Miele 125th Anniversary Promo

Long story short: 125 years of quality

Buy a Dishwasher, Get a Free Coffee Machine

In honor of their anniversary, purchase a Miele dishwasher between June 24th- July 14th and receive a FREE countertop coffee machine valued at $1,399.00.

To receive your free gift, you must purchase by July 14th, 2024 and submit a claim online on or before August 31st, 2024.

Countertop Coffee Machine


The Miele countertop coffee machine allows you to express yourself with innovative technology on the inside and an exclusive design on the outside.

Product Highlights

Rewrite the rules of dosing

Automatic Detergent Dispensing

Get perfect results every time thanks to the innovative AutoDos dispensing system with integrated PowerDisk, which automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent at the right time.

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*Feature depends on model

Built-in flexibility designed around you 

Adjustable Basket Design

Delivering incredible flexibility for the loading and cleaning of dishes, glassware and cutlery, Miele makes space where there was none before with adjustable baskets and individual sections.

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Making everyday life even smarter 

AutoStart with PowerDisk

With Miele@home, operate your appliances from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. Program your appliances to start automatically while you’re on the go so that you can come home to clean dishes.

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*Feature depends on model



CR Panhandle

5161 US-98

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


CR Appliances, Fireplaces and Garage Door

Atlanta, GA | 404.233.6131

Destin, FL | 850.650.9092

Panama City, FL | 850.769.7043

Sewell Appliance

7455 Trowbridge Rd.

Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Rebate Claim

Ready to claim?

Claim Free CM 5300

Congratulations on your recent purchase of a Miele dishwasher! Your dishwasher may qualify for a free CM 5300. To qualify, you must:

– Purchase a qualifying dishwasher model between June 24th and July 14th, 2024 AND

– Receive delivery between June 24th and August 31st, 2024

Meet the above qualifications? Let us guide you through the claim process:

– Log into or create an account on mieleusa.com.
*You will not be able to access the required online redemption form without an account.
– Click the ‘Claim Gift’ button below to access the online redemption form.
– Fill out the redemption form and submit.

Deadline to submit rebate is on or before August 31st, 2024.


The following terms and conditions apply to your participation in Miele’s “Gift-with-Purchase” promotion (the “Promotion”):

A “Gift” is defined as: Miele Countertop Coffee System, CM5300 OBSW (Mat# 10969250). Which can solely be redeemed through Miele.
A “Qualifying Dishwasher” is defined as any of the following model numbers: G 5482 SCVi (11636760), G 5892 SCVi (11636790), G 5006 SCU ( 11636690), G 5008 SCU (11966810), G 5051 SCVi (11636710), G 5056 SCVi (11636720), G 5056 SCVi SF (11695330), G 5056 SCVi SFP (11636730), G 5058 SCVi SFP (11966820), G 5266 SCVi (11636740), G 5266 SCVi SF (11636750), G 5266 SCVi SFP (11695340), G 7106 SCU (11387580), G 7156 SCVi (11387590), G 7156 SCVi SF (11387980, 12055090), G 7166 SCVi (11947220), G 7166 SCVi SFP (11947240), G 7176 SCVi SF (12021290), G 7316 SCU (11388020), G 7366 SCVi (11388030), G 7366 SCVi SF (11388110), G7366 SCVi SF (12055100), G 7516 Sci (11388120), G 7566 SCVi (11388140), G 7566 SCVi SF (11388250), G 7566 SCVi SF (12055110), G 7591 SCVi (11388260), G 7596 SCVi (11388280), G 7916 Sci (11388290), G 7966 SCVi (11388300), PFD101U (11605420), PFD 102i (11605430), PFD 102i -120/208-240V (11605500), PFD 104 SCVi (11605450), PFD 104 SCVi -120/208-240V (11605520).
With your purchase on one Qualifying Dishwasher, Miele will include one Gift at no additional charge.
This Promotion applies only to: (a) individuals who purchase Qualifying Dishwashers for personal use in a home setting; and (b) only to sales of Qualifying Dishwashers made directly by authorized Miele retailers; a list of authorized Miele retailers is at https://www.mieleusa.com/c/dealer-search-15.htm.
This Promotion applies only to sales of Qualifying Dishwashers made beginning on June 24, 2024. Purchases of Qualifying Dishwashers made before that date do not qualify for the Promotion. The Promotion ends on July 14, 2024 or until supplies of the Gift run out, whichever comes first. Purchases of Qualifying Dishwashers made after that date do not qualify for the Promotion. Miele will not, and disclaims any obligation to, notify you when supplies of the Gift have run out. The foregoing start and end dates define the “Promotion Period.”
To claim your Gift, you must have taken possession of the Qualifying Dishwasher you purchased, and Miele must have received a fully executed redemption form by August 31, 2024. The redemption form is at https://www.mieleusa.com/c/rebate-redemption-2187.htm. Please allow at least eight weeks following submission of an executed redemption form for delivery of your Gift.
Miele will ship the Gift to the primary delivery address listed in the Miele customer account; except that, Miele will not ship Gifts outside of the continental United States.
You can receive only one Gift during the Promotion Period (and only with the purchase of a Qualifying Dishwasher), regardless of the number of Qualifying Dishwashers you purchase during the Promotion Period.
If you return the Qualifying Dishwasher, you will return the Dishwasher to the authorized Miele retailer from whom your purchased the Dishwasher, in accordance with the retailer’s standard return procedures (or, in the case of an on-line sale, by following Miele’s standard on-line return procedures) and either: (a) return the Gift to Miele at CoreCentric Solutions, 191 E North Avenue, Carol Stream, IL 60188 at your shipping cost; or (b) keep the Gift upon payment of $560.00, which will be due upon your receipt of an invoice from Miele and which represents 40% of the retail value of the Gift.
This Promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion offered by Miele or its authorized retailers.
The Gift offered under this Promotion is not exchangeable or returnable for cash value, is not exchangeable for any other merchandise or any services, and is not transferable.
Without limitation, Miele reserves the right—in its sole discretion, without prior notice, and at any time—to: (a) discontinue this Promotion; (b) cancel or refuse any individual’s ability to take advantage of the Promotion; and (c) add to, delete one or more of, or amend these Terms & Conditions.
Without limitation, Miele is not responsible for: (a) any third party’s acts of omission or commission that prevent or delay you from participating in this Promotion; (b) any third party’s acts of omission or commission that prevent or delay you from receiving the Gift; and (c) any third party’s act in stealing the Gift.
This Promotion is subject to all applicable laws and is void where prohibited.
Information Miele may collect from you in connection with this Promotion is subject to Miele’s Privacy Policy (mieleusa.com).
By participating in this Promotion, you represent and warrant, without limitation, that: (a) you were at least 18 years of age when you purchased the Qualifying Dishwasher; (b) you have read the foregoing Terms and Conditions; and (c) you agree to be bound by the foregoing Terms and Conditions.

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