliances! Recieve cycle status updates from your LG smart washer without ever stepping foot in the laundry room. Start or stop your LG smart dryer on-the-go with remote functionality, whether you’re at the airport, sitting at the drive-thru, or just out for a morning walk. It’s all the control in the palm of your hand.

Have a Google or Amazon smart voice assistant? LG’s state-of-the-art appliances now work with the Google Assistant on devices like Google Home, and Amazon Echo. Ask it a question. Tell it what you need. The sky’s the limit with these voice-activated systems. Best of all, setup is simple and convenient with the free LG SmartThinQ app.

Outdoor Smart Appliances

Smart Appliance Outdoor Grills
Lynx Professional Built-In Smart Grill

NEW and hot off the grill! Lynx grills create a new experience for outdoor cooking. The Lynx Professional Built-In Smart Grill with Rotisserie is equipped with automated Cooking via MyChef™ operating system. The MyChef™ app turns your mobile device into a precision dashboard for your grill. Start your grilling by perusing hundreds of recipes, then select one to send to your grill. Once you start the grill, MyChef takes over to create the perfect dish.

MyChef uses the grill’s temperature sensors and electromechanical gas control valves to keep temperatures at the perfect level for the right duration, adjusting the responsive Trident™ Infrared Burners. When it’s time to flip or remove your food, MyChef sends an alert to your mobile device. Tailor the optimum grilling time, and MyChef will remember your preference. You can even create and upload your own recipes to the MyChef community.

Remember, you can always take control. Use one of five innovative modes that offer everything from manual control to a completely orchestrated meal with settings and stages timed to coordinate completion. In any mode, your grill safely shuts down if it’s inactive for 30 minutes.

Sewell Outdoor Smart Appliances
Sewell Appliance -outdoor living displays

The good news doesn’t stop there! We are excited to announce our latest additions to Sewell Appliance, our outdoor living displays! Equipped with the latest technology in outdoor cooking, our cabana is fit for the everyday cook, and the grill master. Visit us to see more of our new space, filled with appliances from Lynx, Artisan Grills, and Coyote Outdoor Living.