Best of 2019: Awards, Recognition and Acclamations

Best of 2019 Awards, Premier Surfaces, Premier Surfaces Atlanta
Photo courtesy of (top right) Neptune Pools, Inc., photography by Jason Brownlee; photography by (bottom left) Gregory Campbell; photo courtesy of (bottom middle) Overhead Door Company of Atlanta.

What a year it has been!

2019 was an outstanding year filled with an abundance of business opportunities, ventures and success. All companies within Construction Resources, Ltd. performed remarkably and brought in wonderfully new (and remaining) clients that we were so privileged to meet. It has been a pleasure working with such a phenomenal team; each individual is hard-working and dedicated, and is responsible for the incredible upbringing and achievements that our company has endured in 2019.

We end this year on a fantastic note with Builder Specialties, CR Home, and Sewell Appliance being recognized for My Home Improvement’s various “Best of 2019” awards!

Builder Specialties

Premier Surfaces, Premier Surfaces Atlanta

CR Home

Premier Surfaces, Premier Surfaces Atlanta

Sewell Appliance

Premier Surfaces, Premier Surfaces Atlanta

Builder Specialties won “Best Fireplace Company: Exterior.” CR Home won “Best Countertop Store/ Company.” Sewell Appliance won “Best Appliance Store/Comany.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting process! We appreciate our generous and devoted customers.

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