Appliance Trends

Appliances are a major feature in your home and play a key role in the day to day working of your dwelling. From ovens and refrigerators to dishwashers and dryers, we rely heavily on these important machines. Are you appliance shopping and need a place to start? We have a guide highlighting our customers’ most sought out features for appliances.



The top appliance finishes preferred by customers are black stainless and stainless-steel due to their smudge proof capabilities and ease of matching. A newer trend is pops of color in the finishes of stoves and refrigerators. This is a great way to bring personality into your kitchen design.

Bosch Black Stainless Steel Appliances

Smart Technology:

We are living in the Digital Age and as technologies continue to evolve, so has the “smart home”. Being able to control appliances through your smartphone is now becoming a basic necessity. Homeowners are beginning to not only want their appliances to be smart, but they also want their appliances to be connected to one another. Knobs and buttons are a thing of the past as more appliances are controlled with touch and swipe for streamlined use and a futuristic look.

GE Monogram Appliance 30" Induction Cooktop


A popular appliance style amongst our customers has been industrial. The straight edges and commercial feel offer a touch of luxury, particularly in the kitchen. This style stands out from the more common and standard level appliances.


The Construction Resources family of businesses carry a wide range of appliance brands to meet your needs and design preferences. These top brands offer different appliance styles, finishes and features for you and your home. For more information and to tour one of our showrooms, visit the appliance, Sewell Appliance, or Builders Specialties tabs on our website. Happy appliance shopping!