New to CR Home

Something new has arrived at CR Home and you are not going to want to waste time adding it to your home!

In the world of countertop surfaces, you may normally think of natural stone and quartz as go-to options. Well, there is a new surface in town and it’s about to give granite and quartz a run for their money.

Different from quartz and natural stone, compact surfaces are made from a mixture of raw natural materials that are put under very high heat and high pressure, resulting in an extremely durable surface that is great for indoor and outdoor use. Antolini, a luxury natural stone brand has made its way into compact surfaces. We are excited to introduce Antolini Tech.

Antolini Tech is a collection of porcelain slabs that recreate the stunning patterns, designs, and veining of natural stones. CR Home is proud to offer the latest in countertop surfaces and bring a new line of products to Atlanta with the arrival of this beautiful collection of stone.

At our design center, you can come see six Antolini Tech designs. These stones are a contemporary and ultra-durable alternative to traditional surfacing. They are ideal for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications.

Antolini Tech

Antolini Tech

Antolini Tech

From flooring to cladding and kitchen countertops to backsplashes, trust us, you are going to want to dress your home in Antolini Tech!