In convection ovens, multiple heat sources and fans are used to distribute heat evenly throughout the oven cavity. This results in uniform temperatures for even cooking and also reduces cooking time.

Convection is a step on technology’s path. The next generation of convection ovens is the steam oven. Cooking with steam maintains nutrients, and the moisture in the process eliminates the need for oil. It also makes it the perfect technology choice for folks who want to give new life to leftovers. Use steam and convection together for food that’s tender inside and roasted or crisped outside.

We have WolfJenn-Air and Miele steam ovens live on display in our showrooms so you can experience this cooking revolution first-hand. Skeptical about our use of the word “revolution?” Check out these Philo-wrapped Ice Cream desserts

Convection and steam technology affords us healthier, more efficiently prepared food. How can convection cooking change your experience in the kitchen? Schedule an appointment at our showrooms to find out!