The Ideal Carpet For Your Home: Carpet With Built-In Microban

Let’s cut to the chase … We are here to tell you that carpet has evolved! The old outdated carpet that you once believed was a hassle and hard-to-clean mess has now transformed into an innovative and lower maintenance flooring option that will add comfort into your home.

Construction Resources now offers top-of-the-line carpet with built-in Microban! Microban is equipped with antimicrobial technology that offers a new level of cleanliness. Its built-in protection lasts for a lifetime and, in fact, flooring options that have microban technology are known to remain 99% cleaner from bacteria and odors than flooring that goes untreated.

Benefits of Carpet with Microban:

  • Protects 24/7 against the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains and odors

  • Microban technology is infused into the base and backing of the carpet fiber, and will not wash or wear away

  • When germs/ bacteria reach the Microban carpet, they die immediately in the sterile environment

              Fun fact: In non-microban carpets, germs and bacteria multiply in the carpet every 20 minutes!

How It Works:

carpet with microban, how it works, microban technology
carpet with microban, how it works, microban technology
carpet with microban, how it works, microban technology
carpet with microban, how it works, microban technology

Different Types of Carpet with Microban:

Phenix Flooring carpet SureSoftSDN

SureSoftSDN™ is a type of Phenix Flooring that is often described as “livable luxury.” This state-of-the-art carpet is made up of 100% solution died nylon fiber that provides stain and soil resistance which helps maintain superior protection to your home.

Phenix Flooring carpet SureSoftSD

SureSoftSD™ is another collection within Phenix Flooring’s line. This carpet is ideal for your home; it is made up of the softest P.E.T fibers which allows ultra-comfort for your feet while easing your mind by guarantee a clean and germ-free space.

Phenix Flooring carpet ColorSense Technology

ColorSense Technology™ is a unique carpet offering that is comprised of various individually colored yarns that are carefully blended together to achieve an overall balance of tone while creating a dynamic color palette of multi-colored carpets. This flooring will bring an irreplaceable aesthetic and style to your home while providing color flexibility to develop your newly, renovated space.

Phenix Flooring pet friendly carpet StainMaster

Meet your favorite pet-friendly carpet! The STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ carpet resists difficult stains, reduces pet odors, and easily releases pet hair, for an easy-to-clean and ideal space for any homeowner who owns pets and wants to maintain a homey atmosphere!

Construction Resources offers various carpets in the Atlanta area. Make sure to browse our product offerings online or check out our blog for more information/inspiration! If you have any questions about carpet with built-in microban, contact us today!