CR CEO, Mitch Hires, Sits on Panel at 12th Annual Building and Infrastructure Conference

On Tuesday, October 29th, Construction Resources CEO, Mitch Hires, appeared as a panelist at the Lincoln International and L.E.K. Consulting’s 12th Annual Building and Infrastructure Conference in New York City.

The conference is hosted annually to introduce new and insightful information within the industry. This year’s conference offered a unique perspective on trends in construction activity, highlighting on strategic growth alternatives for investors, business owners and other industry leaders in the building products sector. The conference hosted noteworthy speakers such as John Burns (CEO of John Burns Real Estate Consulting), Todd Tomalak (SVP of John Burns Real Estate Consulting) and Lucas Pain (Managing Director and President of the Americas Region of L.E.K. Consulting). Hires sat alongside industry experts on the panel including Mark Ellenor (President of Bricksworks North America), Patrick Malarkey (Director of Strategy and Business Development for CertainTeed), and Margaret Whelan (Founder and CEO of Whelan Advisory).

The panel discussed hot topics and issues that are facing in the industry today, such as the slow down being experienced within construction activity and housing innovation trends on the forefront. Each professional dove deep into the given discussion with wonderful observations and a vision moving into the new year.

Mitch Hires CEO of Construction Resources

Mitch Hires – CEO of Construction Resources

Conference held at New York’s Time Square

How will our efforts pave the way for 2020? Stay tuned as we develop further into new trends and foreseen paths in the new year! If you’re in the industry, we encourage you to try to make an appearance at next year’s 13th Annual Building and Infrastructure Conference!

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