Joseph's Bedroom Reveal

Last month, we had the privilege and opportunity to work with Sunshine on a Ranney Day to remodel an accessible bathroom and bedroom for Joseph. We had an incredible turnout from family members and partners on September 16th  for this reveal – and Joseph made it such a special time! 

Joseph was born with spina bifida in 2017. After 77 days in the NICU and 24-hour oxygen and feeding tubes for the first year of his life, Joseph today has proven a few health obstacles can’t stop him. A charming, funny, and social little Superman, five-year-old Joseph today loves showing off his wheelchair “tricks,” meeting new people and learning their names. 

After meeting Joseph and his family, our CEO Mitch Hires said “One of the things we loved about Joseph is his ability to remember everything! When we met Danielle and Malori from Crosby Design Group for the initial design meeting, he learned all of our names and never forgot them. He wanted to meet everyone that visited to work on the space and always asked ‘are you making my new room?’ We learned about historical figures (he knows more about these people than I do) each time we visited. All around this was a great project for an amazing family.

We love being able to work with Sunshine on a Ranney Day, and have the opportunity to give Joseph a space for him to feel confident and independent. This special project is only possible thanks to the support of our team, and the people from Beaver Homes. It was thanks to their majority sponsorship that we were able to create Joseph’s dream room makeover and accessible bathroom. This is a new relationship and the eagerness that they have adopted us is humbling. Thank you to Dave Goldberg, Allison Pallestrini and the entire team from Beazer!

Learn more about Joseph’s story with SOARD and see the full video reveal below!