Remodeling is a stressful process. Trying to figure out what your style is, and conveying that to a designer often ends in disaster. It’s important to do your research and take your time. This way, you can guarantee that your remodel will be exactly what you want.

Read more to learn about 2022 flooring trends and how you can incorporate them into your home!

Carpet or Hardwood?

Everyone has their own preferences, but both carpet and hardwood remain common flooring options. That is because they are practical. They are easy to install and change over time.

It’s common to incorporate both into your home depending on the space and your personal taste.

Carpet for Bedrooms

Lately, carpet has been going out of style. Designers and their clients prefer hardwood types of flooring in most areas of the home. There is an exception to this, and that would be the bedroom.

Despite hardwood taking over in nearly every other space, people still prefer soft carpet in their bedrooms.

If you’re going to lay down carpet, avoid patterns. Solid colors show wear in a less obvious way than busy patterns do. Unless you plan on regularly replacing it, solid colors are best.

Hardwood for Living Spaces

Hardwood is by far the most used flooring material overall. Over the past few decades, hardwood has become the popular choice. Sales continue to rise, and it’s typical to see this flooring cover most common areas of a home. In the past, people usually had hard floors in the entry, but transitioned to carpet for the living room. This trend is dying. Instead, there’s hardwood throughout the entryway, living room, and often times even the kitchen.

This is because hardwood has a longevity to it that carpet and tile do not. It’s also far more versatile. It can have the same cozy feeling as carpet or a formal atmosphere depending on other pieces in the room. Engineered hardwood is a cheaper option for home flooring in 2021. It provides the same elegance and style as traditional hardwood.

Tile Flooring Trends

For bathroom and kitchen flooring, tiles are still the dominating trend. It’s also popular to use tiles that look like hardwood. For families, this option tends to be more durable against spills and stains.

Terracotta tiles make a gorgeous focal point. This Italian-inspired flooring doesn’t work in every room. For example, it would definitely clash with a farmhouse style.

If you’re doing a large-scale remodel, you should consider working with Terracotta tiles.

Porcelain tile has also increased in popularity for bathroom floors. Porcelain is a denser, less porous and harder option that offers greater stain and water resistance than ceramic tile. Plus, it’s suitable for radiant in-floor heat to keep feet toasty on cool mornings. Infinity porcelain offers unmatched design versatility and can turn any fireplace into a work of art. Find this alluring porcelain exclusively at UMI Atlanta!

Remodel Your Home

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of any remodel. It sets the tone for the room and ties all the other pieces together. Paying attention to current flooring trends is a way to make sure your house stays up to date.

Whether you have a preference for carpet, hardwood, or tile, there are modern ways to incorporate your style.

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