Lighting can make or break your outdoor space, especially after having turned back our clocks! The right use of subtle lights can accent your décor and highlight your space to help you enjoy your home’s exterior for longer.

Here are some tips for optimal outdoor lighting after DST:

Walkway Lighting

First impressions are important, and the entryway into your home can say so much about you and your style. Adding lights along your walkway will not only make it easier to navigate your landscape at night, but also give your outdoor space a soft glow.

Wall Sconces

Outdoor wall sconces can be a smart addition to your home’s exterior. Aside from adding safety and security to your property, these designs add a personal touch with both a wide array of finishes, such as bronze and brushed steel, and styles, from dark sky compliant to energy efficient. Wall sconces are also a great way to highlight a front door or porch area without the use of a bold floodlight.

Outdoor Lighting

Step Lights

Lighting your outdoor stairway both improves safety and creates an inviting glow to a space. Light up your steps to avoid trips, slips and falls while also creating a welcoming atmosphere!

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Outdoor lighting is an important part of creating a safe exterior lighting design, after DST ends and year-round. Consider these tips when planning your lighting design to help prevent accidents while enhancing your Atlanta home’s security and aesthetic appeal.

We strive to keep the latest designs on display for you. When visiting our lighting showroom in Atlanta, you can easily imagine some of the top trending light fixtures in your home.

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