Adding Gas Logs to your Fireplace

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy your wood burning fireplace or masonry fireplace all year long and without the hassle created by wood?
Gas logs/media create a beautiful fire that will liven up a party or enhance a relaxing, quiet atmosphere. They are convenient, easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. Here are some things to consider when thinking about adding Gas logs to your home.

Gas logs provide radiant heat around your hearth without having to worry about hauling wood or cleaning ashes. RealFyre even offers Radiant Fyre Systems like the Charred Evergreen Oak that will give you the additional heat by using metal rods to amplify the heat produced.

Sooting will occur naturally with use. It is caused by the flames coming in contact with the logs before it completes combustion and adds character and realism to your logs. Never wash you logs. You can carefully remove them, take them outside, and use a soft brush or vacuum to remove any dust or other loose debris.

You cannot burn real wood with your gas log system. If you decide to go back to burning wood you will need to have your log set completely uninstalled and removed as well as have your gas line capped and add a grate rated for burning wood.

Most importantly, have fun when picking a system. Gas Systems come in Modern and Traditional styles and can compliment any decor. You can get crushed glasscharred logsgemstonesBirch logsspheres, and more.

Fyre Spheres from RealFyre

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