The Everything Shortage: Inflation, The Pandemic Effect, And More

America’s chicken-sandwich war has the combatants scrambling for supplies. Breast prices have doubled this year. Chick-fil-A has run low on sauce. Burger King has not enough pickle jars for their famous Whoppers. In the land of plenty, there suddenly seems to be an everything shortage. Not just with fast food, but including home building products and other common resources used throughout our daily life.

CEO of Construction Resources, Mitch Hires, steps in to talk about the shortage, what changes the pandemic has made on our society, and the perceived expectation of what is to come. Read more below!

Read the article by Barron’s featuring Mitch Hires, CEO of Construction Resources:

Listen to the Barron’s Street Wise Podcast featuring Mitch Hires, CEO of Construction Resources:

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