What’s the Best Kitchen Layout for Your Home?

There are a lot of different house layouts out there, but when it comes to a kitchen, there is only so many ways to arrange your appliances, sink, countertops, kitchen island, etc. to make the most functional use of the space. If you’re struggling with ways to set up your newly designed kitchen, check out our tips and ideas on the different ways to layout a kitchen for the best aesthetic and flow!

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A U-shaped layout is exactly what it sounds (or looks) like – it is a kitchen made up of three sides that resemble a U (or as us southerners like to say, a horseshoe) with one end as an opening to the remainder of the house. U-shaped kitchen designs work great in a large space. If you can afford to have three areas for countertops, this will give you extra cooking space, cleaning space, eating space, and more! We recommend that each wall incorporates a large and functional appliance, as well as plenty of cabinet storage. For example, have wall #1 feature the fridge, wall #2 include the oven and microwave, and wall #3 involve the kitchen sink. When you have several people over for gatherings and the kitchen is full, you will highly appreciate the spaced-out appliances and walking room in your kitchen! This kitchen layout is also perfect for having a central island for storage and food prep.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

An L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular layouts found within American homes. It is characterized by two adjoining walls and countertops that create a right angle in the nook of your home. L-shaped kitchen designs are very dynamic and can be incorporated into both small and large homes! With a space like this, it is nice to have a peninsula area to create a more open feeling. Kitchen islands are also a great way to add more countertop space, as well as seating, for this type of kitchen so multiple people can cook and converse!

Galley Kitchen Layout

A galley layout is most common in smaller homes, apartments or more confined living spaces. They are typically composed of two walls parallel to each other, creating a closed in, but still comforting space. Another more modernized version of this kitchen layout is a main kitchen wall and an island that sits directly across for a more open concept. These types of kitchens are best for what we call a “seamless work triangle.” In other words, have your appliances displayed in a triangular array, so that the flow from the oven to the sink to the cabinets are one continuous movement. This will relieve any feeling of clutter and allow you to easily cook in your space! What’s the “seamless work triangle?” Click here.

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One Wall Kitchen Layout

While a single wall kitchen layout may not sound ideal, you can still make great use of the space! Having everything laid out on one wall will make your kitchen feel open and welcoming. Its blueprint is perfect for creating an open concept layout by alleviating space to incorporate a mobile island or dining room table into the room. One wall layouts are the utmost easiest way to incorporate a larger walking space, but beware, as these kitchens often have limited storage and countertop space!

G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A G-shaped layout is not as common, but this design is a great concept to incorporate into a large home. G-shaped kitchens give you the opportunity to max out countertop space, providing you with three solid walls for storage and an extra extending piece for prep or serving! It is great to define the mark between your kitchen and the rest of the home while maintaining the open feel, as it is not a complete room divider. This layout is also nice for homes that are narrow and do not necessarily have the space to install a kitchen island. With this layout you can incorporate extra seating or an area where guests can stand around while remaining out of the chef’s way.

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We hope this helps your kitchen planning by providing you ideas for the best way to make use of your space! To compare all of the layouts, click here. For more inspiration on how to design your new kitchen, visit our blog or get in contact with one of our experienced staff members at a showroom near you!