Lighting Trends To Glow Up Your Space

For something that plays such an important role in our homes, lighting is often not thought about with the same emphasis as other design elements. The truth is, lighting can really make or break your overall decor and design style.

If you’re looking to update your Atlanta home with new lighting, we’ve compiled a list of the top lighting trends for 2022. Find something that inspires you on this list? Contact CR Lighting, and we can help your space shine with a few on-trend lighting updates!

Black Finish Lighting

Black continues to hold 1st place as one of the top choices for lighting finishes. Matte black has been trending in lighting for a few years (and isn’t going anywhere for 2022) but now black is available in a few new slightly different iterations: black stainless steel, satin black, flat black, oil-rubbed bronze, and black iron to name a few.

Linear Lighting

Long lines and simple silhouettes will be replacing more intricate and complicated designs this year. Linear pendants and linear chandeliers spread out to create a statement over kitchen islands, dining tables, entryways, and more.

Hanging pendants on the bedside have also become a popular way to illuminate the bedroom space. We also love how this unique lighting trend provides a seamless, elongated look and feel to the room.

Lighting as a Design Focal Point

Ceilings have long been ignored and under-decorated. This year, they’ll finally be seen as the blank canvasses that they are! High ceilings and open floor plans have driven the lighting trend toward larger ceiling fixtures, and chandeliers are no exception. The perfect eye-catching detail for a ceiling is a bold, designer chandelier. Oversized lighting will become the center of attention in any room!

Sustainable Lighting With Natural Materials

At The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this year, sustainable and natural materials have emerged as a huge trend for 2022, and lighting is no exception.

In 2022, we’ll see even more use of wood, rope, burlap, and wood beads. Picture chandeliers made of beading and pendants formed of rope and natural stone.

Get More Lighting Ideas

Your lighting is essential to the design of your home. No matter how beautiful everything else is, it needs to be well-lit! And it can be.

Contact us to get more great lighting ideas!