How Countertops can Help Modernize Your Home

Out of all the areas of a house, did you know that countertops are the most popular feature for remodeling? 90% of homeowners say that they put replacing countertops at the top of their priority list. 

However, endless countertop options are available on the market, and not all of them fit in with every home. 

First, you must understand countertop materials and their differences. Then, you need to research new home design trends so your overall theme will be coherent and sleek. 

Let’s look at how countertops can modernize any home.

Upgrade your Countertops

Sometimes the easiest solution to a remodeling project is to upgrade your existing vanity and countertop. Especially if you want to give your bathroom a makeover.

Instead of investing in a whole new slab, you can utilize countertop remnants for a new bathroom countertop to bring a new design to the space. 

CR Overstock Gallery offers a variety of countertop remnant pieces to help you design your bathroom vanity. We provide everything from Cambria, Silestone, and more so you can have the best bathroom countertop in your home!

Modern bathrooms look great with polar white, vanilla sky, pearl, or wheat-colored countertops that will make your bathroom feel like a paradise the moment you step inside. 

Bathroom countertops are a fantastic way to upgrade your home without having a complete remodel. And, you can get some interior design inspo for the rest of the house. 

You can match the living room with pearl white furniture. Or, you can add some wheat pillows to your bed. 

The possibilities are endless!

Make your Kitchen Countertop Efficient

Unlike bathroom countertops mainly used for makeup and putting on your daily skincare products, the kitchen and other rooms also need a countertop. However, the kitchen countertop options are slightly different from the bathroom. In this space, you’ll most likely be cooking all your meals or baking with your family. So, you must ensure that the material will withstand various activities and substances it might encounter. 

That means you must think carefully about scratches and water damage from the occasional spilled glass of water or tea.  If you have children, picking a slightly darker color is a good idea, as pure white countertops could show more stains, spills, or wear and tear. Even so, a solid surface is perfect for this kind of household. 

Although if you want something stylish and modern, then a quartz countertop is the best choice. It looks beautiful, and the small details will catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Plus, quartz is a solid and scratch-resistant material so you don’t need to worry about it being ruined in the first few months. It’s durable and lovely to look at! 

When selecting your kitchen countertops, you should also think about the sink. Do you want a farmhouse sink? Or, do you prefer a hidden design that has an undermount sink? When upgrading your countertops, you must consider the practical side of washing the dishes and improving the functionality within your home. Don’t sacrifice design for functionality when you can easily have both!

Think About the Surrounding Area

If you want your new countertop to shine, you need to pick a suitable wallpaper or paint the wall boldly. Otherwise, your new countertop upgrade will fade into the background. 

You must think carefully about the surrounding area if you want your new home to come to life. To begin with, you should brainstorm the home’s overall color scheme. For modern homes, you want to keep things simple and sophisticated. You can choose a subtle, neutral wallpaper or a statement monotone paint color. 

Modernist designers created the minimal look that has become one of the most popular interior design styles. But, it’s essential to set the right tone with the color before you can move on to the details. 

Another element that plays a part in modern homes is the focus on lines. Your countertops are great for adding depth and texture to the space, so you don’t need to flood the room with hundreds of decorations. 

You can use the countertops as a focal point to draw attention to the linear structure and layout of the room. And, if you feel like adding a colorful touch, you always hang a piece of abstract art on the wall. 

Ultimately, the best way to show off your new countertops is to keep the space open and have lots of natural light. Ideally, you can leave the windows open and have the sunlight streaming in throughout the day.

Look After Your New Countertops

With new countertops comes the responsibility of maintaining it! Luckily, slabs like granite, quartz or porcelain are lower maintenance options that will require less overall upkeep compared and stay shiny with less elbow grease involved. 

Therefore, to clean your countertops, you should create a daily wiping routine that allows you to remove any dirt before it builds up and creates permanent damage. 

Remember that you need to use the right product on the material, depending on whether it’s quartz, granite, or natural stone. That way, you won’t accidentally make a stain on the countertop. 

So, when you’re upgrading your countertops to make them more modern, you should think about the following:

  • Where the countertops are located
  • What material is best for the area
  • Buy from a professional business to upgrade the countertops

Thankfully, our team at Construction Resources is ready to help you take your home design to the next level. We offer the best countertop materials at affordable prices; plus, our Decatur Design Campus offers other home building products such as lighting, appliances, tile and flooring, and more to provide you a one-stop-shop to assist out in building out a cohesive look for your dream home.

We believe that every home deserves to be beautiful. You can visit the store and order your new countertops when you’ve decided.

Countertop Options Made for a Modern Home

You can read all the interior design tips you like, but without the right countertop, you can’t achieve that stylish look in your home. After discovering these countertop options, you know where to start. 

As long as you consider the room, and use the countertops and surrounding elements to decorate the space, you’ll be able to transform your home completely. 

Buying your countertop is the first step to making your dream home possible. So, order from Construction Resources and start your new renovating project today.

If you have any questions, let us know, and we’d be happy to help.