Scratch And Dent Appliances Atlanta

Scratch And Dent Appliances Atlanta

Save money when you invest in scratch and dent appliances in Atlanta. Scratch and Dent appliances are ideal for homeowners who are looking to buy brand new appliances at discounted prices! But don’t let the term scratch and dent turn you away because we only sell appliances that are in great condition. These large appliances are unused and fresh off the assembly line. They function perfectly fine and are sold at extremely affordable prices! Sound too good to be true, right? It isn’t! These products are sold at discounted prices because at some point or another the external packaging was slightly damaged so we offer them to our customers at lower prices. A few minor scratches and dents never hurt anybody! This is a perfect way to get a perfectly functional appliance in your home at a much lesser price. Sometimes these minor aches are so small that people may not notice them so do not get turned off before checking them out for yourselves!






Delivering Appliance Solutions From The Best Brand Names World-Wide.

The kitchen & laundry rooms are the hardest working areas in our homes. Whether you’re building or remodeling one of these spaces, it’s important to choose appliances that suit your lifestyle and design aesthetic. We deliver appliance solutions from the top brand names in the nation. We are the leading scratch and dent appliances Atlanta company because we:

  • Understand the importance of tight schedules, job safety & on-time installation is second nature to our experienced production managers.
  • Our delivery and installation teams are factory trained and certified to provide a complete solution to each project.
  • Our factory-trained sales personnel provide personal consultative services for product selection and project decisions.
  • We maintain a large inventory in our 150,000 sq.ft. a distribution center for reliable availability.

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Many manufacturers offer opportunities to save on your new appliance purchases. Click to view current promotions and rebates.


If you need service for an appliance, this is handled through the manufacturer. However, we are available to help you navigate the service process should you run into any difficulties resolving your issues.


To register your new appliance, please go directly to the manufacturer’s website.

What Are You In The Market For?

Never walk into any store without first having a plan or idea about the kind of products and services that you want. Having a plan makes the whole process much easier on you because you will already have a vision of what you are looking for. Anytime you go to make a blind purchase, your chances of leaving with a product you are not going to be happy with, significantly increase. Make sure you have taken the time to sit and think about the type of appliances you want and what you are not willing to buy. This way when you come to our store you can communicate your ideas and interests with one of our product managers and we can show you appliances relatively similar to what you seek. Take the time to list out the features you would like and the color, model, and design as well as your budget. With an investment like this, you should get an appliance close to what your heart desires. We do not want you to have to settle.

Discounted Appliances Will Save You Money!

If you are in need of a home appliance to improve the functionality of your home then look no further because we have exactly what you are looking for! When you make your way to our store, make sure to ask one of our scratch and dent appliances Atlanta professionals for a little guidance. We will gladly walk you through the many products that we have so you can make the best decision possible on what is right for you and your family. You must keep in mind that prices will certainly be discounted but they also vary. You may even be able to come across appliances that range anywhere between 40 – 60% off of the original retail price. Buying scratch and dent appliances is way more affordable than investing in retail! If you have ever thought about shopping for appliances the scratch & dent way, then you have come to the right place! We have exactly what you are looking for!

Top-Quality Kitchen Appliances

If you are searching for the best home appliances in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia then look no further. We are the experts who are here to help you with all of your home appliances questions, concerns, and needs. We only offer products from the top brands and we will not provide you with anything less than premium quality appliances for your commercial or residential property. With us, you will get a broad selection to choose from. You will also get undivided attention from one of our specialists to help you in the process of finding the perfect home appliances products and selecting only what is right for you. We will focus on helping you find a product that is both superior quality but also within your budget! We are more than happy to help you with the remodeling or redesign of your beautiful kitchen! We have a team of experienced consultants ready to tackle down this project with you today! Contact us by calling at 404.233.6131.

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