Design Guide: Dream Closet


Do you dream of a beautifully organized closet? At Construction Resources, we can make your bedroom closet dreams come true. Here is our guide to creating the closet of your dreams!



We sometimes hate doing this but it is crucial to go through and purge your closet! A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn it in the past year then it is time to let it go. Once your closet has been decluttered it will be easier to store your current items, leaving plenty of room for new items to come.


Organization systems

Organization systems are the most important part of creating your new closet. It is important to develop a system that is easy-to-use to make organizing a way of life instead of a hassle. Construction Resources offers a variety of storage solutions that can be configured to your space.

Laundry Room Design


By placing in an island or simply a countertop to your dresser, you can add design aesthetics and more functionality to your space. Having a central piece of furniture where you can store and place your items adds a feel of luxury, especially if you top it with a beautiful natural stone. Show off some of your favorite accessories or admire keepsake items daily by displaying them on the surface of your island. Having your go-to things in plain sight makes for a hassle-free environment.

Laundry Room Design


Add little upgrades like, ottomans that double up as storage, fold out ironing boards, and dirty laundry hampers a to make your closet space more effective.


Keep it clean

Sometimes closets become a dumping ground for “putting away” unwanted items. Make sure to take time to get rid of what you aren’t using. Try to have a place for everything and everything in its place to keep your closet, and home in tip-top shape.

Pro Tip: If your closet space is small, change out your clothing by seasons, and store what’s not in use in bins that can fit under beds or on top of closet shelves.


Your closet solutions are awaiting you at Construction Resources. Visit one of our showrooms and let our staff assist with your organizational needs.