Design Guide: Glass and Mirrors

Glass & Mirror

Design Guide: Glass and Mirrors

Making a space feel luxurious and larger than it really is can be accomplished by incorporating glass and mirrors into your design. At Construction Resources, we have several large glass and mirror facilities that have the capability and expertise to cut and install these materials into a project of any size. Whether you’re in need of frameless glass for a shower enclosure or a custom full-size mirror, our design consultants can help meet your specification needs. Need ideas on how to incorporate glass and mirrors in your home? We’ve created a design guide for you!


Custom Mirrors

The most common and well know trick to make your space seem larger is through the use of mirrors. Custom mirrors, floor-length mirrors, and even floor to ceiling plate mirrors can greatly impact a space by adding depth and drama. Some of the options we offer for custom mirrors are plate mirrors, framed mirrors, backlit mirrors, back painted mirrors, as well as antique mirrors.


Cabinet Glass

Apart from solid cabinetry, our decorative glass offers beautiful options for adding more character to your cabinet doors and shelves. Cabinetry glass and shelving can create a light and airy feel that allows your space’s details to really pop. Our cabinetry glass comes in a variety of thicknesses and finishes, including seedy. glacier/Flemish, German antique, and clear.

Cabinet Glass

Shower Enclosures

One of the most popular ways to enlarge the appearance of a bathroom is by creating a frameless glass shower enclosure. Our frameless glass shower enclosures are made with 3/8” or ½” tempered glass and can be customized with hardware and door systems to coexist with your design. Frameless is not the only option we supply. We carry framed and semi-framed shower enclosures with a variety of configurations as well.

Shower Enclosure
Interior design by Leah Atkins Design and built by ETB Homes.

Shower Enclosure

See more information about glass and mirrors and contact us today to learn how Construction Resources can add a level of depth and sense of luxury to your home.

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