Delicious, Scrumptious & Tasty Vegan Appetizers To Eat On Super Bowl Sunday

Vegan appetizers for Super Bowl Sunday? That’s right! Every year, America holds the annual championship football game of the NFL where the two best teams fight for their title. Friends and family come together on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the game, commercials, and halftime performance. What better way to bring together your loved ones than with great food and sports! Food is a very important part in Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone looks forward to stuffing themselves with mouthwatering food.

Veganism is on the rise but we feel there is a bad stereotype that makes people think plant-based food is not that great in taste. This is why we have put together a list of the yummiest vegan appetizers that taste so good you will not even remember they have no animal protein. Cruelty-free food is meant to heal and nourish the body, save the animals, and make you fall in love. In order for one to love vegan food, the food itself must taste amazing! As long as you can cook and get creative, it should be fairly easy to do so! Follow along with us to see the top vegan appetizers that will make your Super Bowl Sunday a great one!

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Vegan Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a major staple in any household and are very popular no matter your background. You can make quesadillas in so many different ways, and that is why they are at the top of the list! You can buy beyond meat, Daiya cheese, and load it with your favorite veggies. You can cook veggies on a gas range and make the most delicious quesadillas to serve with a side of vegan sour cream and guacamole on the side. Making vegan quesadillas is very simple!

Do not be afraid to look up vegan alternatives because there is a healthier option for everything. If you want cheese, sour cream, chicken, beef, or pulled pork, there is a plant-based alternative that resembles the texture and taste. Except instead of animal protein you are eating delicious live alkaline foods that are more nutrient dense and very good for your body!

Cauliflower Wings

You cannot have a successful Super Bowl Sunday without wings!!! Whether you like parmesan garlic, spicy barbeque, lemon pepper, or original buffalo, there is a healthier way to make them! My first time ever making cauliflower wings was only a few months ago and I was shocked by the amazing taste! I could not tell the difference between real wings and cauliflower wings! The secret is seriously in the way you season your food! You can make different dipping sauces as well if you’d like. Cauliflower wings are a staple in my home because they’re insanely delicious and very easy and fast to make! You can either grill them or make them using your gas wall oven.

Vegan Sliders

Sliders make great appetizers, they’re small enough to not fill you up but big enough to satisfy. Whether you like traditional beef sliders or the sloppy joe, there is a way to vegan-ize it and still blow your guest’s minds. If you are set and stone on having meat on in your sliders than check out the many beyond meat alternatives that taste exactly like the original. You can use a combination wall oven to make the yummiest vegan sliders that will make everyone at your house ask for the recipe!

Vegan Dips

Who doesn’t love a delicious dip on Super Bowl Sunday? You can make many different vegan dips in less than 5 minutes. I encourage you to not limit yourself on the different vegan recipes out there and try something new. If you are craving a creamy or cheesy dip then check out the vegan queso recipe below. You can also make delectable cruelty-free guacamole that you can eat with pita chips. Add the spices, herbs, vegetables, and seasoning of your choice! If your dip requires milk, make sure to consider almond, cashew, soy, or coconut milk. Plant-based milk has significantly more nutritional value than cow’s milk. You can also pick up some Daiya products if you are wanting the cheese to create the perfect vegan dip for your guests.

Vegan Brownies

For those of us who have a major sweet tooth, dessert is usually the first thing we look for anywhere we go. Vegan brownies are an easy plant-based dessert that tastes amazing and will knock your socks off. For my brownie lovers out there, you know there are many ways to make the brownies. Some people like the dry thin brownies while others may prefer the thick chewy and moist chocolatey-ness to melt right in your mouth. You can get really creative anytime you are making vegan brownies. You can add walnuts, almonds, cashews or even candy in them. Make sure to read the ingredient labels to make sure that what you are going to use is plant-based. Remember, health is wealth, my friends. You can bake your delicious vegan brownies in a Construction Resources electric wall oven. When your brownies are done you can take this one step closer and make vegan banana ice cream to pour on top if you’d like. Ben and Jerry’s has a nice selection of vegan ice cream options.

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