Idea File: Upgrade Your House Numbers

The curb appeal of your home is the best representation of you–the homeowner! Whether it’s the front door, landscaping, or specific design elements, it provides your homes first impression.

While house numbers might be a small piece of your front exterior, they are important for both function and style.

First and foremost, it’s how people find your house! But why do so many homes still have those plain, outdated, plastic numbers that have probably been there since the previous owner? Add some personality and style and get creative with the location and materials used for your house numbers.

Here are some simple (mostly DIY) tips ideas to upgrade and change up the plain, boring numbers on your house.

The house numbers should essentially be an extension of your home’s architectural style, and you can also use materials featured on your fa├žade. For instance, with a contemporary home, stainless steel is a smart choice. It works well with a variety of background materials, including mounting on the house in contrast to wood or attached to a separate piece of contrasting metal.

Also consider matching the look and color of your house numbers to a main focal point of your home, like the front door.

Planter Post with house numbers. This adds a sophisticated look to your curb appeal and could be put together quite easily!

House numbers that are backlit have an added element of texture and dimension that works well with a range of styles.

Concrete or stone house numbers may be cut into a single block or stained a different color for accent.

Other ideas to consider are painting house numbers directly on your front door or siding. Numbers can also be painted (or affixed) to a decorative piece of wood and hung on your house. Be creative with colors that could provide accent with a contrasting hue.