20 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

On average, Americans spend $15,000 renovating a home. If you’re looking at investing that amount of money in a project, you want to make sure it’s right.

Are you about to embark on a home renovation project? Save yourself time and money by avoiding common home renovation mistakes.

Read to find out what not to do during your renovation.

1. Begin Too Soon

While you’re living day in and day out in the space, really consider what an alteration should look like and how it will affect using the area. Getting anxious to begin leads to problems later; it’s best to have a clear, calculated plan.

2. Underestimate Cost

It’s common for homeowners to assume a project will cost less than it does. A good rule of thumb is to add twenty percent to what you think your overall home renovation budget should be.

3. Assume There Won’t Be Setbacks

Supply chain issues, weather, contractor schedules, and the list of other potential time-altering problems is endless. Begin the project by understanding that it might not all go according to plan.

4. Don’t Hire a Designer

Get it right the first time and let a designer or architect plan out the project. The percentage of your budget put toward their cost will be well worth it.

5. Choose the Lowest Bid

It may be tempting to pick the low price, but be wary. Quality craftsmanship costs money.

6. Hire the Wrong Professional

Be sure that the people you’re hiring are a good fit for you. You’ll work closely with these individuals regularly, so personality conflicts are not welcome.

7. Neglect References

Check on those companies and contractors. Try to talk to some of their former clients before signing with them.

8. Wait to Consult a Contractor

Involve the contractor early in the process. As you’re developing ideas, they can ensure the project will pan out and make changes as needed instead of reworking an entire finished plan.

9. Pretend to Read Blueprints

Try setting up a “mock” room to visualize the new schematics. Use painter’s tape to map out spaces.

10. Don’t Ask Questions

When you’re spending money, there are no dumb questions. You have the right to get answers and will gain peace of mind hearing them.

11. Continue Making Changes

The more changes you make throughout the process, the more time and money you’ll spend. This is why pre-planning and designing with experts is an important proactive step.

12. Don’t Create a Timeline

Work with your contractor to set up a timeline. This way, you’ll know what to expect, and you’ll never be rushed to make a decision.

13. Splurge and Save Incorrectly

Don’t assume that a large item has to be the most expensive. Sometimes small touches are worth the extra money, and you can save money on bigger items.

14. Replace Windows

Refurbishing windows rather than replacing them is a smart, money-saving move. Foggy windows, cracked glass, or warped window panels are some issues that professionals can repair.

15. Miss on Measurements

Measure exact spaces and locations for furniture and accessories and then carry that list of numbers with you. If you’re in a store and fall in love with an item, it’s essential to know if it will be the right fit for the space.

16. Buy Big Furniture

Here’s another reason why measuring matters; what you purchase has to fit through the front door! Consider all the logistics of moving into your new space when making purchases.

17. Buy Small Rugs

An undersized rug can kill the vibe in a room. Use a rug sizing guide to make the right selection.

18. Don’t Communicate With Subcontractors

Everyone working on the project needs to be on the same page. Keep all involved well-informed on the items you’re purchasing for installation. Providing specs and instructions is a good tip.

19. Be Your Own Contractor

A professional contractor has the experience and knowledge needed to orchestrate the project. They also come with connections and relationships with subcontractors.

20. Do Too Much

It’s advisable to focus on the living areas first. Add rooms as your budget and timeline allow.

Do Home Renovation Right

A house renovation is a major undertaking, and it helps to know actions to avoid. Carefully consider this list of mistakes before you begin.

Contact us today and let us ensure your project gets done right.