Aline Zentefis

Aline Zentefis

Director of Procurement for UMI Stone

Aline Zentefis brings over 20 years of experience in the building materials industry, supported by an extensive global sourcing network. A native of Brazil, she moved to the US in 1996, graduating with a Bachelors in International Business & Trade, complemented by a minor in Marketing, while simultaneously learning and becoming fluent in English. Years later she made an academic return to earn a Professional MBA from the University of Florida.

Aline is a versatile professional skilled in business development, administration, and operations. She played a pivotal role in expanding Omicron Granite from three to eighteen locations and was instrumental during its acquisition by Caesarstone.

In 2023, Aline joined Constructions Resources as the Director of Procurement for UMI Stone. Her focus extends beyond sourcing, encompassing team building, coaching, process optimization, and departmental efficiency enhancements. Aline is passionate about mentoring and professional development.

Based in sunny South Florida, Aline balances her professional accomplishments with her role at home as a mother to her three children.

Fun Fact: She learned English by watching tons of forensic files and Scooby-Doo.

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