Best Kitchen Appliances For The Holiday Season

The season of family gatherings around the table is upon us that is why making sure that you have the necessary kitchen appliances is so important for the holidays! As you prepare for your family meals you should also prepare your workspace. Make cooking your holiday feast a breeze this year with new smart appliances from Construction Resources’ family of businesses. Don’t know where to start? We are rounding up the most popular appliances for families that love to entertain.



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Dishwasher drawer, need I say more? Add a drawer that loves to do the dishes in your kitchen for those small loads that need to be tackled before your gathering. Not only is this drawer your handy helper for your most precious entertaining pieces, but it is also your beverage helper! Fully insulated in stainless steel this drawer can double as an ice bucket! Simply remove the culinary basket and dish rack, and you now have a place for all of your party beverages! Get the best of both worlds with this smart appliance and add a Dishwasher Drawer to your home! Click here to shop our collection of dishwasher drawers.



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Cook it all, all at once with this double wall oven featuring a commercial style rotisserie from Thermador. With 16 cooking modes and a built-in rotisserie, this wall oven sure is a double feature! Click here to browse double wall ovens from Thermador.



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Have coffee lovers in your family? Go beyond the standard cup of joe with the Bosch connected coffee machine! With smart capabilities, you can choose from a wide variety of customizable coffee and tea drinks, or take a tour around the world by trying exclusive Bosch CoffeeWorld beverages. With a touch of a button, you can have a crafted beverage in no time. Click here to add a Bosch connected coffee machine to your kitchen.

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